Ar-Ruqyah Ash-Shariah, Sihr, Jinns, Ayn, Quranheilung Evil Eye – Shaykh Muhammad Luhaidan

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  1. Mash’Allah!!   Alhamdulilah!!!
    Allah Karim, first time to listen i was feel very terrible like i want to vomit like dizziness
    but i never stop continue like 4 to 5 times a day with other surat in quran
    Alhamdulilah!! now i feel very good, i will never stop, read quran
    Allahu Akkabarr!!!! 

      I felt shivers and then good feeling in my body and felt the feeling of Allah’s grace and mercy, and felt the power… Never give up, never stop looking to Allah for sanction, never lose faith in HIM our Lord and creator…i love you ALLAH

    1. @Muslims Love For All Hate For None (Fight back with Love) how many days and hours have you been praying for tahajud

  2. Assalamu alejkum brothers…can someone tell me where can i find the name or the text of the duua that is after el Fatiha?
    JazakaAllah khair

    1. “Allahumma ashfi mardana wa mard al muslimeen”

      “Oh Allah! cure our diseases and the diseases of the muslimeen in general.”

  3. Assalamualaikum there was a similar ruqyah like this one it got deleted… this ruqyah is seriously very effective.. alhamdullillah pain in my hands got cured my brother got cured from his long time pain in body.. summa alhamdullillah.. pls downliad it… jazakumullah khairan.

    1. Yes you are right I am also searching that please let me know when you find it. Thanx

  4. 7 dislikes? Ahudu Billahi Mina Shaytan Irajim!! Only KAFFRS, DAJJALS & SHAYATIN dislike the recitation of Al-Qur’an Karim. Subhanallah. May ALLAH Azawajaal protect us from these evil people. AMIN.

    1. Masa allah..kuran mae wo takat hai.pahar ko chir praet kya chij hai..bahut hi lajawab se faez haseel kare..or dusro ki madad kare.jinko pata nahi hai.unko batae..or apne ghar mae roj sune or sunae.

    1. Yes 🙂 That’s what I thought too when I saw it. 
      My other Ruqya video was also disliket….this can only have been a devil

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