What is Vertigo?

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What is Vertigo?
Vertigo is a sense of rotation, rocking, or the world spinning, experienced even when someone is perfectly still.

What is the Physiology of Balance?

The human balance system works with our visual and skeletal systems to maintain orientation or balance. Visual signals are sent to the human brain about the body’s position in relation to its surroundings. These signals are processed by the brain, and compared to information from the vestibular, visual and the skeletal systems.

Our brain receives inputs from our eyes, muscles, joints and vestibular system in our ears, then it process these nerve impulses so that it can give the person a correct perception of the environment.

Our ears contain special parts like the saccule, utricle and three semicircular canals which are all part of the vestibular apparatus. The purpose of vestibular apparatus is to provide the brain the correct perception of equilibrium (balance), spatial orientation and motion. The parts that are responsible for vertical orientation are the saccule and utricle.

The rotational movement is detected by the semicircular canals that contain fluid known as endolymph. The endolymph moves and triggers the sensory receptors within the canal which sends nerve impulses to the brain regarding the movement. Impulses from both canals of the side of the head would normally send symmetrical impulses in order for the brain to interpret the impulses properly.

Types of Vertigo?
There are two possible causes of vertigo: peripheral vertigo and central vertigo

Peripheral Vertigo:

The common disorders that may affect the inner ear thereby causing the person to experience dizziness or vertigo include:

Vestibular Neuritis – Inflammation of the vestibular nerve which is responsible for taking the nerve impulses from the semicircular canals in the inner to the brain.

Labyrinthitis – Inflammation of the labyrinth which is also in the inner ear and most of the time may also involve the vestibular nerve.

Both of these disorders are usually caused by a viral infection that may have reached the inner ear.

Other causes include:

Meniere’s Disease:
This occurs due to increased fluid in inner Ear.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or BPPV:

This result from the movement of the otolith, which is a very small particle made of calcium inside the ear. The otolith organs detect the movement of your head and its relation to gravity. For some reason the otolith can be dislodged and move into the semicircular canals and affect the movement of the fluid inside thereby causing it to send irregular nerve impulses to the brain making the person get dizzy.

How to treat BPPV?: The most common and effective treatment for BPPV is known as the canalith repositioning procedure. The procedure consists of several simple and slow maneuvers for positioning your head. The aim is to move the particles from the semicircular canal to the utricle where they don’t pose a problem. Each position is held for around 30 seconds after which any symptoms or abnormal eye movements stop.

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    1. David Stojadinovic If you read the insert for the Hep B vaccine it gives you a large list of all the diseases and side effects you can get. Vertigo is one of them Multiple sclerosis ,lupus, Gullione Barr etc At work a nurse and warden got Vertigo after given Hep B at work. The French government gave Hep B vaccine to his young generation and that generation had the highest cases of multiple sclerosis. All vaccines if you read the inserts are what trouble our society today. ALWAYS READ THE INSERT.

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  4. It’s feels like you just got off a farriswheel and the spinning keeps on going. Mine lasted 2 days then started slowly down. Sleeping helps the most. Good luck.

    1. Mine started two days ago but it wasn’t as bad as now, i think it might become worse. It feels like the world is spinning when I move my head even just a bit so im too scared to move and im just in this awkward position lmao

  5. I get vertigo when i get a fever it feels like im about to fall off a roller coaster going down

    1. That’s how it all started for me. I’m not sure if o have vertigo Bc I haven’t got it checked out but basically have all the symptoms. But anyways, when I was seven I had a fever and I got vertigo (assuming I do have vertigo but maybe I’m just dying idk) and I had it for the next couple of months like once a week for like five minutes before I went to bed. And then it would stop but come back in the summer. Maybe I didn’t have it then but maybe MAYBE I do now because it’s so much worse now like I’m always lightheaded and off balance and dizzy

    2. Here’s a great treatment for dizziness/vertigo: MootDizzy.xyz

      I used to get very bad vertigo only at work. Usually always around the same time. It scared me so bad, it triggered major anxiety and panic attacks I thought I had something seriously wrong with me or I was dying. Come to find out, I used to stick my ear plugs to far into my ears and it gave me bad vertigo. Ever since I stopped putting the earplugs so far in it completely stopped. Thank God!

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