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Vertigo treatment with gaze stabilization exercises are often used in vestibular rehab settings as a treatment for many different kinds of vertigo. Some of the gaze stabilization exercises might make you dizzy at first, but they should get easier over time. They should also help increase your balance. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about this at:

For the exercises, you are going to move your head, but keep your eyes focused on one spot. Hold out your finger in front of you, or put an X or A, or any letter on a piece of paper on the wall. While focusing on the one spot, move your head side to side as smoothly as you can 10 times.

Then move your head up and down 10 times. Try to stay focused on your finger or the letter the whole time.

Finally, move it at a diagonal 10 times one way, and then 10 times the other way.

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Vertigo Treatment with Gaze Stabilization Exercises:

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  2. Could it be a postural problem which causes forward head. And this could influences liquid inside inner ear ?

  3. I just tried this. I hope it works. I’ve been suffering with this for over 9 years now. Its getting worse and I can not stand it! I cry all the time because I don’t do anything anymore for fear of feeling dizzy!

  4. Having difficulty doing these, seems to trigger vertigo. I have had Meniere’s for just over 4 years. Lots of treatment. Surgery is planned next month. Could there be a modification of these exercises for severe Meniere’s?
    Many thanks. I have subscribed.

  5. I really lose balance when i do up and down.. cant move my head up and down.. i have vertical vertigo. What to do make it go away

  6. very helpful. Recently been diagnosed with BPPV, Epley manuveur has helped and now recovering.

  7. Your chanel is one of the most complete ones in Youtube, i would like to thank you for helping all these people who are suffering, also a speed recovery for everyone ! Take your time doing the exercices ! It’s gonna be alright : )

  8. Hello. I was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis recently and given similar exercises. My question is this- is it normal to feel uneven weight distribution on one side of your feet ? Or is that something else ?
    -Concerned Aussie 🙁

  9. Hello, thanks for the video. Are these exercises helpful as preventative measures? TBH when I’m in the throes of vertigo I simply can’t make myself do anything that will possibly make it worse EVEN when I know that it could make it better. Yes, I’m a cream puff. BUT can these be useful when I’m not experiencing vertigo? I’m okay if it reproduces some mild short-lasting symptoms when I’m feeling otherwise fine.

  10. My doctor said to look this up I have a concussion I play softball I have not a lot of headaches but a lot of dizziness and nausea it’s stopping me from playing I’m doing this right now

  11. Thank you! I did the epley but to have something I can do afterwards when there is residual dizziness for a few days/weeks helps a lot. 😊

  12. I wear glasses with prisms because I have double vision. Should I wear the glasses when I do the gaze stabiliziation exercises? Thank you so much. Barbara Ulvestad

    1. You’re welcome. I would try them without glasses first. If it’s too difficult, then it’s okay to have them on.

  13. These exercises are tough my physiotherapist has me doing head movements even laying down and looking at a ceiling and walking and moving my head it’s very uncomfortable but to get better you have to feel worse is what she said it’s good to be dizzy from these movements dr jo thank you for your help and info do you think I’m on the right track I’ve had BPPV February until March 20th now I’m dealing with chronic dizzyness but my balance is good now

    1. You’re welcome. Hopefully you are on the right track. That would be a better question for your physiotherapist, but yes, sometimes it does get worse before it gets better.

  14. Hi doc, I hv vertigo for 20 yrs now, recently I fell vertigo in my eyes suddenly. I m very depressed because of this. Pl help

  15. Hi Dr Jo! Quick question, gaze stabilization excercises, the one where you keep your finger still, but move you your head side to side, how long ma’am should each exercise be, left to right, up and down,etc? And how many times a day? Thank you kindly in advance for your time!

    1. You’re welcome. Just starting out with 15-20 seconds of each, 1-2 times a day is good, and then slowly progress to more time, like 30 -60 seconds, 2-3 times a day.

  16. I’m 27 years old and I’m from India, I have BPPV, should I try this exercise? How many times in a day? Please reply madam

    1. You will need to ask your doctor. Unfortunately, I don’t know since I can’t evaluate you.

    2. My doctor recommended me to do epley Manueover but I want to know that can I do Gaze Stabilization for Vertigo treatment?

    1. Slow and controlled the first few times you are doing it. You can go faster, but still control the motion with the same speed throughout.

  17. If I can successfully do these exercises, is that a good sign that the crystals have re-positioned themselves correctly? Could doing the eplely bring the BPPV?

    1. Most of the time yes. If you are not presenting with any symptoms, I’m not sure it’s necessary to do the Epley.

  18. May i ask doc, what is the best position in sleeping, i recently experience vertigo. Now thanks God i feel better because of your instruction.

    1. I’m glad it helped. Sleeping on your back is best for that, but once you feel better, you can go back to which ever position is more comfortable for you.

  19. Hi dr jo, would like to ask how long should I do this training ? Can I do it even when my vertigo is gone as mantaince ? Or do it when i feel the vertigo is back ? Thanks in advance

  20. Thank you so much for making this video, I definitely want to try this out. How many times a day should this be done and for how many days/weeks before results should be expected?

    1. You’re welcome. You can do them 2 times a day, every day. It’s really different for everyone and depends on how severe your case is. Some people see immediate results, but other times it takes a few weeks.

  21. My father had a stroke before couple of days its a ischemik attack can him help thoose exercises tha ks

    1. AskDoctorJo we will start today he can walk better than 6 days ago also have chanchings in his face he can move a little bit but the problem is vertigo he says that the vertigo get los %50 percent
      will the dizziness pass in the future?

    2. These might eventually help, but the best treatment for him right now would be to see a physical therapist in person.

  22. I’ve just started this rehab after 4 years trying to find help. Thx for this video.wish I’d found it sooner. Mav has ruined my ability to drive or make an income. Taken awsy my independence

  23. Hi Dr. Jo,
    My partner suffers from MAV (Migraine Associated Vertigo), and I was wondering if some of your vertigo videos would help with this, or if you have any advice on treatment besides avoiding food triggers.
    Thanks so much for all that you do for so many people.

    1. Anusha anu No not completely. There is a pervasive unsteadiness with very occasional bouts of rotary vertigo, but the magnesium made a HUGE difference. I was diagnosed with MAV a few years back but I’ve decided that is likely not an accurate diagnosis. I am currently investigating Chiari Malformation as the most likely cause of my vertigo and other ailments.

    2. I have had MAV for over four years. Earlier this year I started taking magnesium supplements daily and within about two months the vertigo episodes disappeared! (I’ve had maybe 4 slight spinning episodes in the last 6 months as opposed to at least thy many a week!) Now I still have difficulty driving, but the spinning is basically gone!

    3. You’re welcome. Sometimes the BPPV exercises help, but they don’t always. If you’re partner hasn’t tried seeing a physical therapist who specializes in vestibular rehab, that might be something worth trying. Good luck.

  24. hello Dr.Jo ….please help me in very much worried about it
    i have been effected with bells palsy on left side 6 years ago …it was recoverd upto 50%(reason may be i didnt do excercise regularly) and now since from yesterday im i got bells palsy on right side …can it can be cured if i start exercise from today?? my left side of my face is working upto 50% ….and right side of my face is not working completly …can i get back facs atleast on right side

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know without getting to evaluate you, but you should definitely start exercises, and if you can, go see a physical therapist in person. Good luck.

  25. Yes my doctor gave me cavinton Forte and stemetil tables to use for 10 days I’m on day 6 today with little improvement

  26. Dr.Jo i’m having problems with movement and sound i can’t even look at tv or listen to music it like everything is highly sensitive and i get dizzy could please help.

  27. long video I was waiting waiting…doc eyes cooled…see u always helping healing …Thanks

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