Vertigo Treatment: Exercises To Get You Less Dizzy

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AJ here with Stronglife Physiotherapy. Do you get dizziness? Especially when you turn your head to look at something? In this video I’m going to show you some simple exercises to reduce your dizziness. Before we get started, dizziness can have many causes including some that are quite serious. It’s a good idea to get checked out by your doctor if you’re having dizziness on a regular basis. Your general practitioner can very likely help you out or you might go see a specialist like an ENT or a Neurologist who are more specialized when it comes to matters of dizziness.

This exercise uses eye and head movements to help retrain you equilibrium. You may get some dizziness while performing these and that’s OK and probably necessary to recalibrate your system. If you find that you’re getting VERY dizzy or nauseous slow it down a little or take break. We DON’T want you to throw up! But don’t get discouraged either. You need to do these exercises consistently to see improvement.

For safety start in a seated position. Now keeping your head still move your eyes side to side as far as they’ll go. Repeat 10-20 times. Now we’re going to do the same thing but moving your eyes up and down. After moving your eyes up and down, move them diagonally each direction. Repeat 10-20 times each way.

Next we’re going to focus on a fixed object about 12-18 inches from your face. You can use your finger but a small object on a wall works even better. In a seated position keep your eyes fixed on the object and turn your head side to side as far as you can while keeping the object in view. Keep it slow to start out then work up to faster head turns. Don’t go so fast that your eyes are skipping around, your eyes need to be able to smoothly follow the object. As this becomes easier speed it up. Now do the same thing moving your head up and down. Keep going for at least 60 seconds, work up to 2 minutes.

Last we’re going to do the same thing but with your eyes focused on an object that is farther away like a clock or light switch on the other side of the room. In a seated position keep your eyes fixed on the object and move your head side to side as far as you can. Next, do the same thing but keeping your head up and down. Remember not to go so fast that the object is jumping around, your eyes need to smoothly follow the object.

Do these exercises consistently once or twice a day for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Our bodies are amazingly adaptable and doing these exercises will help your body adapt to reduce the dizziness that you are experiencing.

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  1. I have dizzy been every 2 months with vomiting on antivert and zofran..not happy it makes me sleepy takes 2 days..going to try thes exercises

  2. *Thank you! This really worked for me! I’d welcome any advice you might have for plantar fasciitis, too. Thanks again!*

  3. Sir I tried it for some minutes
    But after few minutes while doing it
    My left eye starts to pain
    Why it is happening
    Please help

  4. Will definitely try this! Just found out about ya and have been dizzy the last few days. Great stuff! And thank you

  5. Sir im suffering from vertigo my doctor preferrd me to do excercise now somewhat ok but morning i will warm up every day sir while when warmup again for me dizzines will come sir pls tell me my doctor prefrred me take a finger point to it move only eyes side to side and up and down head should not move he told im doing it somewhat better

  6. I just recently started with Vertigo like 3 weeks ago its been getting a little worse each day. Headaches,blurry eye,little black spots its so annoying! My doctor is supposed to get me in with someone to start helping reduce it some. He put me Meclizine for it but it makes me feel awful the next day. Im 32 and can’t even live a normal day right now bc im dealing with anxiety and now vertigo all of a sudden😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Hi brother ive been suffering for losing balance and feel unsteady on my feet and knee so please can u give me good advise and show me tretment thank you.

  8. I did these movements and it cured on the second day after 3 tries. Well worth it. That was about 4 months ago and it is back again and so am I! Thank you

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  10. The dizziness vertigo option saved my life from further troubles. I was light headed with vertigo and also could have devastating episodes. My encounter while traveling troubled me, so I never drove again. I`ve been making use of this two times a day for 4 months and until now no more light-headedess, nausea or dizziness. I save your time to do the research on Google. The guide’s name is below.
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    1. Me! It makes me so sick 😷 I feel terrible right now. Mines more of a off balance dizziness not like the room is spinning. I can’t stand it 😒

  11. I am going to give this a try first time in my life I’m experiencing this I feel I’m going to die thank you god bless you hope it works

  12. I have had vertigo off and on for over 10 years!▓▓▓ I have had good luck with the exercise Dr Foster provides in her videos but lately they haven’t been helping. I just did the eye exercises in your video and surprisingly my vertigo is better! I say surprisingly because it seems so very simp,e I thought “ how could this work?” But it did! Thank you so very much! We are traveling 8 hours this week to visit my new granddaughter and I was so worried about feeling badly! I will continue to add this to my daily routines! For more information, >

  13. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists.”

    Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  14. You are so generous to post this wonderful video free on Youtube. I love your challenge to increase speed while keeping eye movement smooth and focused..

  15. My dizziness as well as difficulties with my head spinning had been gone. This is caused by the dizziness vertigo treatment method “Yοyο Kamvuku” (Google it) I get vertigo a couple of times a year so this is going to be my go-to treatment right now. What is even more exciting regarding this is this medication is certainly non-drowsy which means that my day works will not be impacted. There’s absolutely no reason why I should not value this remedy. .

    1. Me too. Middle ear tells left eye, world is tilted, and right eye world is level. This video give me confidence I’ll recover eventually. First time I’ve had bppv and it’s only been six days, 3 of them in hospital having tests.

  16. I have bppv and it has been so bad all night the dizziness makes me so scared I start to have anxiety attacks

    1. @Khawar Paracha ji first of all do exercises with slow speed number of time u feel ok &then we u got adjusted with speed of exercise &number of times increase speed &frequency of exercise max.10- 20 times each condition will improve, in case u feel any problem plz contact any ENT spl . basically our balance system work with combination of 3 parts eyes,inner ear & body skin particularly feet ,all three parts send message to inner ear part if any signal from one eye ,ear or foot varies then u feel dizzy, I mean signal from both eyes ear & feet shld match

    2. Does it feel like you’re spinning or the room is moving around you? That’s a classic sign of a particular type of dizziness called vertigo. It’s more than feeling off-kilter and usually gets worse when you move your head. This is a symptom that there is an issue in the inner ear or part of the brainstem governing balance. The most common kind is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. Your inner ear is a complicated system of canals filled with fluid. These let your brain know how your head is moving. With BPPV, tiny bits of calcium in part of your inner ear get loose and move to places they don’t belong. The system doesn’t work the way it should and sends your brain the wrong signals. I have something for your problem, For information click here >

  17. Hiii sir, my mom is unable to walk and even stand, she had a very strong vertigo in her head, what to do, plz reply?

  18. Omg 😮 it worked! I felt soooo dizzy and when I saw this video and tried it, it worked omg thank u sooooo much! This is totally gonna help me sit in class and concentrate On what my teacher is saying now that I feel less dizzy every time I do it

  19. Good morning sir😣well l am a women so i had a piq hyper tension arteriel when i was pregen after my delevry the problem grow with m’y ear so i came vertigeno i had a vppb the conclusion was à déficit in gain anterior i suffer what can il do please show me the Way thanks

  20. this is effective , at the first time ive tried this i was a little bit dizzy and become.stabls

  21. sir, from last 15-20 days i m suffering from mild headache, and little anxiety, some nausea. i consult with doctor he told that there is body imbalance and prescribe antianxiety drug and vitamin d. is it same thing like vertigo

    1. “Feeling” off balance like vertigo does to people is not the same thing as a vitamin or body chemical imbalance. This is not the same thing.

    2. also after that i observed that my one leg is not completely touching surface. plz suggest recovery

  22. Thank you!! I’ve been experiencing vertigo for almost a month straight. This helped so much!

    1. Me too! Its almost been a month I can’t even live a normal day bc it randomly hits me while driving or just watching TV im so sick of it already 😭🥺

  23. I did it slowly.. now wall or finger is not moving. thanks for the suggestion sir.

    1. +ISH KUMAR you’re welcome! You can gradually increase your speed and the should help.

  24. hello sir. i am Ish kumar. i am doing this exercise since 1 month. there is a gradual improvement.. sir i want to ask , when i keep my eyes on a switch and turn my head left to right then it seems that wall is going to left and vice versa..

    1. +ISH KUMAR you may need to slow down a little if it seems like the wall is moving. You eyes probably aren’t keep up with your head movements.

  25. Hi sir! i am suffering from vertigo and off balance over than 3 years. i visited many neuro and end ENT doctor. every one gave many medicine spell of vertigo stops but every time feeling off balance. last doctor side to do eye and neck exercise which is in your video.. first of when i did it fell like vertigo but it it less now.. will it help me to balance when walking.

    1. You need to do balance exercises too,there separate from eye gaze exercises. Two parts to correct and compensate with vestibular disorder.

    2. Nice Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about – Schallingora Automatically Update Scheme (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for getting rid of virtigo without the headache minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy after many years got amazing success with it.

    3. +ISH KUMAR yes! It should help improve your balance while walking. But it will be a gradual improvement, so you will need to be consistent with the exercises over several weeks. Good luck!

  26. Hi..I’m Suffering from BBPV for over than 6 years…..the attack happened suddenly but Specially after a Cold or flue…it happens to me 3 times a Year….and i really wish to get over it Completely…I have done all the tests…and i take medicine….but i hate my self for that threating of my life…..Please advise…. (Note : I’m A Computer & Network engineer… and all my work in front of monitors for more than 10 hours a day ).thanks

    1. yes very long time…the last Doctor i have visited told me that technique but i will try to do it for a longer time…thanks for your support

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