The 3 Balance Systems (Vertigo & Dizziness)

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When you feel unsteady or off balance, what is the root cause? Knowing how your 3 balance systems work is the answer to your question.

In this video, I’ll explain how your 3 balance systems work in harmony to keep you feeling steady.

And when one of the systems goes out of whack, identifying and treating the proper system is where you start to make progress.

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– Luke Gordon, DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy & Owner of Gordon Physical Therapy


  1. great video. what are the causes for the 2nd point sensation?
    I have been feeling dizzy, imbalance recently, and I have no idea why? last night I went to play soccer hoping to get better, but I couldn’t keep my balance, had pain and pressure on top and front of my head, my feet were tight, always afraid that I might miss my next step, I still have no idea why? is it because of my neck? my vision? my inner ear? just where to start? 🙁

    1. @馬丁酷德 Imaaad hey how are you? Any progress? I have same problem and it is from loss of lordosis in neck (loss of neck curve)

    2. Thank you So Much for the reply. I will go and see a doctor to check my sinus infection and inner ear. I really appreciate it.

      can’t wait to see more videos.

    3. The most common thing we see with decreased sensation is neuropathy, which I doubt you’re experiencing. If the dizziness and imbalance have started recently, you might start with some basic things, like ruling out a sinus infection, the inner ear, and possibly your neck. I’d try to figure out the cause of the pressure on the top and front of your head. I hope that helps! – Luke

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