Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)

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When all your balance tests are “normal” but you still feel dizziness, imbalance, or a constant feeling of motion, you may have PPPD. Symptoms of PPPD include include non-vertiginous dizziness and unsteadiness that was increased by a person’s own motion, exposure to environments with a complex or moving stimuli (e.g., stores, crowds), and performance of tasks that required precise visual focus (e.g., reading, using a computer). Many PPPD patients are told that it’s “all in their head.” This is not a psychogenic disorder, and typically starts shortly after an event that causes acute vertigo, unsteadiness, dizziness, or disruption of balance.


  1. I was diagnosed with nmh/oi (kinda like pots) and my dr has now desided that he could have diagnosed me incorrectly and it could be pppd. I’m so angry it’s been 14 months of going on nmh meds that aren’t working and it may not even be nmh

  2. Omg. I was diagnosed with anxiety and that could still be it but in the super market is the worst parts. I wanna fix this now. Thank you.

    1. @Vannessa Vidal in my case anything that is stimulant such as tea, coffee, chocolate etc makes my symptoms worse. Some how my symptoms disappears when i drive the car. It gets really worse when i use elevator and it feels like i am still in elevator until i go to sleep.

    2. @benji mARCHE it’s more of a rocking/swaying boat sensation. How long have you been experiencing your symptoms? Do you notice anything that triggers it?

    3. @Vannessa Vidal does your body feel like as if it’s sinking when your sitting still or being pulled forwards, so much like been in an escalator going down?

    4. Hi Jamie, it’s really weird what brain can do, isn’t it? I was diagnosed PPPD yesterday and I still have this dizziness / swaying rocking sensation the past 3 months. Before that I never felt anything like that before. Doctor told me it could be the result of my migraines and anxiety. I did have lots of stress and less sleeps for past year but I do feel it could trigger too. The supermarket/busy stores thing is exactly what I feel too. So strange cause it never happened to me before. It takes courage to get into the stores, look around, and stay until you can overcome whatever you feel (the fear, etc.). Hang on, dear. We’ll get through this. I still don’t want to take any medications yet, hope it will improve with this brain training thing. Are you taking any meds or getting treatments? Hugs! 💫

  3. I’ve been searching for help for years and I hope this helps because everything u described is how I been feeling.. I became prediabetic and herniated 3 cervical discs and had mri n MRA of the neck n head n the doctors said I’ll be fine within a year and also cut weight and been getting fit again…

    1. I have 3 bulging discs on my cervical spine. I get vertigo with rapid neck movements like turning from side to side while asleep? Did you experience this??

  4. I’ve been investigating neck brace to correct forward head posture and discovered a fantastic website at Neck Mender Blueprint (look it up on google)

  5. You don’t know how relieving it feels to finally hear what the condition is that I’ve been living with for almost one whole year now. I have had an MRI done, been put on benzos, anti-depressants, did a VNG test…all testing showed normal. But yet I have to get up and deal with this dizziness sensation every day of my life. It is draining and terrifying. I wish there was a magic pill that could help those with PPPD…it does feel good to know I’m not alone…but I need to know what I can do now to get rid of this feeling and get back to living a normal life. Any suggestions??? I’m open to anything!

    1. @Misha Eli mine is felt in my head 24/7. When I’m walking I feel so unbalanced and my head feels like it’s pulling me in all these different directions. I have so many more symptoms. You have any way we can maybe chat?

    2. @AJ Green the motions have changed since last year so I walk more easily but other than that no. Not really feeling better. What do you exactly feel? How’s your dizziness feel like,

  6. Anyone here from the Ph? Been feeling this for two months already. Been seeing a physician and neuro for a while but they havent diagnosed me with anything yet.

    1. how are you? im still having symptoms.Im on betahistine and propanolol and epley exercises.Im so afraid to drive to work.😔😔😔

    2. nahihilo pag tumatayo at naglalakad. it disappeared na after two months! thank god. pero nag parang exposure therapy ako ng sarili ko. went to places that make me the most dizzy. then tried to force myself not to be dizzy. worked naman eventually. di na ako nahilo. docs were unable to help me eh.

    3. @Lester Quejada nahihilo pag tumatayo at naglalakad. it disappeared na after two months! thank god. pero nag parang exposure therapy ako ng sarili ko. went to places that make me the most dizzy. then tried to force myself not to be dizzy. worked naman eventually. di na ako nahilo. docs were unable to help me eh.

  7. My life story of the past 6 months, after what may have been a bout of positional vertigo or labyrinthitis…….then a fall 2 months later…..everything this lady says in this video is me to a tee……anxiety is the boogieman. Been doing some VBT with little help. Hypnotherapy has helped a bit with anxiety as well as psychological counselling. Like the lady says, all my tests, scans etc…..all clear. So I went to see a specialist last week who offered up PPPD…..surmised that my ongoing unsteadiness is in part my heightened anxious state and a side effect of an anti-depressant (benzo family) I’ve been taking for 30 plus years. He intimated at a more effective medication (mirtazapine family)……this video has given me some solace…….that such a condition potentially exists and not all in my head. Thanks

    1. @Misha Eli even VNG testing, what do drs tell u and how long have u been taking meds, how’s your diet?

  8. Ive suffered from Vertigo for 9 years. It started after an ear infection that was left untreated on my 21st birthday. It started with vertigo attacks every few months to then got oscillopsia then things got worse as time went on. The strange thing is my hearing is fine, MRI is fine, i also do not get nastagmas when i get the attacks which is rare. The Eply Maneuver makes me much worse. During the attacks going from laying down to sitting up or vise versa makes it peek and literally unberable. 14 ENT drs and many other kinds of drs later and they have yet to find the problem. I have currently been bed ridden for going on 6 days. This problem took an evil turn and now im worse then ever. I do get fullness and ringing. Im not sure if it’s from that ear infection but im getting worse. Idk what to do anymore. All i do is lay around and cry now. Even laying down doesnt help the symptoms. I have more then 1 kind of dizziness also. The boat feeling , the tugging and pulling feeling and spinning, the floating, u name it. I can be perfactly still and get vertigo. In between these attacks (my better days) im still dizzy. 24-7. Walking does make the everyday dizziness worse. Grocery stores are a NO NO. Im only 30! Ive lost my life with this. I need help asap

    1. @Mario Avila I have been doing vestibular therapy for two months now. I’m trying to wean myself off of dramamine as that was my crutch for so long. I have one more appointment to go. They basically use my triggers and give me homework to make myself dizzy at home so my brain can figure out a way to fix itself without meds. It has been working as I just did a hike with minimal dizziness at the end and it went away on its own. However, I drove on the highway yesterday for the first time since July and my husband had to take over so it’s still there😢. It’s frustrating and sad not to be able to drive, but I’ve come a long way from being bed ridden. The glasses are amazing as I can grocery shop now.

    2. Mrs. Parker I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ve had this since 2006. Gone to so many doctors. I get every type of dizziness you can think of. The only thing that has helped me go to the stores are special glasses. I wear Axon brand but there are other brands too. Fluorescent lights make me dizzy as well as walking through isles. It comes and goes. But I’ve had it now for a week straight now. I go in to see a neurologist on Saturday to see if I have Vestibular migraines as I have lots of pressure in my head. Good luck to you and don’t give up.

    3. I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Please know that you are not alone. We can help you better if you contact us directly at There are also many articles on our website that might be useful. You describe fullness and tinnitus, which are symptoms of Meniere’s disease ( You also describe rocking and swaying, which are symptoms of Mal deDebarquement ( If you have suffered from an ear infection that resolved but your symptoms did not go away, PPPD might fit ( I hope you will reach out to us directly so we can send you more resources.

  9. I was a college student that got PPPD my Jr. year, and spent all summer recovering. I got back to 100% and was even training to do full triathlons by the end of my senior year. I graduated two years ago, but had a massive relapse even worse than the first time I had the illness. Its been almost 2 years with this relapse with not as much progress and the first time where I was symptom free in only 6 months. Is this normal? I’ve been taking the same SSRI (Venlafaxine) I was the first time, and doing Physical Therapy with the same people. Its putting a lot of strain on my relationships and job/ future schooling. What should my next steps be?

    1. @lamichael19 I.m takin paroxetine 10 mg per day.
      How many time did you take the medicine to start feeling effects and how many time did you take in your first period?
      Thanks man your a light in my path.

    2. @lamichael19 I.m takin paroxetine 10 mg per day.
      How many time did you take the medicine to start feeling effects and how many time did you take in your first period?
      Thanks man your a light in my path.

    3. @MARCO ANTONIO MENDOZA PADILLA absolutely. I also did my SSRI on a very low dose. I did effexor by the Teva manufacturer, and opened each pill before I’d take it, remove all the granules and put back in about 10. So it’s really only a third of the lowest dose of effexor

    4. @lamichael19 Congratulations. I will start with SSRI and your case represents hope for me. Thanks for response. You are so kind. Could i still asking thing during my treatment? Thanks.

    5. @MARCO ANTONIO MENDOZA PADILLA I’m off ssris. I do exercises once in a while. I don’t really have any symptoms. I can’t drink or do any drugs, and if I don’t sleep well it makes it come back a bit. It’s very manageable tbh

  10. im in cronic sitation of dizziness for 2 years now; find nothing wrong in mri or ct; I PRAY FOR GOD THAT THIS IS MY ANSWER FOR END THIS

    1. This dizziness vertigo remedy has been a great help in my situation. Once I have my vertigo, I would really feel dizzy and also have exhausting episodes. This will make me nervous whenever I am driving my car or truck. In just 4 months, I have employed the guideline 2 times per day without fail and the effects are amazing. I haven’t suffered queasiness or dizziness.

  11. I have that stuff and had it for 7 years. The only thing that helps me is SSRI medication and it helps a lot. For you who haven’t tested, test it

    1. @Nils Flyg I’m currently on Zoloft to what dose work for you and when did you start seeing benefits I’m on 100 mg for one week now not as dizzy as I was 3 months ago but still kinda unsteady like

    2. @Ian Islas Hola Ian.
      En tu caso ha funcionado la meditación y respiración para controlar la patología?
      Crees que controlando los ataques de pánico ansiedad puedas controlar los síntomas?

    3. Hola Ian.
      En tu caso ha funcionado la meditación y respiración para controlar la patología?
      Crees que controlando los ataques de pánico ansiedad puedas controlar los síntomas?

    4. @Ian Islas Que bueno que me dices que trotar cuenta como rehabilitación vestibular, en mi caso lo hago 4 veces por semana. En mi caso lo que mas me molesta es esa sensación de inestabilidad en la piernas al caminar que incluso hace que acaben un poco adoloridas.
      Gracias Ian por tu paciencia al contestar mis dudas, infinitas gracias.

    5. @MARCO ANTONIO MENDOZA PADILLA lo más molesto para mí era esa sensación de mareo todo el día que se intensificaba con el celular o caminando, no, no hice como tal rehabilitación vestibular más que correr, pero al final correr también era rehabilitación vestibular

  12. I have pppd our doctors from Mayo Clinic they are told me that , now i will be better but I need more time

    1. How they treat you? I have this too right now and im unemployed for 5 months because of this feeling.

  13. I have been experiencing dizziness n frequent falls for 15 plus years. I need help. I had to stop working and living a normal life. I can’t take this life anymore. I emailed you guys but it says email is not valid. I just started doing some exercises yesterday and I don’t know if that is going to be a healing process. I had all test done and they come back normal and doctors say it’s all in my head but I know it’s not but send me help

    1. @Mario Avila look into ppd. there’s not much to do aside from ssri, vestibuar rehabilitaion and psycotherapy. There are reasons to believe that PPPD is primarly a psychosomatic condition. I had all the symptoms correlated with the conditions. I’m still not 100% better, but my life is OK now. Take your meds nd work on yourself.

    2. @erik von strongberg has that worked out so far, what were your symptoms? Hey thanks for the reply

  14. I feel like a sort of light headed feeling and when i turn my head it feels like my head balance is slow to reconnect to my head position, I also feel like i cant think straight

    1. @erik von strongberg hey eric i visited an ENT specialist and he did treatments called Epley maneuver and recommended home exercises to be done… but in my case it still didnt resolve and i am going back soon.. what are u suffering from same kinda thing?

  15. I think I have exactly PPPD. Been fighting with it for the last year. How can I find a specialist near Washington D.C?

  16. I did all the blood test they came back negative…ct scan mri mra. Everything fine.

    But when they did the vng my right ear has a 54% damage. But i wasnt told if i have vestibular nuritis or lab… So i dont know what i have. Can this symptoms that i am feeling is it because of the damage? My dovtor wasmt very helpful

  17. I’m wondering if this is what I been going through… I got a ct scan. Nothing.

  18. If we go to the website are we able to find some tools and vestibular exercises there to help us out??. I ask instead of looking because my internet is going in and out at the moment and I cant pull up web pages in particular right now for some reason. 👎🏼 You have no idea how relieving this is. 💗

  19. Can a cruise with very bad weather cause this? Ever since I got off my cruise about a month ago I’ve been getting light-headed and dizzy — no vertigo and my tests for labyrinthitis were normal. CT, EKG and blood work were normal as well. I also have a very strong feeling of dissociation and disconnect from reality. I feel like I’m losing my mind … can’t take it anymore!

  20. I feel very let down by the medical system for not recognizing this sooner for me. Patients who have vestibular “attacks” should be told this right away so they are aware of the potential for BPPV, and other vestibular disorders that come back with negative testing, to turn into PPPD. In my journey I saw my primary care a year ago, when I had my first “tiny attack” which happened quickly and went away as soon as it came, with no nausea, and I confidently moved on with my life, probably because it was such a “small attack”. He prescribed Antivert, but I never needed it. 6 months later I had a “big attack”. It was BPPV at night. My husband and I did the Epley from You Tube at 1 am. I had the room spins, nystagmus, and I was nauseated and severely woozy for about 5 days. During this, I asked my primary care to write a script for vestibular rehab, which was just one appoinment, where the PT did the Epley, and an assessment, and basic physical tests (all negative). The 6 months following that, I had all of these “residual symptoms” of feeling like being on a boat, and the anxiety that accompanied it. But, in my case I had this mostly at night, because that’s when my attack happened. I woke up in the middle of the night with it when turning over in bed. So, I became afraid to go to bed. How awful, especially when it was perpetuating insomnia, and poor sleep contributes to all of this. What a vicious cycle! I did have the “rocking boat” issue during the day too, especially at restaurants. After dealing with it for 6 months I referred myself to an old crappy, ENT who sucked, but he referred me to a audiologist. She ordered an ENG, VNG that were mostly normal, just very very slight residual BPPV. She gave me Brandt Daroff to do. I asked her about getting an MRI, she said maybe a neurologist could order or primary care, but it didn’t seem necessary at the time to get the MRI, to her. Well, I finally got my MRI by basically asking for it myself from my primary care. (It was negative besides an incidental pineal cyst). Here we are a year since my initial attack. (I had 2, 6 months apart. A mild one, then a big one) I FINALLY got referred to a neurologist. The neurologist, although not warm and fuzzy or fake, had empathy. He himself has vertigo and saw about 80% of the vertigo patients in the county over 30 years. He reassured me my pineal cyst on my MRI was congenital and has nothing to do with my symptoms. Most importantly, he told me that Vestibular Rehab should “be my religion” for life. He said people will do it, and stick to it because they’ll do anything to keep from having another attack. His words helped me. Then, the most important moment happened for me here on You Tube on another channel. I had commented, and asked a question of a You Tube vestibular patient. She was very kind and took the time to reply to me, and it was her that mentioned PPPD. In my research on it, I was RELIEVED !!! and saw that it described my situation to a “T”. I started reading abstracts, case studies, and articles written by physicians on PPPD. My question is WHY? WHY? didn’t somene in the line up of physicians I saw over the last year tell me about PPPD??? Imagine how my mindset would have changed my symptoms, and helped my recovery! The primary care should have told me a year ago, or the ENT, audiology, or neurology! Someone! The big kicker is that as I was reading medical articles on PPPD one of the articles I came across was written by my audiologist!! I just saw her 3 months ago! Why didn’t she tell me I had this?! I used the words…”Fear of driving. Fear of going to bed. Fear of another attack”. Fear fear fear . My battery (ENG VNG) were good. SHE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME OF THE POSSIBILTY OF PPPD. ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE HERSELF PUBLISHED AN ARTICLE ON IT!!! Instead I was told to do the Brandt Daroff for 4 weeks. Which was good that she had me doing vestibular rehab, but imagine if I knew about PPPD? How just knowing that diagnosis would have helped me greatly! She said “if the exercises don’t work, then you may need to see me again for other treatment, or maybe see a neurologist, or maybe get an MRI”…”maybe, maybe maybe” and during all that, precious time is going by, and is setting the neuro pathways deeper and deeper for this PPPD as the “maybes” and the months go by. Time is of the essence with PPPD. Medical people: Do the MRI, do the VNG ENG. if they’re normal and all signs point to PPPD tell your patients, so we are armed with being aware of it, instead of being scared and anxious which perpetuates it!! We need to have the tools, and the information to have the best shot at recovery. Don’t stretch it out over a year and let your patient diagnose themself with a YouTube video. So, yeah….I’m pretty ticked at the medical community letting down vestibular patients.

    1. @I Design Cute Things did u take antidepressants, can u describe more of your feelings and did u do any testing like VNG

    2. @Mario Avila I found out it was the benzodiazepine Ativan that caused all of this…and more. I only took it about 2x a month. Yes 2x a month! Over the span of 5 years. Benzos don’t cause addiction and cravings. They cause brain damage. It can heal, but it takes YEARS! All of the symptoms from benzos are physical. I had to stop the drug. You have to taper very slowly. For some people the taper can take months and months. The benzo was destroying my vestibular system. I’ve been off of it for 20 months now. It’s been a hellish ride. I have not been able to work for 2 years. I am still healing. I am much better. About 9 months after I was off of the Ativan the 24/7 boaty feeling stopped. I still have some issues & the tinnitus (ringing in the esrs). It was 100% the benzo Ativan causing this. Other benzos are Valium, Klonipin, Xanax, Versed. Antidepressant cause this too. None of my practiontioners caught this. They all did me a disservice. It’s hard to talk about this only because most people don’t believe it and are skeptical and judgemental of what I’m saying because they take the drug too. Tolerance/withdrawal to benzos does NOT happen with drug abuse or to “druggies” or to people with addiction problems. It happens when the drug is taken as prescribed. It happens slowly over a number of months or years and causes symptoms like my vertigo so it goes unrecognized. So everything I wrote here a year ago is crap. Bppv and pppd – all crap. Does the Epley help during at attack? Well maybe???? But it never goes 100% away until the drug is tapered and then months a months after it is completely stopped. The thing is, most people have these vestibular issues from benzos or Antidepressant and they have no idea. I did not say all. I said MOST. Yes, you can have a brain trauma, stroke, congenital malformation, tumor, or Menieres. Those issue can be found with tests and upon the exam with a good practiontioner. But, for most it’s because they’re on benzos and they won’t admit it. Or maybe they have not reached tolerance yet. But the truth is that everyone reaches tolerance on this drug. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. Visit the benzo buddie forum and use the ashton manual to taper if you are on a benzo. You can’t just stop taking it. There is a chance you could have a fatal seizure. Benzos are one of the most dangerous drugs to withdrawal from along with alcohol because of the seizure potential. They healing time-frame for withdrawal is also way longer. On the Benzo Buddie forum there are 700 pages of people who have the vestibular symptoms from benzos. And, there is nothing that you can take to fix it. Nothing. All you can do is slowly (at a snails pace) taper off of the drug and wait. All you can do is TIME. SO, since I wrote this obviously I had a major discovery that it was the benzodiazepine Ativan all along. People will fight me tooth and nail on this and defend their benzodiazepine. If someone is reading that and they feel that way, please don’t bother to comment. I’ve researched and have been living this for almost 2 years. I know exactly what I’m talking about. It also says not to take a benzo for longer than 3 or 4 weeks right in the FDA prescribing info. Also on Sept of 2020 the FDA finally put out more warnings on benzos. If you’re taking one , good luck because you’ll most likely have a hell of a ride getting off of them, but once you hit tolerance, you have no choice. It has nothing to do with drug cravings. It’s all physical symptoms. I’m so glad I figured out it was the Ativan. My vertigo is almost 100% gone. I don’t have the 24/7 boaty feeling anymore. The sad thing is most doctors actually prescibe this med for vertigo, and of course that just makes things all the more worse.

    3. Shelly Mayer OMG I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!! I almost want to cry! I am like 95% sure this is what I have. NO👏🏼ONE👏🏼 has told me about this issue, this possibility. I have been over hear pulling my hair out upset no one can help me or tell me WHY I am feeling this way and what to do for it! I feel SOOO Relieved that 1) yes this IS a thing/diagnosis and 2) it can be easily treated with time and exercises. Some days i just feel so damn HOPELESS and upset that I just cant enjoy life normally. *sobs*

  21. Felt so alone…for years…so unable to process anything as normal in my mind . Like in a dream state almost.

    1. @Siji Kuriakos now almost a year. Actually This started years ago.. but when this started the imbalance feeling only comses when i walk too much or run, as soon as i take a rest or sleep and wake up it seems good. But again if walk too much or runs this tightness behind ears like a headache and imbalance starts. But from last year onwards now 24/7 I’m having this feeling only that after sleep and wake up just seems little good. But the that ache like tightness behind ears and mastoid of neck is always there.

  22. When are you going to present something on CANVAS?  I guess this isn’t even monitored.

  23. I received a diagnosis of PPPD last year June 2018. It’s so refreshing to have someone speak on this issue. PPPD previously referred to as PPV wasn’t recognized by the CDC until 2014. I will say that this journey has been hard. I have panic attacks regularly. The silver lining is that vestibular therapy (resetting the brain) has helped me. The dizziness isn’t completely gone but it helps. Walmart is a huge trigger for me. So what she says in this video is real. We need a larger support group for this. If you’re new to the diagnosis: it’s not ALL in your head. Be encouraged.

    1. @Bessie , hang in there . I’ve had PPPD 7 yrs 11 months and 14days ! Not that I count every day :)! People , even some Drs. don’t realize how diabilitating it is . Gentamicin burned nerve out after BRKA . Which was botched . Didn’t get rid of MRSA Staph . If I would have been told this happened to 1 in 10 who use it even if administrated correctly . I’d have taken my chances with oral meds . This shut me down . A person has to fight for quality of life with this . You can make it through always try to remember the good days we have , they make up for the not so good ones !

    2. Alex Lee I see/saw a physical therapist that specializes in treating PPPD and other vestibular issues. That’s the key. A lot of walking circles in corner, figure 8s, walking while reading.

    3. Julius Runyon it will. I attend physical therapy to reset my brain. A lot of habituation and exercises to trigger the dizziness and reset it in the moment. You legitimately are not in your head. You have a support system now.

    4. Get your eyes checked and go to What you may have is a binocular vision dysfunction.

  24. I had the nerve burned out in my right ear due to Gentamycn toxicity. Due to a MRSA Staph due to a botched BRKA. Been this way 24/7/365 since 1/13 . I know they’re real. Once the nerve is burned there is no way to repair. Be this way until I die


  26. Brilliant informative information. It totally explains what I’m feeling and will discuss this with my ENT specialist who diagnosed BPPV and offered me Eplay manouvre. With no lasting effects. I will go to your site and learn the exercises needed to reset my neurology. A huge thank you

    1. @Misha Eli I can feel some type of feelings in my head when I’m laying down in bed. All my off balance feelings come from my head. How about yours?

  27. I find certain sounds can trigger me into a directional pull sensation vision disturbance or distortion.

    1. Sounds drive me crazy. I can’t eat in a restaurant because of the background noise. I have to sit in the back at church and leave when the organ plays. Music playing in stores sets me off. I’m sorry sound effects you but happy to see that I am not alone. I have had vestibular hypo-function for close to 3 years and my PT now says she believes it is also PPPD. I hope I can finally get some relief from the terrible head aches and nausea.

  28. You don’t know how good it feels to finally have an answer to what I have been feeling many months. Can’t wait to get to treating this.

    1. @An O what sucks is anxiety still rears its head with me. A couple of times a year it hits me bad. Now its the daily headaches i have been having for the last two weeks. Im sorry you are dealing with this too.

  29. I have been suffering from this 9 months…I just want to know…is there full recovery or i should deal with this in all my life?

    1. Everyone is different, but yes, with therapy and lifestyle changes, you can recover. You might want to contact Joey Remenyi at for more information.

  30. Excellent information. I’ve had this since I split my head open when I was seven years old. Always diagnosed as anxiety. Now working with a Professor who is doing research into Visual Vertigo and he’s using my advice i.e. using the Wii Balance board with his research. Wii Balance exercises have certainly helped me to reset my neural pathways over the last two years. I still use the Wii at least twice a week, sometimes more. Not 100% yet, I would say at least 90%, compared to 0% two years ago after having Flu, then having my ears syringed. That knocked me for six. I was housebound and became Agoraphobic. Onward and upward 🙂

    1. I feel your pain Tanya. It’s the Nitendo Wii Fit U and it was recommended by VEDA. You can find them on eBay to buy. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can buy from Nintendo anymore, but some of the eBay ones are new and some are second hand. If you google it you’ll find where you can buy one, or you may know a friend or family who don’t use their’s anymore. They were very popular at one time.

    2. Ellen Dean, I came across your comment today. What are these Wii Balance exercises? Will you tell me, please, where can I find them? Thank you so much in advance. I have been diagnosed with this kind of vertigo today-after 17 years of looking for answers to my questions…

  31. Hmmmm? sure wasn’t an informative video. I suffer from PPPD and this video did nothing for me….sorry.

    1. xxxDreamWeaver1958 at the end she directs you to the website to go to for further help and information…

  32. I have been interested in books regarding neuroplasticity and I was wondering if there are any recommendations for vestibular issues.

    1. Chrissy – Neuroplasticity can certainly help some vestibular issues. It is the premise that vestibular rehabilitation therapy is founded on. Your treatment would depend on your diagnosis. Feel free to contact us directly at and we can help you further.

  33. I’ve had this serious vertigo starting when I was 12/13. Went on through school I would miss weeks of school because of this. After many years they said it was menieres. After 15 years I lost all hearing in left ear and was good. About a few years it started again and feel right side hearing getting worse. Many doctors are still not quite helpful and I’ve now been bedridden for two weeks. If you have any suggestions for Michigan area please reach out thank you.

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