Managing MS Symptoms: Dizziness

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Featuring Dr. Stephen Krieger


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  2. Do MS patients have many headaches? I get vertigo from passing objects from the corner of my eyes. Had a negative ENG, but get 3 headaches a week.

  3. After my mom developed vertigo as well as dealt with a fall and concussion, the recommended medication from the doctor only made her fatigued as well as nauseous. The dizziness vertigo solution was the therapy that took away her dizziness permanently. I save your time to do the research on Google. The guide’s name is below.
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  4. I get vertigo episodes a lot! They commonly held up for 7 days. It is very unbearable. In March, I experienced attack a week-long vertigo that caused me to utilize the dizziness vertigo solution. The vertigo seemed to disappear quickly. I save your time to do the research on Google. The guidebook’s name is under.
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  5. I received this dizziness vertigo treatment for my husband hadwho has different levels of dizziness for four to five. He began having outcomes after 4 days, and now right after a week, although not 100% yet he`s had very long periods of full relief. I`m hoping this remedy will be the solution and he will have no more dizziness problems to experience. I save your time to do the research on Google. The tip’s name is at the bottom.
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  6. 12 years later I will not accept this disease I hate this fucking disease and I’m not getting any better at all I’m just getting worse and you’re not getting fast enough with all of the research and 0 medicine that helps PPMS patients all your medicine all your shots for relapsing-remitting Ms are good for nothing we still flare we still hurt and we still can’t get a normal life on that poison you want us to put in our bodies I hate this disease and I hate you people

  7. Excellent Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Dinanlinson Taking Peace Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for healing your vertigo and dizziness permanently without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cousin at very last got cool results with it.

  8. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.”

  9. What happens when you let your physician know and they blow you off? Oh, it’s fine I only feel like I’m on the verge of death, no big deal.

    1. I have vertigo attacks a lot! The episodes normally last for approximately 1 week. My circumstance is really weakening. Only this March I chose to consider to apply this dizziness vertigo method This was the moment I struggled with that small vertigo episode. It’s awesome that vertigo has gone away in only a really short length of time. .

  10. “I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.”

  11. Antivert worked to get rid of severe vertigo I had in late 2015, I fell and broke my ankle…now I have mild vertigo when I change position especially in the morning.

  12. I received this dizziness vertigo solution “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it) for my husband hadwho has varying degrees of dizziness for 4 to 5. Four days later, he began to get a clearer head for a good time frame, but not yet totally. Hopefully, with extended use, he`ll be dizzy free before too long.

  13. The ms dizzyness has changed my life it will never be the same I live alone and I get terrified when I get a episode

  14. I have tried and tested the dizziness vertigo solution “Yοyο kamvuku” (Google it); it`s effective. There is definitely a difference when I use it versus when I forget to take it. Dizziness is a huge issue for me, but this item helps me with it. earlier days, my head is apparent and I’ve had no outbreaks ever since.

    1. Great question! I don’t think they know even now after decades of research. So they saw anyway.
      Where oh where does all the money go.
      Call the MS society and they will send you a pamphlet. No help but they can send you some pamphlets..

  15. It WILL be self limited you say…. its been a major crippling symptom of mine for almost 2 years…. are you sure its always self limiting?

  16. he is profesor but doesnt tell us what to do about dizzines..time waster like all neurologists..

  17. In Jan 2012 I had an extreme attack of vertigo, my heart racing at 170 beats per minute, was taken to the ER by ambulance. I even hate to think about it as I thought I was dying.I ended up on the floor and no matter if my eyes were open or closed I was spinning so dam fast : ( At first doctors thought it was pulmonary hypertension but it was ruled out. So I know its from my multiple sclerosis.

  18. I too have M.S. & vertigo has been a hinderance for me well over 10 months now. Most of the time it is tollerable, but it hasnt dissapeared not once. Motion sickness meds dont work for me. The Dr. in the video states that I wont have to live with this “forever.” I sure hope he’s right. Meanwhile, my last hope is trying a series of Prednisone with hopes of finding relief.

  19. Vertigo has been one of my main symptoms of ms so far. And unlike the lady in the video movement makes mine worse. If I focus on a computer or tv it eases it, but when I get up to walk it’s horrible. I use Dramamine when it’s real bad and it seems to help some.

    1. I have the exact same issues…sitting none, but the minute I get up it starts..I cannot even walk in a straight line anymore! If I turn too quickly a feel as if I’m “in a swirl”…

    2. Can you please give me an update on how it evolved for you? I’m suspected with MS and has been dizzy the same way you describe for 3 month now. Would really appreciate a reply. Thanks

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