Is Your Dizziness Vertigo (BPPV)? Answer 4 Questions to Know

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Is Your Dizziness Vertigo (BPPV)? Answer 4 Questions to Know

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  1. Wow, you guys are wonderful. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions. Yes, I have had many bouts of BPPV and had specialist treatments to fix it. Now my partner helps me with the exercises that often works after two or three times. It is very disturbing when the crystals move back and often gives me a violent swaying sensation when the room seems to spin for ten to fifteen seconds. But the relief is almost instant from the severe dizziness and vertigo. Great job guys, I thought you were going to show us the maneuver but it’s ok, I know how to do it. I lay on the floor with my head tilted to one side for two or three minutes, then get my partner to help pull me up into a sitting position very quickly, if the room spins I know the crystals moved. Often I have to repeat on the other side as well. Thank you, I have subscribed. Kind regards Rae Ward, New Zealand.

  2. Bob ‘n Brad, you’ve inspired me to start working towards becoming a DPT. Seriously. I’m applying to programs now. I found myself immobilized with issues in my psoas and pelvis several times this year. Your videos helped me deduce which muscles and joints were being affected, and the stretches you showed me put me back into alignment and out of pain! Last year I dropped out of gradschool after becoming certain that I was on the wrong path and no longer wanted to become a psychotherapist (mostly because my approach, which is technical and more like “personality engineering” than “counseling,” doesn’t fit in with the culture of the profession). Through watching your videos I found something that satisfies my desire to help others improve their health as well as my need to work at something technical. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep doing what you’re doing because it’s having an impact!

  3. I made the mistake of self-diagnosing vertigo when, in fact, I was having a stroke! I had pain around my ear and along the side of my face plus vertigo – spinning room, dizziness, severe nausea and vomiting. Fortunately I got treatment quickly and I fully recovered. The stroke was caused by Atrial Fibrillation! (I finally got rid of the A-Fib after two cardiac ablation!).

  4. 18 months ago I began having pressure in my head that changes and moves around. I had an MRI/MRA and a carotid ultrasound and all were clean. A neurologist determined I had vertigo and sent me to PT. The PT did the vestibular tests and I passed so he determined I had no vertigo. Two weeks ago I purchased a MyPillow. Felt great but two days later I am in the gym doing leg presses. I stood up and felt dizzy. The next night I woke up in the morning to go to the bathroom. I climbed back into bed and felt this wave come over me. Next day I go to the gym and I feel pressure in my neck causing me to feel dizzy as I do a bench press. As I type this I feel myself swaying as it affects my legs and back with regards to balance.

    1. Perhaps a second opinion by another Dr. would be wise. I am sorry to hear this and wish you well soon.

  5. Watching your video is a great help! Im planning to do the eplys maneuver. So, is there a best time to do Eply’s Maneuver?. And is there a prescribe sleeping position at night after this therapy? I am suffering for almost 2months. I hope this works.

    1. We have other vids on this to answer your questions. Google Bob and Brad, Eply maneuver. I wish you well.

  6. I fixed my bppv by watching your other video. The results were immediate. After the first time through the process a huge difference. After the second time I was completely cured of dizziness. I can tell you that, yes, it can be very disconcerting to nearly fall over for no apparent reason. Also, the procedure caused me to experience more dizziness than I expected which was also disturbing.

  7. I don’t think I have BPPV. I have dizziness that last 4 days straight. Driving in a roundabout causes me to get dizzy. I have spinal cervical herniated disc and lumbar herniated disc. I had bypass heart surgery 4 on January 4th this year. I have high blood pressure and high Cholesterol levels plus Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). My neurologist has sent me for an MRI of the brain, head and neck but it was normal. I had physical therapy, but, they have not caught the reason. Might, you have any possibilities, of, what it might be? I am 60 and applying for disability.

    1. Have you seen an ear, nose and throat specialist? If not, try them. You could have an inner ear issue that can sometimes be difficult to diagnose.

    1. C. Campbell my doctors and X-ray didn’t show problems but one of my dizzy issues is from my occipital nerve at the base of my skull, chiropractor does an occipital lift maneuver that fixes it for me. Unfortunately I also get bppv.

    2. C. Campbell Go to a doctor, have him examine you, and if necessary take x-rays of your cervical spine, and that should show if there is any relationship I would think.

  8. Dizziness… Another type unfortunately most doctors have never heard of – Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS).

  9. In my first encounter (2015) with BPPV, Physical Therapy (for low back pain, floor exercises) precipitated the vertigo; a recent recurrence of low back/coccyx pain initiated another P/T series, again floor exercises. BPPV returned, and this time I was evaluated separately for BPPV and received Epley Maneuver treatment, training and written instructions. It’s challenging to resolve one condition, if the method creates another…Also thanks for mentioning TMJ, Brad; I didn’t realize. I worked through that in college, still use a splint.

  10. I had BPPV that lasted for about two weeks! Until I had a Dr that diagnosed it correctly and did epley! So it CAN last longer than a couple minutes. If crystal is stuck….it’s going to continue

    1. nancern53 I think they meant the full on spinning part…………once you lay still or sit still the spinning should stop after a couple minutes until you move again. I think they just didn’t clarify that. I get it for weeks as well.

  11. Good video. Similar to “benign orthostatic/positional hypotension,” but with it as you know, obviously there is a big difference between true vertigo where the room is actually seeming to “spin,” or if one is “only” light headed, off balance, and no real “spinning.” Of course meds, sitting and getting up too quickly, positional issues and even cervical and middle/inner ear problems, to name a few. The main thing is to get to a doctor -GP, ENT specialist or whatever, and find out the true cause of it. “Tilt tables” often are helpful in diagnosing the causes. I hope you concur. People can also have “nystagmus” and some lightheaded feelings or queasy sensations from severe allergy problems which cause their ear pressure to be abnormal.

    1. @L S I doubt it. Itching down deep in your ears and in your throat is quite often a symptom of allergies and one symptom that I get in the spring and summer.

    2. I just found UCTV research on vertigo and dizziness…wow! Great information 😄😄 on YouTube

    3. Dennis Tesdell I have allergies that lead to sinus infections & I’m dealing with lightheaded ness , but my neck is so stiff so I don’t know if sinuses or something from neck pain.
      Hoping this video would help.
      Thanks for the info.

    4. @LS – Interesting that you mention your “itchy” ear. I have seasonal allergies and even allergies in the winter time. One of the symptoms of having allergies for many people is their ear itches down deep. Long ago, I found one way to “scratch” that, even though I wasn’t getting close to touching the spot that was causing it to itch was to put my finger in my ear and wiggle it. It does make it feel better for a short time, but I found after going to my doctor, that his recommendation to take an allergy medication or a simple anti-histamine was a much better solution. There are other things of course that can cause the ear canal to itch, but an itchy ear and itchy throat are both common symptoms of allergies. Again, the safest thing to do is to go to your doctor and have him take a look with his otoscope and see what your ear canal looks like. I doubt seriously if you would get dizziness from doing that, since I have not, but everyone is different, and of course part of our balance and part of our sense of having or not having “vertigo” to some degree comes from our inner ear. So again, the safest thing to do is to see the doctor and have him take a look, make a diagnosis and then make his informed medical suggestions. Good luck!

    5. I had an itchy sensation in my ear. I feel the itchy sensation travel to the back of my throat. To relieve the itchy feeling, I would stick my finger in my ear and shake it off. Just as I would do, when, water gets in my ear after a shower. Would this bring on dizziness issues later on in life?

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