Inner Ear Balance Home Exercises to Treat Dizziness (Vestibular Home Exercises)

Claritox Pro is a natural supplement that helps you to get rid of dizziness and its complications. This supplement is considered as one of the most powerful supplements in the market for treating dizziness because it has a collection of ingredients that are not only effective but also safe. Details about Claritox Pro and how to get it is available on Claritox Pro official website. – This video demonstrates 10 exercises that can be performed at home in order to challenge and slowly strengthen the inner ear balance system in order to treat dizziness due to vestibular dysfunction. Perform each exercise 10-20 times, twice a day. Keep in mind that these exercises will not help with dizziness due to BPPV and Meniere’s which are treated differently. In order for correct diagnosis, please see your local ENT or neurologist. DISCLAIMER: Please perform these exercises with assistance in order to prevent injury from exercise triggered dizziness.

Learn how these specific head movements exercise the inner ear balance system:

More info on home balance exercises:

More info on dizziness in general:

Info on BPPV:

Info on Meniere’s Disease:

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Intro (0:00)
Exercise #1 (0:16) : Nod head up and down, eyes open then closed
Exercise #2 (0:33) : Turn head side to side, eyes open then closed
Exercise #3 (0:50) : Nod head up and down while looking over the right shoulder, eyes open then closed
Exercise #4 (1:08) : Nod head up and down while looking over the left shoulder, eyes open then closed
Exercise #5 (1:21) : Do exercises #1-4 while fixating vision on a raised finger
Exercise #6 (1:59) : Do exercises #1-5 while standing still
Exercise #7 (3:27) : Do exercises #1-5 while sitting up and down from chair
Exercise #8 (4:22) : Do exercises #1-4 while walking
Exercise #9 (5:01) : Do exercises #1-4 while walking on an uneven surface
Exercise #10 (5:11) : Do exercises #1-4 while walking heel to toe on a straight line

Actor: Janine Collins

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  1. Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can google Weedborn and learn how to treat it easily.

  2. I just recently commented on another video and I wanted to leave one here. I have been trying these exercises for almost 3 weeks and I have not felt any improvement at all. I am not even sure if it is dizziness now. And I just saw a comment where someone asked if these exercises help with feelings of imbalance, in my case no they don’t but that doesn’t mean mean they won’t help other people. I realize that I’m not the only one who is suffering from this issue but it doesn’t make me feel any better. For now I can only say best of luck to everyone besides myself suffering with vestibular issues. This stuff really sucks bad.

    1. I’m suffering this sick almost 2 years bro and like you this exercise not working to me i feel like I’m losing hope of my life because of this sick.

  3. I have BPPV on left inner ear and these exercices makes me better, but this disease is recurrent and i have to do the exercices daily.
    Thanks a lot for this video.

  4. I was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. My vertigo is really severe. I am going to try these and hope I don’t throw up and/or end up on the floor.

  5. Thaks to The Allah for a wonderful creation like you to help us. Thanks for you efforts, I am really releaved of my years old sufferings.

  6. Captions showed like flashes of lightning .let captions be shown clearly and in bold letters slowly so that viewers can easily understand and remember and practice the same please

  7. I have constant daily hourly buzzing in one ear that comes and goes every few minutes, is that Vertigo, for which my GP prescribed Epley Manoeuvre daily, which doesn’t solve the problem….any one else get constant buzzing, and how do you deal with it, it is highly unpleasant….thanks

    1. Yes, I too have a constant buzzing or a hissing sound to be more precise in my right ear along with a feeling of congestion, severe dizziness and extremely poor balance. My doctor says it’s bppv. I’ve tried the exercises, but nothing really seems to work. 🥴🌀

  8. I had this last Feb- 2020. It lasted until the end of April of this year- 2021. I had to get a second opinion and the second doctor I saw gave me a sheet with 10 exercises to do. Healed me but took over a year. I have light symptoms to this day but im having more better days than bad days. These exercises TRULY worked and I feel helped me tremendously. Good luck everyone.

  9. Если вы так свободно крутите и вертите головой со стороны в сторону то вам не кружится голова. У кого реально есть нарушение вестибулярного аппарата, то его стошнит от таких упражнений.

  10. That’s to prevent. How do you make a spelll better? If I do those exercises, right now, I will vomit every where!

    1. You can’t do that during attacks, you’ll puke your guts out or fall down.

  11. Thank you so much. I find these exs very challenging, am sure I’m on the right path to help the horrible frightening off balance, head spinning episodes.

  12. No….excessive movement is not beneficial for treatment of vestibular neuritis…subtle movements are required…
    This is incorrect.

  13. Sir my doctor adivised me take one hand point eyes only to finger dont move head both sides only hand should and up and down eyes must point to finger no need to move head is good shall i continue that for diziness madam

    1. @Ranger Jef ok but also is there see u know about this excercise already

    2. @Ranger Jef turn the head right left and rotate the head clock wiae anti clock wise thats all it is for bppv i has diganosis which vertigo for me doctor diagonis bppv

  14. Plz reply to my quiry
    1-Should I do all exercises in same sequence?
    2- should I do any of these first then any other one?
    3- shld I do some exercises for few days then others for few days?
    4-shld there be any time gap in all exercises?
    Plz reply as I am facing dizziness/spinning only on head movement & had little improvement with these exercises so I want to do these in proper way as u suggest ,some questions arose bcz of not recovered fully ,so plz advice as I may not be following the right way.

    1. I’d suggest to just do what you can. Start kind of slow and just the sitting ones at first for a little while. It will make you a little dizzy so maybe in the evening before bed.

  15. Thanks for nice information, I have been doing all exercises as per ur vdo for inner ear balancing app. 3 yrs ago &had lot of improvement,now I am doing these present exercises as per ur vdo 1 month ago as having dizziness only on head movement, plz read my previous post too &help me give ur valuable advice shld I do all exercises as shown in same sequence or can do any one first then other ? shld there be any time gap between two exercises or not ? if yes then how much?plz reply

    1. @AS P ji I suffered vertigo due to inner ear balancing problem which was due to defficiency of vit D3 & B12 app. 3 yrs ago but my B12 recoverd app. In 1yr &D3 improved, no other health issue like BP, cholesterol, sugar, cervical etc still have very less dizziness only on head movement in either direction in any position as sitting, standing, lying or walking otherwise no problem if no head movement, All tests are ok only solution to it is only exercises &vit D3 rich food being Sr citizen may be age factor.

  16. I WAS diagnosed with vertigo 2 yrs ago due to inner ear problem, that was solved with brandt droff exercises &few medicines &all test were done as MRI, CT scan, ECG, eye movement test health profile test defficiency of vit D3 & B12 was observed so suppliments were given &B12 recovered in 6 months but D 3 improved it app.16 now no other health issue like BP, cholesterol, sugar, cervical but still little spinning is there due to head movement only in any position sitting, standing lying or walking otherwise no problem, I am doing these exercises as shown now in this vdo &app. 3 yrs ago too almost same plz advice shld I do all these exercises in same sequence or any one first &how much time gap shld be there in any exercise or no time gap.I am Sr citizen of 68 now.

  17. Plz add to my previous post my D 3 observed as 16.2 all test were done no health problem noticed as MRI, CT scan,eye movement,BP, sugar cholesterol , Spinning is felt only on head movement in either direction otherwise no problem if no movement of head , doing exercises as per ur VDO 1 month ago &walking daily for 30-45 minutes ,plz advice

  18. I have a quesion plz givee the answer
    When we fill ballon we feel air in our ear backside is my question is rit or wrong
    Plz clear my confusion and give me the answer

  19. This exercise really help me a lot this exercise is best for dizeeness and vertigo who is suffering like me

    1. Dear arshiya begum
      Do have snhl(sensorineural heairng loss )or any other issue along dizziness nd vertigo (balance issue

    2. @Mohit Rampuria ji plz contact ENT spl as he diagnose the problem he will suggest Medicine if any some time no medicine is effective only exercises will do.plz don’t take any allopathic medicine ur self as they have side effect too.

    3. @Mohit Rampuria go and consult ENT doctor and tell your prob and do some exercise and yoga

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