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Dizzy? Signs You Need to Call Your Doctor NOW! IMMEDIATELY!

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Dizzy? Signs You Need to Call Your Doctor NOW! IMMEDIATELY!

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Bob and Brad discuss when you should seek medical attention when having symptoms of dizziness. Dizziness is very common and can lead to very serious issues if not treated right away.

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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. Sometimes i start to lose balance, hearing and i start to not being able to see for some seconds and i dont know what it is, please tell me.

  3. I’ve had dizziness/lightheaded weakness for almost 2 months. Some days I’m ok. Most days im not. Its constant. I do not have spinning. It starts in back of my head and moves to the front. It doesn’t matter if I’m walking sitting or laying down. Even happens when I’m asleep. Got a ct scan ….bloodwork….bp test….oxygen test….everything came back normal. I went to doc about my stomach hurting and being tender to touch. Was told everything felt fine. Told me to take a antacid. I just dont know😔

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  5. I have been having a lightheaded/ light dizziness for 3 week now. The urgent room doctor said everything was fine on blood tests and he did a vertigo test but nothing showed signs of vertigo. I feel this way at night and day what do you think it could be?

    1. @Erwin Zavala if you been checked over and your fine at least you dont need to worry about, i took some vitimin pills i was light headed for 4 days but once i stopped i was fine it can be something as small as that it can make you dizzy just have to keep trying find out what it is hope you find a solution soo

    2. @STEVEN LS hey, yes got that checked first. Nothing came back. Still dealing with it. It’s less but no real answers or solution.

    3. @Erwin Zavala have they checked your ears? Inner ear issues can cause those issues

    4. @RANDEEP KAUR hey unfortunately it has not been solved. Im back from a doctor visit. None of the tests show that its vertigo, MRI showed no issues.there is a possibility that it’s a low level vertigo or a vision problem. Vision trying to keep up with movements. She suggested excercise to “retrain focus”.it seems to have helped a bit. I will try this out for a few days until my next visit. Hopefully this changes something.

  6. What if you feel dizzy and when laying down in bed feeling pressure behind the head. As well in front of the forehead what could that be ? I had a massage in the neck and every since been feeling dizzy. If you can help me doctor ?

  7. I’ve been diagnosed with Bppv in February got it treated in March than Bppv hit me in my other ear in May and I treated it in May now I’m dealing with cervical vertigo from my neck I tried the epley maneuver but it never worked so I’m assuming this dizzyness is from my neck muscles

    1. @Devon Wolfe go gluten and dairy free and add magnesium, vitamin D and potassium

    2. @Devon Wolfe have you tried a gluten and dairy free diet? Maybe magnesium and b12 supplement?

    3. @Lisa Marie I’m I’d say 50% better I have a unilateral vestibular hypofunction

  8. Wow! Thanks so much, guys, for this video. You never fail to teach me something new! I had never heard of the Epley Maneuver. I just looked it up because I get occasional episodes of BPPV. So far, it has gone on its own but next time it comes, I will try the Epley Maneuver. Due to two severe auto accidents, I usually do neck stretches every day which perhaps, helps to keep the dizziness at a minimum.

  9. Is this symptoms related to age or can it be possible for people in their mid 30’s? Is it a major concern?

  10. I have POTS. This causes tachycardia upon standing which also has dizziness as a symptom along with several other symptoms. Currently, I have to stay lying down even with medication and my neck has been feeling weird, like fatigued in the back of my neck. Not sure what that is or what to do about it.

    1. Oh my! So has mine!
      I’m sorry, I know this is an old post, but did you ever find out why your neck felt fatigued/achy?

  11. Brain aneurysm rupture survivor here. Thank you for raising awareness 💚

    1. @Jeff Mynameis perfectly fine. It came on suddenly. From a weird pain in the back of my neck to 100% pain within a minute 💙

  12. I’ve never had dizziness problems, but recently started having some. was worried. it seemed like it started every day about two hours after…oh, after I took Benadryl. Ok, nevermind….;)

    TO MUCH CO2…

  14. Although not as common (I hope), my father was dizzy and had trouble balancing with the only consistent symptoms of sometimes slurred speech and more difficulty using his right hand.
    Turned out to be a brain tumor pushing on his cerebellum. That was about 5 years ago and he’s doing well now but having some OT for his hand as a result of the surgery.

  15. I was having slight but persistent dizziness….even had 1 test……read the Aleve label closely one day ……side effect can be dizziness….limit now is one a day…no more dizziness!

  16. Sir please suggest me how to improve wrist strength , because when i lift heavy in gym i suffer from “De Quervain’s tenosynovitis” please give solution of this so i can improve ,very heartly request to make video on this and explain the solution

  17. Started having dizzy spells, usually in the morning, shortly after rising. It happened several times. Then bang, an ischemic stroke! Good video B & B.

    1. Did you have numbness on one side or extreme head pain when you had your stroke? How are you doing now? This week since I have been waking up with sudden vertigo and dizziness in the morning and also have small vessel ischemic disease of the brim and am worried I might have a stroke too.

    2. I have two cousins who had this in their early/mid 20s during the year of ‘94. They both survived and are doing quite well. They both had poor diets which probably led up to it.

  18. Just found your videos having problems walking weak left leg and hard to stand

  19. Your videos are very good, you are a master in cartoons

  20. i’m 19 but sometimes i have some really dizzy spells when i lay down in bed. No other symptoms though it feels like i’m sea sick when i lay down

    1. same i’m 19 as well i can’t even walk sometimes without rocking side to side. My walk sometimes can become unbalanced 🥺

    2. @Ciego Sanchez and zofran for the nausea 🤢 that comes with it

    3. Tell your Dr that you’d like to be checked for BPPV (sideways vertigo). I take meclazine (sp?) everyday for it. Helps a lot 😉

  21. Great to hear from you two. Thanks for the reminders about potential stroke symptoms.
    Keep up the great work. Even my PT knows of you two❣

  22. I’ve been addressing this with my doctor and 4 months later I’m still waiting for an appointment with a neurologist. I’ve also had constant headaches for several months as well. CT scan showed nothing so I think my doctor is just not concerned. Getting another doctor is not an option due to covid19.

    1. MrOldclunker I know how you feel. Good luck! Keep trying. Doctors only follow protocols.

  23. I have on occasion passed about after peeing in the middle of the night. I start to feel weak my legs get rubbery. I start to walk back to bed and WAMMMM I hit the ground. My wife starts to talk to me and I can hear and understands her but I can’t get a coherent word out. I recover in 1 min or less. The doctor said I have non diabetic hypoglycaemia. She said some men urinate lots of sugar and most of the time you are dehydrated at night.

    1. Yes I have had it a long time it hasn’t got any better I even got worse I am even get pills for it at ear nose throat doctor I have pass out several times and now the floors are spining I cant walk very good but I am trying on it and the side effect on this pill is dizzyness

    2. Keep water bottle on bedside. Drink BEFORE getting up to urinate.

  24. I get migraines and experience dizziness and lightheadness with some of them.

    1. I do too. My neurologist told me those were vestibular migraines.

    2. I started using gingko boloba once a day, and my migraines went away. 40 mg.

  25. Hey guys thanks for all you do. Quick question: where can i get the replacement tips for my booyah stick?

  26. Hi guys, love your show. I was asleep in the cab of a truck when the driver drove 70 mph off the interstate down a lil hill then into the side of a low mountain. We were tossed all over the truck . I had bruises numerous spots including both buttocks of all weird spots.A couple weeks later ( after recuperating for first week or so ) my arthritis seems to have intensely magnified to the point it’s very hard to take the first steps after sitting driving or eating dinner. Some of it is my knees but it’s my ankles and feet done what my hips now . Is that possibly from the mega jarring I took in the accident? Or just age I’m 61

    1. Praise our mighty Creator that He brought you out with all y’all’s lives. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

  27. I have taken my dad to every doc on planet. He is dizzy but non VERTIGO. He is 85. Never had a headache in his life until now.

    1. If he’s on medication for a few things, often they can cause dizziness. Age can also make you more susceptible to side effects from meds that you might not have had side effects with before. Some docs forget to take people off meds or at least reduce them when no longer needed, so that can cause issues further down the line. I did some research on this for my mum. I hope your dad feels better soon!

  28. Although it’s not often talked about, it could be a sign of Chiari Malformation. As a former weightlifting 40+ year old guy, there is no physical therapy that will help it. Anyway, love the show!

    1. Yes, I had dizziness quite often with Chiari, and surgery helped it a lot.

  29. I was having severe dizziness for a long time but I knew it was my inner ear…. Then I remembered I have an inverse table and started using it again….Just a couple times and no more dizziness…. Can’t say for sure it was the inverse machine but feel it had much to do with it….

  30. Don’t be like, c’mon it’s just a little dizziness. It doesn’t hurt to get seek some medical attention.

    Btw we are a small health channel on YouTube. Follow us for some daily healthy reminders 😉

  31. I have Menieres disease. Right ear. 15 years.
    Been through all the standard ideas and treatments…most ENTs don’t even have a clue.
    It ruined my life.
    No cure. Chronic. Progressive. Incurable. Debilitating.
    Pray you don’t get it.
    I used to be tough and strong. I never knew how such a small area could completely destroy a man.
    I will never again judge someone whose affliction I can’t possibly understand.
    30% chance I get it in the other ear.
    I might need to die at that point.

    1. zoodidwa I have heard anecdotally of people curing their meniere. Most just manage it with physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, medications, supplements, posture changes, diet changes, etc.

      Good luck, stay strong

    2. @sindx cant treat it when they don’t even know what causes it. Thanks though appreciate the thought.

    3. Look into stem cell treatments, Germany has one of the best labs in the world but research something that is closer to where you live

  32. When I was in 4th Grade, I had the measles. I suddenly got vertigo and the couch seemed to suddenly turn on it’s side. I grabbed the top edge of the couch and held on for dear life.

  33. When I had BPPV (vertigo), I had nausea and vomiting on and off for a day or so. Then I found the Half Somersault technique, created by Dr. Carol Foster, and this has helped me get the crystals back into the inner ear.

    1. Christina Stavrou Bachman
      I had a stroke caused by A-Fib. It’s how I found out I had A-Fib. Fortunately I recovered completely . I tried everything to get the A-Fib under control for 18 months – medication and supplements, etc. Finally I had two ablations within six months. The second one worked like a charm. It gave me my life back. I have been in perfect sinus rhythm for three years, and I take no medication – not even anti-coagulants. Not everyone is a candidate for ablation. Fortunately, my heart was perfect with no underlying problems (like leaking heart valves etc.),

    2. Christina Stavrou Bachman try Eric Berg’s video, The Best Atrial Fibrillation Guideline. ❤️

    3. Christina Stavrou Bachman hi! My brother has this problem bad and I started having lots of irregular heartbeats years ago also to a lesser degree. Meta pro lol threw me into a crazy depression with one pill. So I eat lots of greens. I take any magnesium I have on hand including epsom salts when I remember, when I have leg cramps or palpitations. Dr Eric Berg has a video explaining how a fib is caused by too much calcium in the cells, and there are several causes for that, but magnesium deficiency is a big factor in atrial fibrillation as well as stubborn leg cramps. Good luck. If I have time I’ll find that specific video of Dr Berg that opened my eyes! I just remembered that it can take a few months to get your minerals back in the right balance. Jesus bless your dad. Cherish him while you have him.

    4. Christina Stavrou Bachman he needs magnesium. That’s a simple answer. They say it is caused by too much calcium in your cells, but magnesium helps balance things.

  34. Hi guys! Love the channel and the instructional videos. I was at work today and I have been feeling some fluid drainage in my ears. I have also been slightly congested all this week with acute sinusitis. While sitting there I felt suddenly dizzy. Fortunately I have been through this before so I just remained calm and eventually it did pass. However my sinuses issues have been irritating me all this week. I also suffer from vertigo. Since I have high blood pressure there are not too many things I can take. I have been using Arm and Hammer simply saline to flush out my sinuses. Any advice that you can offer? Thanks again for all your help!

    1. My ENT doctor put me on budesonide which is put into the saline rinse to reduce nasal congestion since I kept having sinus problems.

  35. Very good, ´´Be faithful to that which exists within yourself. – Andre Gide´´

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