Dizziness: what are the main causes?

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This video is from https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/falls ‘Ageing Well: Falls’ is a free online course by the University of Newcastle in partnership with with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, available on FutureLearn.com

Dizziness is commonly associated with falls, in fact it usually signifies an underlying medical problem. This video highlights three of the most common forms of dizziness: vertigo, lightheadedness and disequilibrium. Having an understanding of dizziness can help us to uncover the underlying medical causes.

Dizziness is nearly always treatable, does not occur because of ageing and is an important cause of falls. It is what we call a ‘red flag’ – a sign that we need to seek a professional opinion.

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  2. What is the fuck is great joko space?? Can anyone please tell me ??. I am suffering frm severe dizziness and vertigo for the past 5 years …can anyone plz help me to find a solution for this ?? I have consulted many doctors but no one seems to tell the proper reason abt my dizziness and vertigo😢😢😢😢😢…i am just 21 years now

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    1. Phoenix Franks I pray to God that this works I’m going to try it…. Many thanks!!!

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing this video, I feel dizzy only when I go to lie down and when I turn my head

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  11. This is a stupid question but when I spin around and I stop, is my head moving or are my eyes.

  12. I’ve been off my meds for 2 days and I have mini-faints every few seconds that I’m standing up. I also have a headache.

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  13. Yeah well what’s my dizziness I had a sudden sensation of like a balloon blowing up in my head then boom so room spinning dizzy I was setting down to this is very scary

  14. sir I am suffering from this problem from 2 months.i had found thati am facing the same problems as u had shown in video. I am in so much trouble .I want to get rid of this troublesome problem.Please guide me what to do and how to cure this problem.M looking forward for your reply.

    1. Try laying flat on a bed or floor surface and turn your head left from right pretty fast not aggressive though just fast like your saying no it moves all the fluid if there are any there away

  15. I’m dizzy 24/7 even if I’m laying down, I feel like I’m sliding off my bed, while sanding I feel like I’m on a boat. And I also suffer from anxiety, panic attacks.

    1. @Jyoti Pandey have u gotten your inner ear and jaw checked? I felt like that because i have TMJD. Also i started taking vitamins and the feeling went away!

    2. Helloo…. How r u now… Im feeling the same…if im laying down…walking…sitting…every tym… Like i’m in boat….

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