Dizziness, Lightheadedness & Off Balance – Anxiety Symptoms 101

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Feeling dizzy whilst suffering with anxiety is one of the more disruptive symptoms and is often mentioned as being “the one symptom that I can’t get a handle on”.

Feeling like your on a boat, feeling lightheaded, woozy and off balance. Anxiety and panic can produce these symptoms and sensations and here we’ll talk about why.

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Here we take an in-depth look at the sensations of dizziness, lightheadedness or feeling off balance, how anxiety can make these occur and how we can reduce the feelings.

Of course, any kind of dizziness can be a sign of something more serious, but we’re not even going to go there, we’re assuming that you have been told by your GP that you are suffering with anxiety, and the dizziness that is associated with stress and anxiety is not dangerous!


    1. I am so sorry, but if there is any comfort, there are millions of people who suffer with this. All I can do for all is to pray for them, I suffered for years.

  1. thanks I have just had a panic attack and it made me feel really light headed and then I did my breathing exercise and I felt a lot better.

    1. Just don’t practice your breathing exercises online. People can’t be trusted. what if people aren’t who they say they are? What if People tell you they are a life coach and it turns out that they are really a killer? Then what?

  2. I remember one time I got scared by a really loud noise and my heart started beating really fast and I was hyperventilating because it hurt and then I felt nauseous and dizzy so I lied on the floor I was really scared

  3. I remember one time I got scared by a really loud noise and my heart started beating really fast and I was hyperventilating because it hurt and then I felt nauseous and dizzy so I lied on the floor

    1. Stop and think if there are major things happening in your life. then go from there.

    1. Thank you so much for the reassurance! At least I know I’m okay other than the anxiety! 🙂

    2. totally it’s annoying bc not all anxiety pages on the internet talk about it and then you start thinking ‘well, maybe this is not just anxiety and there’s something terribly wrong with my health..’ and this leads to more anxiety and all the anxious circle. I’ve had burning skin sensation and I went to the doctor and i had a blood test done and it came out perfect… so don’t worry it’s just another weird, odd, scary symptom of anxiety.. check out this page it’s really good it’s helped me a lot (http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety-symptoms.shtml)

  4. I was dizzy and disgusting early in the morning. I do not know why, but I suppose I suffered from a long-term anxiety and depression.

  5. this really helpful. i have this few months now and i told myself why am i like this i feel different i become more nervous and i can’t concentrate when i go out with some people. this anxiety is so difficult to control 😭

  6. My name is Bill, I suffer from all of the symptoms how ever there’s a contributing factor. MS. I’ve had it for many years RRMS. Now it’s SPMS. I have been attempting to help myself, I will not take any of the various drugs several Neurologists have suggested. they’re NOT CURES! The treatments are often worse than the disease. My lesions have been static for several years with an increase in symptoms. I attempted suicide this year.
    It would be good to hear about the many problems associated with MS and alternative approaches for dealing with this and other debilitating brain related issues. I’m not crazy, I have had a high IQ and have taken up studying mathmatics, science, engineering, and my favorite physics. to grow new Neuro connections and to occupy my mind with other difficult thoughts. I am interested in ECT, TMS, CES… I also have been trying to learn about neurology and psychology to help myself. There’s no cure yet. maybe someday. Thanks.

    1. I think we need God to help us in this. Please pray and attend a church with members who will pray for you, laying of the hands, you will feel so much better. Let God help you. He helped me. I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. I’m struggling with this now. It just came on today. I’m trying so hard to reason with it and understand that it’s the anxiety but I can’t help but presume it’s something worse. I’m sure a lot of people are stuck with this.

  8. Thank you very much! It was 5 mos. ago that I have learned that I am suffering from anxiety. These past years I thought it was because of my hypertension. But when I visited a psychiatrist last July, she told me that I am having anxiety attacks. That I have to accept that I have this kind of condition. It’s so hard to be in this situation. Thank you so much for posting videos. It is a great help! More power!

  9. I have been feeling very different for about a month, 2 doctors have said they don’t know why and another said he’s 110% sure it’s an anxiety disorder… I wish I knew for certain what it was because it’s quite frightening.

  10. Thank you for this video, hopefully it will be successful for me. I usually find I get this type of anxiety when I have to stand at parties, or when talking in front of large groups of people.

    1. You’re welcome. I hope it helps you reduce the anxiety caused by this sensation.

  11. i wish i saw this 3 years ago when this torture started. Thank you so much its very reassuring

    1. Jonny Q Yes it is crazy!! I have had anxiety since I was 16 off and on! my heart goes out to you! They say mine is vertigo may be some of it but with the head to jerk now that is making our matters make us almost in a panic mode! thank you for sharing jonnyQ I feel your pain! I just keep Dramamine on me all the time! if you want to talk more just leave a message. maybe we can get a hold on this torture 😀

    2. Judy James I had that jerking movement a few times while I’m dizzy, it’s awful is so hard to explain to people that doesn’t have anxiety, even doctors.

    3. Anxiety United Can it cause your head to jerk or jump right when the dizzy comes and vision gets a tad off?

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