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Dizziness, balance problems, and blood pressure swings can be from upper cervical instability

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Claritox Pro is a natural supplement that helps you to get rid of dizziness and its complications. This supplement is considered as one of the most powerful supplements in the market for treating dizziness because it has a collection of ingredients that are not only effective but also safe. Details about Claritox Pro and how to get it is available on Claritox Pro official website.

Ross Hauser, MD explains cases where otherwise unexplained dizziness, balance problems, blood pressure drops, and heart arrhythmias can have a structural cause – upper cervical instability.

To learn more about Prolotherapy and Digital Motion X-ray, or to have Dr. Hauser’s team review your case, please reach out to us directly through our site and our neck pain page:
You can also email directly at
Or, call us at 239-308-4773 to speak with our team asap.

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*DISCLAIMER: As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claims of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment that every person experiences. The video represents only the featured person/people’s experience or opinion. Every therapy/treatment has patients who experience varying levels of success and failure. Results may not be the same from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body’s internal status is unique to each individual patient.

Thanks for watching. Wish you all the best in health!


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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
*** Note: You can have a look at Dar-us-Salam range of products before you join the program, if you so wish.


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  2. Sir please reply for this…i have pain on my neck and head… when i woke up it feel dizziness also.when iam looking in to a object or screen i feel pain on my head and eye side .iam gamer and iam using mobile every day in night . iam using my mobile sitting and looking down to mobile in an please tell me the remedy to get rid of this.please

    1. Hi mumthasir, Sorry to hear this, we see this often with those who are dealing with cell phone addiction and all-day screen use. We specialize in diagnosing and treating the structural cause that is common with these scenarios- cervical spine instability. If traveling to our office is a possibility for you, our team would be happy to review your case in more detail. Wish you all the best in resolving your issue- let us know if we can help.

  3. My mom is having a really bad time with her blood pressure the last several years. Her blood pressure was always okay, up until 3 years ago when she was involved in a car accident. Since that time her blood pressure has become extremely uncontrollable. She has spikes of blood pressure hitting critical levels (210/120) and continuously complains of back and neck pain. She has seen multiple doctors and had tons of test and nobody can seem to pin point what is driving this. She is on a blood pressure patch, two other blood pressure pills, and a beta blocker, along with a couple other pain pills. Anybody know if what the doctor in this video could be the problem? I am desperately seeking help.

    1. Hi Danny -boy, We would be happy to review your mother’s case in more detail and potentially help her in our office. We look at cases like hers under dynamic testing, like Digital Motion X-ray for the neck which doctors who only look at MRI or static x-ray won’t see. We look for instability that happens when a person moves versus laying still. You and your mom may want to check out the vagus nerve webinars on our channel playlists to delve further into the topic of cervical instability if this is a newer concept to you. If you would like our opinion on her case, we’re happy to review it. You can upload pertinent reports and give more details on her symptoms and medical history here: Wish you all the best in health and resolving the issues she’s having. Take care.

  4. Anyone having this symptoms..I get dizzy when facing down and i when i walk i get i feel like im outbalance

    1. Hi VinzSama Official, We help patients who have dizziness as one of their primary symptoms and would be happy to review your case if you would like our opinion on being a candidate for our clinic. Feel free to reach out to us directly and tell us more details of your case. Wish you all the best in health!

  5. Upper back up neck top of head is always a little tight feeling. Compressed my neck real good when getting something out of the car. Now I get dizzy light headed and blood pressure spikes. I’m thinking this is the cause now. Hopefully

    1. I do get some sort of vision change now and then but could be my prescription for glasses need to be changed

    2. @starlite 77 I did get blood work and X-ray to rule out some things. I would love to see a professional for the matter some day

    3. @Chris Starkhey thanks for replying.. did you get a formal diagnosis from the doctor? Do you get blurry vision?

    4. @starlite 77 yea I still get light headed and pain in the neck when I move it just right

  6. I have the same symptoms,my MRI report is below,

    C3-C4 level show moderate asymmetrical disc bulge more on left.

    C4-C5 and C5-C6

    1. Do you experience vertigo while switching sleeping positions? Also does your neck feel weak unstable and can you hear your neck cracks?

    2. See I L4 and L5 lower back, they wanted me to have surgery but I have been fine now for over a year after my church praying with me but my problem lately is losing balance and right leg getting so weak I feel like I am going to fall.

  7. Hi! Is heart arrythmias always the case for cervical instability? I have had a few symptoms the last two years,
    -Neck pain (last few days worse, point of pain seems to be maybe c3 to c5 somewhere, not sure)
    -Dizziness chronic, mostly not that bad but last few days its been worse and seems to be felt more when I bend my neck
    -Occasional and temporary blur spot in one eye that last a few seconds

    *Neck pain specifically in that one spot and dizziness much worse the last few days

    also, but mostly in the past, I’ve had
    -Pain radiating out into the arms/fingers
    -Pain/tightness in neck muscles
    -TMJD symptoms
    -Occasional and temporary ringing in the ears

    Started with dizziness and it came on suddenly, no apparent trauma except for years of very poor posture.
    What does it sound like to you? Does it sound like cervical vertigo? Or maybe cervical instability? Or something else?

    1. So it is unrelated to the heart?? I have similar symptoms as yours. Worried sick. Constant imbalance neck feels tight and weak . I massage my neck area and feel dizzy. I actually have cerivical radiculopathy . I can’t rest at night because switching sleeping positions causes me to have the worst vertigo. Stretching my neck also makes me dizzy. Does the sides of your head feel fuzzy and light? Vision also gets blurry. I don’t have best posture either.

    2. @Caring Medical I appreciate the answer! Though I neglected to mention that I reside in Sweden, so a visit to your clinic seems highly unlikely. I’m visiting an atlast-joint specialist close by tomorrow hoping that they can help me but in the meantime I took your advice and made an improvised neckbrace to stabilize the neck. Which is the opposite of what I’ve done these last two years, I had been trying to move my neck as much as possible due to believing that the problem was tight neck muscles. Perhaps it only exacerbated the issues. I will check out your webinar, thank you!

      As far as I understand it right now, proper head and neck posture, and keeping the neck stable as much as possible with preferring slow neck movements would be better for healing the neck. Are there any other exercises or methods that can be used at home to encourage healing?

    3. Hi K4113B4113- Sorry to hear about your symptoms that have been occurring for the past couple of years. Glad you are doing some research as to their connection to cervical instability. We treat all of these symptoms and conditions in our neck center and would be happy to take a more detailed look at your case if you are wanting our opinion on it and to see if you would be a candidate for our clinic. We help both diagnose and treat for complex cases with clusters of symptoms that you’ve described and many others. You may find our vagus nerve and cervical instability webinar series on our channel helpful as well, as it discusses a lot about how they are related to the symptoms you’ve described. Feel free to submit your case for review on our website: or call or email us directly. Wish you all the best in health and recovery! We’d love to help you. Take care for now.

  8. Wow! I may have found my issue! I have had arthritis in my neck for some time. Over the last year Ihave gone through all kinds of testing due to ringing in chronic loose stools, ringing in ears, eye strain, strange eye movements, vertigo, balance problems, sleep changes, heart palpitations. This all happened over the last year. All MRI’s, colonoscopy, lumbar puncture, etc. all show normal results. They thought I may have cranial hypertension but eye doctor and lumbar puncture show that is not the case. I live in Kansas but would love to know more about this and where I can go. If this seems like a positive case, I would even travel. Thanks to anyone who can help!

    1. @starlite 77 Yes, I’ve had a few xrays of myneck in the past. Ivealsohad several MRI’s mainly of my head. I do have degeneration in my neck so I’m currently seeing an upper cervical chiropractor. I am going to be taking another xray of the neck for him this week that shows more detail so we’ll see what happens. I too dont sleep on my right since it makes things worse. I have to sleep more propped up now with a couple pillows.

    2. @Eric Rector have you had an x-ray or MRI of a neck done? I have very similar symptoms as you. My symptoms are worse when switching sleep positions especially right to left.

    3. @starlite 77 I am really believing it may have to do with my neck. It feels like something interferes with my blood flow creating a tension in neck or choking feeling. Seems worse in the mornings. I’m seeing my second upper cervical chiropractor but no relief yet. There is something just to the right of middle in my upper neck/lower skull that gets tender and signals me to rub it. Can provide temporary relief but I feel like the slight ringing in ears and imbalance will go away once I find what is causing my problems. My eyes have had different issues (floaters, glaring, migraines, slight blurring) so makes me want to focus on upper cervical/lower back of head.

    4. Hi Jesus Saves All, Thanks for sharing your story- wow, so very sorry to hear all that you’ve been through this past year. We would love to help you! It’s very common for us to see patients from all over the world whose tests came back “normal” and their local doctors are just not sure what to do with their case as, unfortunately, their symptoms continue to worsen. This is why we like digital motion x-ray so we can see the neck going through various motions, as well as other dynamic tests, and pick up what traditional scans miss. We’d be happy to review your case in more detail, and possibly have a telemedicine visit, to make sure you’re a good candidate for our clinic, if traveling to our clinic would be a possibility for you in the future. Feel free to reach out to us directly and tell us more about your case on our neck intake form. You can even upload reports that you think are pertinent for us to see. Wish you all the best in health and getting your life back!

  9. I have neck pain at base of neck….comes and goes…feels like its bruised…I have pins and needles in same area…with my from right chest and shoulder numb…If i use muscles in normal daily chores…I get extremely dizzy and get vertigo…the only thing i can do is lay down on my right side and go to sleep…sometimes it causes upset stomach….vertigo attacks are scary….never know when its gonna happen….so im afraid to go anywhere…if i get vertigo in public…I would probably get arrested for drunk in public….because i lose all balance and cant walk….

    1. How have you been lately? Did you get a formal diagnosis? I have similar symptoms as you.

    2. Hi Ronan, So very sorry to hear about your neck and all of the subsequent symptoms you’re dealing with. We understand how completely debilitating vertigo can become, as well as the other functions that involve the vagus nerve. If you would like us to review your case and see if you sound like a good candidate for our neck center, please reach out to us directly: where you can outline your symptoms and brief medical history, as well as upload any pertinent scan reports. Wish you all the best in health and recovering your ability to function again! We’d love to help. Take care for now.

  10. I’m going threw this right now. My neck is a mess and so is my anxiety off the charts. My heart palps. And I have high bp.

    1. @Caring Medical wow very useful information. I’ve complain to doctor’s for over a year about my dizziness and stumbling or swaying which only last 10mins or so. On sunday it was severe I was vomiting and unlable to take any safe steps without falling. They done all test on me and said it’s vertigo probably from an old ear infection. I’ve never had an ear infection but my neck is a different matter. I’m still stumbling after 5 days but not as bad as the first day. Vertigo is a scary illness. I believe I have cervical vertigo an will requst they test for that. My bp was 263 on arrival at the hospital and that’s what they treated along with meds for nausea and dizziness.

    2. Me too just started about a week ago its horrible and scary cant sleep worst feeling ever i thought i had corona nope tested twice negative

    3. @starlite 77 physical therapy for your neck. Get your GP to refer you and INSIST on it!!!

    4. Hi Beth. I too have heart palpitations brought on by menopause. The cure is real easy. Propanolol. It’s a beta blocker. No other med will slow the heart down than this type. My HR was regularly over 100 bpm. How does one sleep or conduct their lives with their heart pounding away? Can even hear it whooshing and slamming around in there. Once I took the Propanolol my HR dropped to the mid 70’s. That’s 30 beats less per minute. The relief was instantaneous. Check it out.

    1. @Caring Medical I have now been told via an x-ray I have degenerative disc disease vertebrae C5 C6 and C7

    2. Hi Gavin, Thanks for reaching out. Yes, and if that was found on MRI, there may be more pertinent findings on Digital Motion X-ray, because it watches the vertebrae through various movements. In our office, we can do various tests like this to see what type of neck involvement is triggering symptoms and individualize the treatment plan to that.

    1. Hi Dan, sorry to hear that. If you have been unable to resolve the issue with your local provider, and think it may be associated to neck instability, we’d be happy to review your case and see if it sounds like we can help you here. Wish you all the best in getting to the bottom of it. take care.

  11. The problem is there is no help even when you have insurance nobody covers these things they all want cash ….

    1. Caring Medical these doctors need to lower there payments the. They want like 500 to walk in..

    2. Hi landshark- thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sadly, insurance does not cover many options for chronic pain conditions at all, let alone innovative testing and treatment procedures. We do our best to keep costs reasonable for what we offer, but do understand it is not within everyone’s reach as many have depleted their medical funds just paying for the monthly insurance costs for treatments that haven’t helped them resolve the issues they’ve been suffering from for years. We hope that someone within your insurance network will be able to help you. Wish you all the best.

  12. I just got back from the cardiologist after have severe palpitations and dizziness and the suspect it might be a viral infection. But this video adequately describes my problems. How to I go about getting treatment?

    1. Hi Tayo O – We’re happy to review your case in more detail and see if it sounds like you’re a good candidate for our neck center. You can reach out directly through our website, email, or phone. There is a place on this page to upload a document from your cardiologist or other imaging report if you think it would help us understand your case.

  13. Wow, I have had palpitations and tachycardia for about 7-8 yrs now. It is often triggered by simply turning my head, or bending forward to pick something up off the floor and you’re the first doctor I have ever heard talk about it. I never know now if my heart rate will get erratic from a simple move or change of posture. When I have tachycardia I can feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins. I’ve explained this to my doctors but no one seems to understand so they send me for halter monitor testing and the results are always normal so I’m told that it’s benign and nothing to worry about. I have never felt that it was a problem with my heart, I’ve always felt that it was my nervous system causing it because I just always feel so unstable and not grounded. I’m sick & tired of it because benign or not, tachycardia is very scary. So thank you for this video. I will look into prolotherapy.

    1. Sinus Tachycardia can only be cured by ablation. Thnx and wish you a good health. Pls change your Doctor if he doesn’t understand the problem.

    2. Hi Joanne, glad that this helped put together some possible solutions for you. We’d be happy to review your case in more detail and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics. We wish you all the best in health as you navigate some options to help alleviate the tachycardia and cervical instability. Take care.

  14. Plzz help my mom ‘s cervical vertigo did not remove. She is in very bad condition. She did not walk due to dizziness. And she does not move her neck in any direction if she do they got dizziness

    1. @I. S Gamerz Happy to hear that she is well. Wishing her continued good health, and also to your whole family.

    2. @I. S Gamerz I’m happy to hear your mom is well and nothing was serious 🙏🏽 did she ever have neck pain??

  15. Hi, I have been feeling dizzy for over a month now. It is always present and only when I am sitting or lying down and not while standing or walking. It is present all through the day and I don’t see any specific movements that trigger it as such but it is persistently there.

    1. Hi Smitha Shastry, Sorry to hear you have been struggling with dizziness for a month. Interesting how some symptoms will only appear at certain times. This is why we do dynamic testing in our office to try and get to the bottom of what is happening with an individual. Hope you are able to get relief soon. If you are still struggling with symptoms and think it may be related to your neck, our team would be happy to review your case to see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinic. Wish you all the best in health!

  16. This video has perfectly described what I am going through. I woke up on Feb 1, 2020, with sudden hearing loss in one ear, and a terrible ringing that has not stopped since then. It’s 24/7. I immediately experienced vertigo by the next day. This went on for a few weeks. My other ear would pop in and out, and I was concerned. ENT said it was probably allergies. “Probably.” My blood pressure goes all over the place. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night (like I always do) and my blood pressure was 95/63. Then, sometimes, it will spike for like 150/90 or 160/100. Once I get out of bed and move around, it goes down some. I have constant aching now in my left side (where the carotid artery is located), just below the jaw line. I also have heart rates in the 50s, and sometimes in the 80s when I wake up in the middle of the night. I never get a good nights sleep. I suspect I have head & neck issues that are contributing to my ordeal. Sometimes if I move my head even a little bit, after being in a seated position, or in bed, I will get a sudden deafness in the other ear for about 1 second, and it goes away. Or, sometimes it will happen, and my other ear will ring for about 30 seconds then goes away. This sounds like a treatment I may be a candidate for.

    1. Hi Charles, Sorry you’ve been going through this worsening ordeal for the past 7 months. All of these symptoms make sense to us when we look at it through the lens of cervical instability and its affect on vagus nerve conduction. We’d be happy to review your case in more detail. Feel free to reach out to us directly through our website, email, or phone. Wish you all the best in healing and getting your life back! Take care for now.

  17. Hi . I’m been having problems with my neck and head . I been experiencing weird symptoms I can feel my heart beat in head and feels like my head is floating sometimes and when I move my neck side to side it feels really stiff and feels like a tight band around my head feel like a bouncing feeling in back of the head and also get palpitations and sometimes I can feel the heart palpitations in back of my head ?Went to the cardiologist to check out my heart said everything was fine .can all these symptoms be due to my neck ? I also get back pain a burning sensation

    1. @Amanda Alvarez very similar symptoms to you, have you noticed any change?

    2. cristina Lee I’ll look into thank you 😊 I had that happen to me to when I was driving I thought I was still moving when I was parked I was like wth ? Lol

    3. Amanda Alvarez . Maybe go to a ear nose n throat doc . I have the same problem but only when I drive I feel as if I am going backwards for split second n slam on the breaks this throws me into panic and my body feels like my stomach drops n I get sweaty . I think it may be worse when I go to the gym maybe it’s me being on a tread mill I don’t know I went to a doc n he said I’m prob dehydrated and to stop all caffeine . It has come n gone for 6 months .

    4. I wish i lived where are you are located 😓I live in Bakersfield ca. What kind of X-rays or test they should do at a upper cervical chiropractic? I’m really trying to get my life back . My balance and all the other symptoms made me quit my job 🥺 Thank you for writing back!🤗

  18. I broke my neck three years ago which fused as it wasn’t diagnosed for months . I was lucky not to be paralysed. Now I get dizzy and it goes black when I stand up from a seated position but not lying down . A weird feeling goes right through my legs . Could this be due to my neck ?

    1. Hi Debbie, So glad that your accident did not turn into you being paralyzed- wow, yes sounds like you were lucky! But there are definitely chronic conditions that would make sense after a broken neck that may appear over time but not necessarily immediately afterward. This makes sense to us. If you would like us to review your case in more detail, feel free to reach out to us directly through our website, email, or phone. There are a few webinars on our channel you may want to check out about vagus nerve function and upper cervical instability that may help you as you navigate possible treatments and try to understand your case better. Hope that helps. Take care for now.

  19. Hello,

    Very hard to explain my symptoms.
    I feel 24:7 for few months like my head is drunk I can’t concentrate on things i feel faint especially when im around people or in the stores. I also have neck problem especially on my right side I can’t sleep well because my neck doesn’t like any position,im scared this can be a brain tumor but my doctor said no!!!
    Any idea what can this be?

    1. Soosoo21568 Com SAME. when I bend over or lie down in bed at night I get dizzy like I will pass out!! My neck hurts, probably because I avoid making more positions with my head… I thought I had a brain tumor too! turns out the stress I get from thinking about my symptoms makes everything worse. I suggest doing the stuff you love like how you used to before having this condition, it can help relax your mind a bit… it’s what I do and it has helped me somehow… it’s hard to sleep like how I used to every night for more than a month now but it will get better eventually, hopefully… I hope all of us recover from this. It’s very upsetting because it’s hard to live a normal life with it! 🤞

    2. mario sejdiu extremely dizziness means vertigo i got it one month ago for 4 hours I thought i was dying i went to the ER because of it . since that vertigo until now i never been normal, I developed balance problem
      I can’t walk normally
      I can’t concentrate
      When i bend my head the imbalance feeling gets worse
      I tried every exercises on Internet nothing helped me
      Also the medicines didn’t help me at all
      Now I cannot live alone it is necessary for me to have someone beside me

      When my husband go to his work i go to my family house because living alone with this disease impossible for me 💔

    3. Moi Ariscon omg this is absolutely what i have but i also have imbalance feeling when i walk
      And sometimes imbalance and a little bit of dizziness when i concentrate on things 😭

    4. I went in ER last night i was extremely dizzi during the day and feeling fainting.
      They did blood test and ct scan on my head everything came back good!!!
      Idk what is going on it’s so annoying!

  20. I have cervical radiculopathy bulging discs in a few areas. Can this cause forward head posture? I get diziness as well because I feel my neck isn’t well supported and it drops if that makes sense. When I massage my cervical area due to painful knots I get dizzy after is this common?

    1. Hi starlite 77, Yes, all of this makes sense to us and is very common in the cases that come to our neck center. Neck instability causes all of this and many other symptoms. You may want to check out our webinar playlist on the vagus nerve and upper cervical instability. If you would like our team to review your specific case in more detail and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics, we’d be happy to help. Wish you all the best in health!

  21. My close friend feels dizzy, her blood pressure is fluctuating and she feels hot. I can’t risk bringing her to the hospital because of the covid pandemic. Is there a home remedy or something to bring her health back to normal? Thank you very much. God bless us all

    1. Hi Aliza, Please call her doctor and/or whoever is permitted to make medical decisions on her behalf.

  22. Hi dr. Why do I feel dizzy If I sit very low like on the ground? Feels like I am about to faint everytime. Then the right side of my neck feels pressureand my ears starts making like sharp sound. Please advise. Thnx

    1. Hi bunny, So sorry that you are experiencing these symptoms. We know how debilitating it can all become and is something we are extremely passionate about helping in our clinic. If you would really like to learn more about the connection between cervical instability and how it affects the vagus nerve and blood flow to the brain, you may want to look at our webinar playlist for the 3-part vagus nerve webinar series where we delve into these symptoms in much greater detail. We would be happy to talk with you more about your specific case, if you were looking into whether or not you were a good candidate for our neck center. Wish you all the best in health!

  23. looking down oddly makes me feel a bit off balance. have c7 probs. left arm and hand craziness.

    1. Can cervical radiculopathy ( bulging discs) cause diziness and imbalace after neck movements ? I find myself dizzy after a neck massage when I get knots is this common?

    2. Hi hellOhkitty, To us, that is not odd. Head movement and stress on our joints is the top reason for pain and other symptoms to start (like dizziness, etc) as Dr. Hauser explains in the video. This is why we utilize motion imaging versus static imaging, so we can analyze which movements are causing problems such as interference of blood flow, pinching of nerves, etc. We would be happy to help if you would like our opinion on your case. Feel free to reach out to us directly through our website, email, or phone. Wish you all the best in health!

    1. @Caring Medical I’ve never heard of this as long and for as many MRI, Cat scans, sonograms, and X rays I have taken in my life. Maybe it’s a cost issue, as most insurance companies might not cover this exam. But I will put it to my doctors the next time this need comes up to see what they say. Thanks for the tip.

    2. Hi The Natural, We prefer Digital Motion X-ray because it is a dynamic test that can visualize the neck while in motion vs. a traditional MRI which is only when the patient is lying flat (and usually without symptoms).

  24. My cousin was easily knocked out when she was dizzy and supposedly it happens often

  25. I’ve been through 3 ENT doctors…. 1 out of town. Non of them can’t give me a good reason why I stay dizzy. I can’t stand without feeling unsteady. ENT doctors say I have severe cases of migraine headaches, and Bppv. 4 years later I’m feeling worse. Despite going to physical therapy for my issues. So much money wasted, and no results. I know I’m not crazy. Because I feel sick in my head everyday, and unsteady. Even my co-workers see it in my eyes. Yes, I lost my job because of my dizziness issues. I need help. Social security isn’t going to help me. So I have to work with this health issue I have 😢

    1. Hey. Can I please have your number ? I feel exactly the same and was wondering if we can chat maybe . Please WhatsApp me at +264816168706

    2. @Rasoja Amarasinghe yeah for some reason dizziness always get misdiagnosed by any doctor. I’m assuming because some doctors just don’t see dizziness an issue. They always want to stick medicines in your face, and therapy sessions. When all of that don’t work, and they take most of your insurance money…. They try to get rid of you.

  26. I woke up like at 3:00pm cause I had went to sleep supper late the night before and when I woke up I felt super lightheaded and I remember walking into the bathroom and falling on my knee but I kind of caught my self with my hands, so my face hit the floor a I tried get up but I was like shaking and my teeth were rattling a little idk if it was a seizure or anything but someone please help or explain!

  27. Dr I m 37 years old seldom I feel dizzy short breathe and heart rate increase and faints like that . my BP always 100/70 or 90/70. I got tension sometimes.. Kindly guide me is there danger

    1. Hi Ghulam, Please get to a healthcare provider soon for a physical exam and to rule out anything that needs immediate attention if you are having fainting and dizzy spells regularly. Our office deals with chronic cases where this is a part of a constellation of symptoms all with a structural cause in the neck called cervical instability. Of course, if you feel that this is what you are dealing with, such as from after a whiplash or other accident, or severe neck pain and headaches, we would be happy to review your case in more detail and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics. In the meantime, we hope you can have an initial assessment by a local provider. Take care.

    1. 3 cheers for YouTube.
      However, it may just be this guy found a gimmick to make money at his clinic.

  28. I have been extremely dizzy and light headed every single day for about 11 months , extremely tired to the point I can’t even stand up . Doctor keeps saying I’m fine but also only ran my blood a few different times . Havnt seen a doctor for awhile do to health insurance reasons but got that all figured out now . Any recommendations on what I should ask for ? This has been very crippling to my life I can’t do or go anywhere do to the feeling I might pass out or be to dizzy to drive every day has been a battle and I’m ready to get my life back

    1. @YDG Thank you.. me too its been over 4 months since this started.. and I’ve been to the emergency room about 10 times and 6 doctors appointments with test after test and nothing has been figure it out yet

    2. @Sean i’m not an expert but chronic fatigue syndrome more than likely has a cause & it’s probably the same cause as all of your other problems. For me it’s very obvious that it’s a neck issue since my neck is constantly stiff & symptoms worsen with posture etc. Being bounced around from different specialists and doctors sucks, I hope you find true answers

    3. @YDG I don’t know if it is or not I’ve been to a neurologist and he done an MRI on my brain some blood test with no solid results of what’s causing it..he thinks it might be chronic fatigue syndrome.and I’ve had tests on my adrenaline it was normal..and have a appt with a kidney Dr. in a few weeks

    4. @Sean sorry to hear this. Do you suspect it’s neck related? I’m positive mine is, feels more like nerves in the back of my head are inflamed and/or entrapped which lowers proprioception amongst other symptoms. Makes it harder to detect subtle head movements :/

    5. @YDG not yet.. Dr’s are still doing tests I know I don’t feel half bad when I haven’t taken my blood pressure medicine but then my blood pressure shoots up there’s an underlying problem that BP meds magnify greatly

  29. Hello Dr. Is cervical kyphosis considered a cervical instability? I have military neck, forward head posture, trigger points in the neck muscles and tilted hips and shoulders. I was living a perfectly normal life until 9 months ago, when out of the blue, I started having daily tension headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, nausea, TMJ pain, etc. But I don’t know if the cause of my symptoms is my cervical kyphosis, or my trigger points. I sure can use your advice. Thanks!

    1. @Caring Medical I would love to, buy I live in South America. So I guess I should treat my cervical kyphosis while correcting my posture and deactivating TP’s. Thank you very much for replying to me.

    2. Hi Mighty Juan, So sorry to hear about all of your symptoms. Glad that you are doing your research and taking action. Yes, part of what we look at during our cervical instability analysis is the cervical curve. As the curve worsens, tension occurs on the vital structures that run through the neck and begin causing a lot of debilitating symptoms like what you’re describing. We’ve done multiple webinars on the vagus nerve and upper cervical instability that you may want to check out. Trigger points are from the muscles which are usually secondary and occur because they are having to overcompensate and spasm due to the ligaments not doing their intended job of holding the vertebrae in place properly. If you would like us to review your case in more detail to see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics, we would be happy to help. Feel free to reach out to us directly through our website, email, or phone. Wish you all the best in healing!

  30. I felt really dizzy and weak bc I was about to get scammed

    1. Jayshree Sharma been 5 for me.. hope your okay it hurst your head a little dosnt it 🙁

  31. I think i have that. For the pass 2 month all of a sudden if I’m on my phone for to long or watching TV I start to feel lightheaded or motion. It all started with a sharp pain on the side back of neck. Where are you located

    1. Hi John Olivo, We are in Fort Myers, Florida. Maybe you have checked out our cell phone videos or other cervical instability videos, but what you described is something that we see here, and help, regularly in our neck center. Would be happy to talk with you in more detail about your case and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinic. Wish you all the best in health!

  32. Hi sir, I imagined being trapped in elevator lift and something happened to me I had unusual feeling in my mind and I thinky blood rushed through my body, whole body felt loosened and I felt like now I feel die, and now it often comes to my mind that feeling and it scares me

  33. The symptoms you described also sound like Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome which is usually a comorbidity of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which also can cause Cervical Instability.

    1. @Caring Medical Is there anything we can do in the meantime to make the unstable vertebrae in the neck a bit more stable?

    2. I agree. I have tachycardia issues and specialist at semmes Murphy is leaning towards POTS. So can cervical instability cause tachycardia upon standing . When sitting or laying down my hr is normal.

    3. Hi Aliana, Thank you for your feedback. Yes, they are all very similar and it can be understandable why so many people are sort of shuffled around from doctor to doctor just trying to get a diagnosis and for someone to take their symptoms seriously. But even then, they are rarely offered a reasonable treatment that is aimed at restoring function, it’s usually more that it is about managing symptoms. That is what our patients tell us from their former experience. We take a more comprehensive approach and try to help patients restore function and ability, especially when there is a structural cause that can be treated and objectively measured. Thanks again for reaching out. Take care.

    4. It’s interesting how the symptoms of POTS is so similar to cervical instability.

  34. I feel dizzy when I close eyes and suddenly when I get frustrated or I am in stress what to do sir please help.

    1. Same here , mujhe toh eyes close ni karne se v dizziness feel hota hai … It’s been 10 days over

    2. Hi akshat, sorry to hear about your dizzy spells. In our offices, we look for possible structural causes in the neck, as Dr. Hauser explains in the video.

  35. i had my blood pressures up this days..and i had a med too..i just curious if im on resting why i feel dizzy and swinging..its like quake..

    1. @Caring Medical
      I had extreme spinning faintness ehen she gave me my old thyroid dose.after taking me off it a year. I had to call the emt.s. Hospital fear. 6 mo.s back. I got fainter if I turned my head. So she wanted a cat scan.

    2. Hi Gina, Sorry you are having blood pressure swings and dizziness. Please get an opinion from a medical professional who can see you in person and do some initial testing. In our office, we see patients who have these as part of a constellation of other symptoms and related to painful neck instability. We do tests related to the cervical spine, including Digital Motion X-ray to see the spine in motion, as well as certain motion scans that recreate the symptoms a person is experiencing while looking at blood flow to the brain, like transcranial doppler. If you believe that your symptoms may be connected to a neck injury or other neck-related pain condition, we would be happy to talk with you in more detail about your case. You can feel free to reach out to us through our website or email. We wish you all the best in health and resolving your dizziness issue. Take care.

  36. I feel dizzy from my eyes to seemingly walking toward the right. Makes me feel tired. This is sudden over the last few days and can’t shake it. Why???

    1. @2pac Thug Life me to I moved in with my nephew because I was scared to stay at home by my self and fall of something and have no way to get help doctor haven’t did anything about this.

    2. It’s gone now but can’t tell you why it happened. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough if something? It’s been a while since I’ve logged in. Thx for all the feedback guys!

    3. @The Street Soldier hi there! That feeling has to have gone. I’m not sure why but I’m paying close attention if I feel like this again

  37. I have palpitations every time I move Or Turing left and dizziness.

    1. @Caring Medical I have all this..but was diagnosed with Brugada Patterns of the heart…It’s depressing

    2. Hi Mharz nifluder, Sorry to hear about your symptoms upon turning your head. Glad that you are doing some research on this issue for yourself after the cardiologist was not able to offer answers. In our clinics, we look for possible structural causes for these issues, and find that when it is happening/worsened by certain neck movements, that there is a structural cause. We use digital motion x-ray, physical exam, and other types of motion scanning to look at nerve integrity and blood flow to the brain. We would be happy to learn more about your case and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics. You can feel free to reach out to us directly and detail your case and upload you other reports on our neck pain patient page: Wish you all the best in health and finding relief!

  38. Hello I have questing doc when I turn left my neck got dizziness and out of balance and my heart keep beating fast everytime I’m turning to left been to Er twice and already went to cardiologist but it’s normal . I need relief coz I’m having a hard time.

    1. These are the symptoms of postural tachychardia with episodes of vertigo. Pls get in touch with a good Cardiologist and neuro to rule it out. The only treatment for it is ablation. Thnx and wish you a good health. And kindly don’t use much of mobiles and try to remain stress free and practice Tai Chi.

    2. @Jayshree Sharma u should try deep breathing as much as u can but it’s not possible to teach u how in texts the science behind deep breathing and how it works so kindly contact my WhatsApp no 8936985769 if u feel ok to contact with me otherwise no need

    3. @Manish Gautam plzz…reply karo na , kya karna hoga mujhe …

    4. @Manish Gautam i think mujhe koi prblm ni hai , just bp low hai but issi se hi panic attack aa gya nd uske baad se head me numbness hai .. thik se so ni pa rhi hun …plz tell me

    5. @Jayshree Sharma ap pahle doctor ko dikhao agar kuch ni ata to fir m bataunga apko kya karna h kuki m bhi is situation se nikla hu mujhe aisa lagta tha mAi kabhi thik ni ho paunga

    1. Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine Clinics do you recommend Denneroll orthotics/pillows and/or Cervigard to correct cervical curvature?

    2. Hi Sweet Sam, In our clinics, we diagnose cervical instability through physical exam and digital motion x-ray, and our treatments are usually a combination of comprehensive Prolotherapy, cervical curve correction, physical therapy/posture work, among others. We discuss these in great detail in our other videos and on our website. If this sounds like something you are dealing with and trying to see if it is associated with your cervical spine, our team would be happy to review your case in more detail and see if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics. We wish you all the best in health!

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