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COVID-19 and Dizziness

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Claritox Pro is a natural supplement that helps you to get rid of dizziness and its complications. This supplement is considered as one of the most powerful supplements in the market for treating dizziness because it has a collection of ingredients that are not only effective but also safe. Details about Claritox Pro and how to get it is available on Claritox Pro official website.

In this episode Dr. Danielle Tate, PT, and Dr. Abbie Ross, PT, NCS briefly talk about post-COVID diagnosis and post-vaccination dizziness. It should be noted that most of the discussion in this episode is based off of individual clinical experience, and is not validated in any way by research. As discussed, there is very little current research on the relationship between COVID-19 and its effects on the vestibular system. This episode is only meant to start a conversation and open a door for additional feedback from those who practice vestibular therapy, or from those who have been experiencing symptoms post COVID diagnosis or post-vaccination.

Two articles briefly touched on in this episode:

CDC V-Safe After Vaccination Health Checker:
Use the link above to report any post-vaccination symptoms you may be experiencing!

Check out the Vestibular Disorders Association’s forum discussion on this topic:


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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
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You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. I had my second dose of moderna 1.5 weeks ago and have been intermittently dizzy with ongoing nausea since. Hoping it goes away with time 🤞 thank you for the video

    1. @Jen Nothing helped the dizziness for me…it disappeared on its own after approximately 12 days….gravol helped with my nausea. I hope you feel better…I know how scary it is when you aren’t feeling well and unsure when it will go away.

    2. The nausea/dizziness subsided for me approximately 14 days after receiving my 2nd dose. I am very grateful because I was scared it wasn’t going to go away. Thanks for asking.

  3. Ive had dizziness and ringing in my ears for nearly 2 months now after the Pfizer vaccine …It is a nightmare …MRI …CT Scan …ER …ENT doctors …there has to be an end to this nightnare …I thought that it would only last 3 days …

  4. 2.5 months after first moderna shot and still dizzy, headaches, fatigue, feel like garbage. No history of dizziness in my 31 years. This is madness.

    1. @Maria you are most welcome Maria, all the best with your journey to recovery

    2. @jem lebeau Thank you so much for your kind Response. I will try what you recommendet.

    3. @Maria so sorry to hear that, are you able to get your food through food delivery services in Germany? Yes, as the dizziness is perhaps due to vestibular problems, caffeine and salt and even stress is a big trigger. I suspect the caffeine you are consuming every morning might be the trigger preventing you from getting better, if it’s possible, could you find another alternative for your low blood pressure? You also sound stressed out over this, try to relax and don’t be stressed over it because it will trigger your vertigo too. Try my method for 3 weeks, low salt, no caffeine diet and lie in bed when you are feeling dizzy spells or vertigo. See if it gets better for you. I genuinely hope you recover from this as I can relate to how terrible it feels with the dizziness especially when you are living by yourself, it must be tough but hang in there, I believe you will get better, better days are ahead. Be strong okayy

    4. @Maria hi, are you still having the dizzy spells and vertigo? I have some tips that might help to reduce the symptoms. I’ve been trying it and it seems to have reduce the symptoms for me. It still comes back but not as often. Try reducing your salt intake, don’t take anything with caffeine, eat less chocolate. For at least 3 weeks, stay home and lie in bed when you feel dizzy spells, don’t do any physical activities or anything that you think might be a trigger like moving your head too fast. You might feel that your dizzy spells and vertigo is starting to get better each day and you will start to feel normal. Symptoms might come back but it won’t be as bad. Wish you all the best!

  5. I took my first AstraZeneca jab. It’s been more than 2 weeks since then, I still feel dizziness. Dizziness started on the day I got my first dose.

    I can clearly see a connect here dizziness started on the day of vaccination

  6. I have been dizzy on and off for 7 days and counting since my 2nd Moderna vaccine. No previous history. Love to know how long it might take to resolve, and/or if there is anything I can do to help the symptoms.

  7. I am a PT in clinic. A coworker support staff tech is complaining of Vertigo With min relief. After researching and finding your site, it made perfect sense to her, so I thank you! She also had Moderna vaccine.

  8. Thanks for posting this. Did you have any input on how many vestib patients were having little to no side effects? I ask bc most of the forums etc focus on who did have a flare up and to the reader the info skews to the negative. It would be helpful for patients get a sense of the big picture. Thanks

  9. it can be caused by low blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and dysfunction… the main cause is a weakening of the nervous system and blood circulatory system…Therefore, it is a serious matter to ignore dizziness. It’s also a better idea to meet a Doctor without delay…

    1. The dizziness and severe dehydration maybe due to adrenal fatigue. Reversed with Salt and regulated with magnesium.

      Could the key to Covid 19 be prolonged or chronic release of the stress Hormone Cortisol:

      1. Studies have found a direct correlation between Cortisol levels and mortality.
      2. Chronic levels of Cortisol suppresses Lymphocyte Gamma Interferons found to be deficient in Covid patients.
      3. Cortisol causes insulin resistance.
      4. Cortisol causes muscle cells to stop using glucose and instead degranulate proteins causing inflammation from TNF-Alpha cytokines.
      5. Chronic Cortisol levels causes build up of inflammatory cytokines.
      5. Cortisol can increase circulating blood sugars through gluconeogenesis.
      6. Cortisol can disrupt gastric secretions leading to Hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid that leads to various vitamin and mineral deficiencies, secondary infections, a weakened immune system, various food allergies and ultimately autoimmune disease likely caused by B1 and B3 cells.
      7. Hypochlorhydria or low stomach acid can lead to various vitamin and mineral deficiencies eg iron deficiency that causes brain fog and fatigue and low stomach acid can mean cannot be sterilised properly in the stomach so can lead secondary parasitic and bacterial infections and a build up of bad bacteria and toxins causing pressure in the sphincter muscle to the stomach causing leakage into the oesophagus and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease symptoms include loss of taste and smell, chest pains, shortness of breath, migraine, sensation of a lump in the throat, acid reflux symptoms, non productive dry cough, organising and aspiration Pneumonia. 

      Cortisol can be regulated using vitamin D3, magnesium, a multi B vitamin containing vitamins B5, B6, B9 and B12 along Betaine. Hypochlorhydria effects digestion so discuss the option of digestive aid Betaine HCL with Pepsin. This cannot be taken with steroids, aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol or Pepcid Famotidine.

      Betaine is an anti inflammatory, anti viral used to treat Hepatitis B and C. It reverses insulin resistance and corrects downstream signalling. It regulates cortisol. It is an anti bacterial and anti parasitic and Betaine HCL has been found to adversely affect H Pylori bacteria that have been found to be responsible for the intestinal symptoms and increasing the ACE2 receptors in the stomach the virus uses to infect cells. Betaine HCL with Pepsin a potential treatment for GERD.

      There are 3 tests you can try:

      1. A simple home test to check the ph levels of your stomach and for the condition Hypochlorhydria you can try The Baking Soda Stomach Acid Test. Link –
      2. A blood test to check Cortisol levels.
      3. An Insulin Test.

      Prolonged release of Cortisol cause insulin resistance. Insulin resistance causes chronic migraine, Betaine reverses insulin resistance and restores downstream signalling along with being an anti inflammatory.

      Reports of micro clotting in ICU patients maybe as a result of TNF-Alpha cytokine inflammation as TNF-Alpha coordinates blood coagulation and the formation of blood clots. Regulating/reducing Cortisol levels could stop muscle cells degranulating proteins causing TNF-Alpha cytokine inflammation

  10. starting 3 days after my vax, I have had dizziness for 12 weeks after my first Moderna, with no history of inner ear issues (and did not get covid to my knowledge)…dizziness and ear pressure still going strong unfortunately, with tinnitus too. How long are you guys seeing recovery taking? No doctors know what to do with me other than say “to wait it out” because they’re not seeing enough cases with folks having this post vaccine and just seem to be perplexed.

    1. @Bret Doucette Really hope you see some improvement soon, I was bed ridden for 6 weeks and saw some improvement after that, still have mild dizziness, but manageable so I can live life again.

    2. Same here. I am at 12 weeks post second shot with some slight improvements. This has been very hard for me emotionally.

      I am saddened that no one really has any answers. I just need to hope and pray and wait it out.

    3. @It’sKate yes I think its gotten less intense, probably slightly after week 10, but then still had some ups and downs, and still always feel it in the back of my head and when lying down. Its such a terrible feeling, the worst for me personally is trying to sleep and feeling like Im always moving. I think vestibular therapy helped a little and more than any medication that I tried (theres some good youtube vids of this), In that FB group I mentioned theres a variety of people that are suggesting different supplements, but its all speculative and different things worked for different folks.

    4. @Graham Robinson Did it ease up at all? I’m not managing anything at the moment it’s so severe.

    5. @It’sKate sorry to hear! Unfortunately 3.5 months and still has not resolved. There’s a really good FB support group called tinnitus and hearing loss/impairment after covid 19 vaccine.

  11. I just got my first Moderna Vaccination on May 11, and I still feel dizzy 3 days after. It makes it harder to focus. I hope it goes away. My second shot is scheduled on June 8th.

    1. @M Feeling much better =). As I replied to Rick’s message above, for some reason it took a lot longer for the dizziness to go away more than others I talked too. I guess we’re all made differently. I hope yours doesn’t last as mine took (took around 3-4 weeks before I felt mostly normal).

    2. @Rick Gonzalez Much Better now =) It just took awhile for it too wear off.

  12. thank you so much for posting this. i follow your podcast, and am currently in vestib PT for the 2 years for a concussion (i’m not 100% but have made great progress!). I have a history of vestib issues (BBPV, and (debatable) mal de barqment. I have been making myself cray cray trying to find decent info on the covid vaccine side effects as the forums on veda are a horror show and one sided. I realize you of course are not pro or con vaccine, but appreciate your candid info for patients like me.

  13. ~Week after 2nd Pfizer experiencing dizziness so bad it becomes hard to focus at work. Twice became so dizzy, had to hold myself up by leaning against the doorway. Waves of dizziness and ringing in the ears seem to come when anxiety and stress levels increase.

    1. @Jen did my 2nd pfzier shot 8/27. Only had sore arm, alittle fatigue for 3 days. My dizziness didn’t get worst, but it is still lingering. I’m doing vestibular exercises at home daily.

  14. I got my second moderna shot on 3/31/21 and developed vertigo about 10 days later. I’ve never experienced anything like this and have had my suspicions about the connection with the vaccine. I’ve also heard from two other people that developed unusual vertigo after taking the Moderna. Thank you so much for addressing this.

  15. I received the 2nd Moderna vax on 3/12/2021. By the following evening I had a fever of 100F and pronounced dizziness. I had to move through the house slowly grabbing furniture the tops of and door frames for stability. The fever dropped to normal over of the course of a week. As of 5/1/2021, the dizziness has diminished perhaps 25%. I contacted my GP on 4/1 and was referred to a physical therapist.

    1. @Daniel Issabey Better, but dizziness persists. I went to the Midwest Dizziness and Balance Institute to be tested. They determined that the Utricle organ on my right side was not working. The Utricle organ is part of the vestibular system, which senses movement. With signals coming from only one side, the brain gets confused, resulting in the dizzy `sensation. The solution is therapy to train the remaining working vestibular organs to do the job. The therapy has helped. I now have home exercises which need to be done daily and take about 30 min.

    1. @Siji Kuriakos my dizziness is GONE!! I fixed it with chaleted magnesium, sound healing and acupuncture. I realized i had Vestibular neritus? not sure how to spell but once i realized i had inflammation in my ear, i started sound healing with 432 hz music on youtube with headphones, but mainly the magnesium CURED me. I still have some lingering headaches and tinnitus, but i have made so much improvement! blessings!

    2. @EMJ2456 your wife also got covid .after how many months she got better

    3. @Siji Kuriakos not really. I have better days. Now my 11 year old daughter is complaining of feeling lightheaded. Neither of us can go into stores our large crowds our we feel like we are going to faint. My wife and 6 year old daughter are perfectly fine though. Its not contagious. I still also have crazy brain fog and cannot move quickly. Would love for it to go away. Doctors ran every test in the book now I have crazy medical Bill’s and all they can say is its post viral.

  16. I’m a patient and did have an uptick in symptoms after my vaccine (J&J).

  17. I got my pfizer 1st dose. I suffer from VM. But i was at a very low threshold when i got shot. Was fine other than sore arm. 4 days in i started feeling the flare up of symptoms and lasted about 5 days. My neurologist said she had been hearing from patients with vestibular issues symptoms last about a week to 10 days. I just found it strange for it to take so many days for me to feel the symptoms

    1. @Vestibular Today I posted above, but how long are you seeing this last for? I’m two and a half months in with the same symptoms after my first moderna.

    2. I’ve also been noticing a delay in symptoms in patients with similar complaints. Usually 5-7 days afterwards. But patient’s have doing very well with recovering from symptoms, especially with vestibular therapy exercises at home.

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