Yoga To Stop Hairloss And To Promote Hair Growth

Restolin is a hair loss supplement (sold online through Restolin Official Website) that supports hair growth using natural ingredients. By taking Restolin daily, you can support hair growth and hair quality using minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

Yoga To Stop Hairloss And To Promote Hair Growth.

Along with our speciality Homeopathy treatment for Hair growth, the yoga tips mentioned in this video will help you get better, faster hair growth. For a complete treatment of Alopecia Areata and other hair loss, opt for our speciality CUREplus Homeopathy treatment from Welling Homeopathy.

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  1. sir I’m 18 too much hair loss for me
    Easily rid off my hair and I’m not having any diet problem
    please give me suggestion

  2. Tu ek Chutya h…aur logo ka bhi Chutya kat raha h😂…Kuchh dino bad ye yoga se Climate change bhi reduce karega😂

  3. How many days or years it will take to fix my hair fall problem if i do these yoga.

    1. True but nigga focus on breathing as well. Mouth breathing Fks ur hair & overall body too. Give it a try & see ⚖️

  4. This asanas actually works you just need to do it regularly and you will definetely see the results

  5. Thanks Doctor, I rarely practiced yoga and you guided me to repeat 4-5 times in a day which I was skipping until now …. I will restart from today to repeat poses atleast 4 times of these wonderful asanas

  6. I m having severe hairfall will these asanas will help in regrowing of hair….I want to increase the density of my hair along with thickness….plz let me know if there is any other yoga asanas

  7. Chakrasan

    As well dear
    How can u tell 4get such most effective Asanas for hairloss

  8. Sir… doing these yogas.. When we can see the difference.. How many days it took. To give result

    1. @rkdhiman 318 thanks bro
      & agar koi new tab ya kisi bhi tarah ki chij pta chale Jisse benefit Ho to mujhe bhi bta dena

    2. @rkdhiman 318 bhai main 1 months se le rha hu zara bhi fark nhi pda
      Koi solution mile to plz bta dena chaho to Apna number de du

  9. When should we do these yogas?? I mean in empty stomach/morning or evening….and ll be Sabasana compulsory??

  10. Sir, Please make one video on Aging and wrinkles on face. specially excercise yoga. i have faith in our ancient culture workout and its natural remedies. Thanks

  11. Hello sir, i am facing hair loss issue because of hard water, kya yoga se ye new hair growth aur hair fall problem resolve ho skta hain?

  12. I’m always jealous of people who have ‘MD’ title but still with a full head of hair. I mean after all the stress in medical school, just HOW? 😩

    1. Dr.Welling M.D Show I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I was just saying your accent sounds like you love reading textbooks 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. because it is science, if u want entertainment, watch other youtubers talking about hair, who are not qualified to talk on such topics. here you will get tried and tested techniques for better hair, which our patients have experienced themselves.

  13. Hi sir good morning,
    My hemoglobin is 6.5, is that also one of the reasons for heairloss ?
    Please suggest me.
    When we need to take Omega capsules?

    1. Ur Kaanhaa won’t get mad if u take Omega 3 fish oil supplements, it’s good for you. 😒

  14. For increasing Frontal density of Hair what should we do, are they do in empty stomach?

    1. Nothing is impossible please try with your full heart , definitely it will possible . Don’t use any capsules for growing hair , do these yoga daily for 21 day’s then you itself feel some difference in your body. Yoga has 0% side effects & it is more healthy for us.

    1. @Dr.Welling M.D Show sir if we apply onion Juice on scalp does it really helps to regrow the hair and also strengthen the hair

    1. You can do one or more. If you do all for 4-5 times in a week, it would be best for your hair health.

    1. @Dr.Welling M.D Show Cure and diet. My dad is suffering from it and goes for dialysis. It will help if you can suggest something

    1. Yeah they are very useful. try them. But watch videos on Youtube to know the right way of doing them.

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