Post covid Hair loss | Hair Loss treatment after covid 19 recovery | Recover Hairloss after covid

Restolin is a hair loss supplement (sold online through Restolin Official Website) that supports hair growth using natural ingredients. By taking Restolin daily, you can support hair growth and hair quality using minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

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COVID-19 affects different people in different ways. Most people would recover from Covid without Hospitalisation and Temporary hair loss is normal after fever or illness. Handful of hair can come out when you shower or brush your hair however there are some patients who would suffer from severe hairloss.

In this video by Dr Shail Gupta discusses how you can recover from Hair loss after you recovered from Covid 19. ( English Video)

Check out this very useful video.

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About Dr Shail Gupta Dr. Shail Gupta is a subconscious healer, musician & eminent Social Activist. He has been instrumental in bringing positive transformations to his patient’s lives. As a Life Coach Dr Shail understands the challenges of creating a balanced, healthy lifestyle and helps his patients to create a road map towards health & vitality.

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  1. Same problem with me tremendous hair fall highest in my whole life im 27 year old and got covid in April and fever last 22 days during this time
    I’m so worried i need to attend marriage in December but i already have thiner hair falling like hell😢😢
    December tk kaise hair density improve kre sirrrrrr
    Please tell me thank you for giving me your precious time……

    1. Same problem here bro.i recovered from covid on 21 April and after 2 months I have starting getting hair fall

  2. Sir same problem with me….I have lost my hairs day by day 😪😪 April me corona hua uske baad 2 months thik raha ab 1month se access me hair loss ho raha hai…And I m also alopecia patient….From last 1.5 year se…..I have also auto immune disease patient….plzzz suggest me Dr …Any solution…..I m so worried every time…..I will Wait for your precious suggestions 🙏🙏

    1. Muze corora hua tha use vajese mere baal bahot jyada jhadne lage to maine CHARVI HAIR SOLUTION ko amazon se order Kiya Ek mahine baad mere Baal zadna Kam huye aur ab to naye Baal aana shuru ho gye !*!*!-!!!*!*¥°™°

  3. Hello Doctor. I faced this same issue when I had typhoid 5 /6 yrs ago. I was prescribed minitop topical solution and I recovered within a couple of years. I recently got affected by covid as well and am facing tremendous hair fall and dandruff issues😔. Kindly suggest remedy.

    1. Hi Dear,
      It takes time to recover, focus on healthy diet eat green vegetables , fruits, seeds like pumpkin, flex etc. You may also visit Dr. Shail Gupta personal youtube channel , here is the link :
      Love yourself

  4. Ye hairloss jo ho raha hai .. after covid ..kya ye shading face ke baad wapis se aa jayenge.. kya koi bataya gaa

    1. Muze corora hua tha use vajese mere baal bahot jyada jhadne lage to maine CHARVI HAIR SOLUTION ko amazon se order Kiya Ek mahine baad mere Baal zadna Kam huye aur ab to naye Baal aana shuru ho gye !*!*!-!!(*!£

    2. Haan yeh shedding phase hone ke baad naya hair growth hoga. Tab baal phir se wapas aa jaenge

  5. And i used to have lots of lice in my hair after covid recovery all of sudden it just vanished from my head🙄i dont any find lice in my hair? I that a prblm? Do i need to consult a doctor

    1. @Aahfaz Pathan abe itna promotion kr rha h is se aacha apne product and business me time invest krle yha bakloli krne se kuch nhi hoga🖕

    2. @moon light yes. Baal k sath sath jaan v 😔, pr kuch logo ko unke sir se lice chale jane ka dukh hai..

    3. @Shahbaz Khan bhai chal nikal yha se faaltu ke advertise mat kr yha. Dimag kharab kr k rakh diya hai jha dekho wha charvi hair solution.

    1. Hi Priyanka,
      Don’t worry, this is normal and takes time to recover. Take healthy diet.
      Love yourself

    1. Hi,
      Don’t worry, this is normal and takes time to recover. Take healthy diet.
      Love yourself

  6. Hello sir,currently i am using minoxidil and hairs are also growing,but sir there is still gaping in between, i wanna know does this gaping can be filled by using prolox minoxidil or i have to opt for hair transplant,my age is 24,please suggest

    1. @Numb Nuttz currently i am on minoxidil since april,condition is improving no doubt and yes hair fall has reduced, actually I have diffused kinda hairloss ,my doctor said there is no need of transplant,lets hope for the best 🙂

    2. Hi Abhijeet,
      One should use any medicine under good doctor supervision , better to consult a dermatologist, you may also share pictures for assessment.
      Love yourself

  7. sir I contacted you by means of whatsapp but nobody replied me can you please look towards that…..

  8. I have loss more than 200 hair continue day by day . just because maybe in April me suffer to Corona! Any Solution? ?????have it or not

    1. Carona ke bad mere bal etane zadne lage the ki ६ mahine me lagbag ५०% bal nikal gaye the, centar to pura khali ho gaya tha aise lag raha tha ki ab mai pura ganja ho jawunga, fir maine kisi ke kahane se amazon se Charvi hair solution mangwaya esase mere bal zadna २०-२५ din me hi band ho gaya aur ४०-५० din me naye baal bhi dikhana suru huye, yar २६० rupye ki bottle me bal bhi aa sakte yakin nahi hota par fact hai. Ap log bhi jarur try kijiye.. -₹;₹;

    2. @Kanchan Chauhan Hi ,
      Dear all you can start using Satya’s Hair Art kit and Serum.. This will help you for hair fall issues.
      Love yourself

    1. Hi Ravi,
      That’s an issue and we can’t exactly answer it. That is the exact reason why we don’t blindly prescribe it to all of our patients. Sexual side effects is not the only concern, after consuming any medicine for a long period of time, body gets used to and stops responding.
      If we give finasteride to all our patients post transplant, that will definitely double or sometimes even triples the result of transplant, due to thickening of miniaturised hair.
      But the issue of tolerance can play villain in some time. And obviously you will never be able to stop finasteride, and many people won’t like to continue finasteride forever. Especially important at a young age like 21.
      So one has to plan this with a surgeon who cares for you, thinks about you and respects your individuality, rather than considering you as just another business opportunity.
      Love yourself.

  9. People’s with dark skinned can use Solgar Vitamine D3 4000 IU (100 UG) Solgar Vitamin D-3 4000 IU/100 µg contains the most effective form of vitamin D. Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium in the bones. Vitamin D has a positive effect on the immune system. Extra vitamin D is used to supplement the diet or in case of increased need (such as in children, the elderly and pregnant women). People with dark skin or people who for some reason do not sufficiently expose their skin to daylight, also have an increased need.

    1. Add vit K, 2 I believe, it helps the vit D absorption. People with all skin types that live in cloudy areas should also take. Low vit D plays into MS from studies I’ve heard.

  10. Thanku Dr. Shali gupta ❣️ … Sometime I feel really depressed…I couldn’t concentrate my study 🙃… Thanku for lot of information and motivation ❣️

  11. Great video and good basic information thanks you very much… Your not only a friend but a true good doctor as a good teacher to all at us. I hope you have other good tips for patients with weak donors and for patients with synchairtransplant. Any health and food to keep these stuff strong?

  12. My age 18 +….after covid I am suffering from Telogen effluvium … I lost my 50% hair with in a month …my 1st dermatologist prescribed me minoxidil … after 1week my hair fall control me chala aya…but last month hair fall increased heavily …. I am scared from touching my hair … Weekly one time I comb my hair and apply shampoo … May PRP karana chatihu …. Lekin 1 time PRP karne ki bad …mujhe yearly bar bar prp karna nahi hoga to ?

    1. @Mansi Choudhary kya dermatologist ko dikhana chahiye 1 month ho gye h but vo minoxidil diye to kya shi rhega? Fhir plzz tell me,? Me stress nhi le rha and one more que ki sare hairs vapas aajayenge na jitne bhi gire h?

    2. Muze corora hua tha use vajese mere baal bahot jyada jhadne lage to maine CHARVI HAIR SOLUTION ko amazon se order Kiya Ek mahine baad mere Baal zadna Kam huye aur ab to naye Baal aana shuru ho gye !*!*!-!!!*!*-+

    3. @Mansi Choudhary prp se buri cheez nahi hai kuch. Maine 2 session liye the aaj tak pachta rha hu. Baaal bohat patle ho jaata hai prp se

    4. Thanks everyone ❣️… I think doctor bhi aise suggest nahi kar payegi… once again thanks ❣️

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