How to prevent post partum hair loss naturally?-Dr. Sravya Tipirneni

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Post-partum hair loss, it is also called as telogen effluvium. The name is derived because the hair sheds at a very very rapid pace and goes into telogen phase. During pregnancy most women feel that their hair has become very thick and lustrous and are very happy about it. This is because the estrogen levels at that point of time during those 9 months are very high. So therefore the hair is very thick and lustrous. To understand this better, we have to understand different cycles of hair growth, there are three main stages, one is the anagen or the growing stage. The second one is catagen and the third one is the telogen or the resting phase. The telogen or the shedding or the resting phase is not applicable in pregnancy because it is all held together because of the estrogen influence. As soon as you deliver the baby, approximately in about two month, all the damage caused to the bulbs during child birth is all precipitated at once and hence 80 % of the anagen suddenly shifts into the telogen phase which results in the rapid shedding of hair, which causes a lot of concern to new mothers. So as long as you understand the physiological process that is behind this shedding, you will need to take certain precautions. So what you need to understand is that it as paradoxical theory. Shedding of the hair actually means that new hair is growing out. So the telogen hairs are shedding out and the new anagen hairs are growing. So at this particular stage when everything is shedding, you will not be able to see the new hairs that are coming out and this will improve on its own on a time span of 6 to 9 months. During this time there is honestly nothing much that we can do other than actually wait for it to recover on its own. A few things that you can do during the time period have be very gentle with your hair. Do not comb very vigorously or brush very vigorously. It has to be handled very gently with hair. Use a mild shampoo , wash it 2 to 3 times a week. Avoid brushing very wet hair and avoid very tight hair style where the traction is more and all the delicate hairs is made to pull out even other thing that you can do is not stress. Stress itself is a contributory factor to more hair loss, eat a very very healthy diet, replenish your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to produce good hair and lustrous hair again. As it is in the growing phase anyways it will suck out more nutrients. the other things that you can do is regularly if you consult a dermatologist she will give you post natal vitamins which I do supplement for most of my patients which contain a vitamin called as biotin, which helps in hair growth. So that has to be prescribed by a dermatologist. Apart from this if you think that the hair loss is shedding at a continuous rate, even post one year, then it will be considered under a different entity called as chronic telogen effluvium for which you need medical investigation and a different approach. So please do consult your dermatologist.


  1. Dear doctor…currently I am in 8th month of my pregnancy …I have lot of hair fall during pregnancy and still…I am worried if it is now shedding what will happen after delivery …kindly help

  2. Doctor am in 5month after’s a normal worry about my hair’s shredding continuously from the root..I had thryroid during pregnancy ,but now I stopped the my dout is wat shall I do either I consult doctor and will I get my hair back? please suggest me

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