How To Prevent Hair Loss and Enhance Hair Growth

Restolin is a hair loss supplement (sold online through Restolin Official Website) that supports hair growth using natural ingredients. By taking Restolin daily, you can support hair growth and hair quality using minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

In this video I will explain how to prevent hair loss and how to enhance hair growth. A lot of products claim to reverse hairloss and I explain why this usually isn’t the case and what methods really do work to enhance your hairs natural growth.

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    1. This is because people who start experiencing hair loss will naturally feel apprehensive to wash their hair daily because they experience even more shedding from washing, conditioning, and then combing, brushing, and then styling. I know… it happened to me

    2. Scuffle Buggy I’ve been washing my hair every other (or sometimes third) day and I have the healthiest hair! Haven’t even have a decent haircut in 2 years and my split ends are not as bad as one could imagine. I’m lucky this way, but my hair is fine, and gets oily quickly so I have to wash my hair otherwise I look like I have absolutely no volume what so ever! Haha so yeah… hair is different for everyone so we have different hair care rituals and that’s okay 😊 People should just respect each other. If something works for you then who cares that it doesn’t work for me? Ya know. 😃

    3. @Becky I’ve specifically been told to hold out to once, twice a week max by at least 8 stylists and drs combined and I have moderate loss. Edit* (and to use dry shampoo in between if needed) I’m very confused. @ellebangs thoughts? I’m totally not saying what you said was wrong, just confused…and yes, I know the vid is extra old 😘

  1. When I use any kind of oil on my scalp or even conditioner, my scalp gets really itchy. Even certain shampoos dont agree with it. The only thing I’ve found that helps keep the itchiness away, is the Nioxin scalp therapy shampoo. I’ve tried really natural products and they work for awhile and then stop working and the problem comes back. What’s weird is the problem only started a few years ago. I do have dry hair, skin and nails from a thyroid condition. Something I take that has been helping me, personally, is vitamin D! I found out my levels were low and when I started to take supplements to help, i noticed a big difference in how much shedding i was having.

  2. Hi ! I was wondering if you would consider doing a tutorial on Velcro rollers and how to do them in a hurry with heat? And i’ve also noticed that you do a lot of videos on how to tone blonde hair and brassiness, but could you do a tutorial on how to tone grassiness and brighten blonde highlights on brunette hair? Thank you so much!

  3. Can you tell us about facial hair and how to treat patches, itchiness, acne and stuff?

  4. Thank you!! I needed to hear it is ok to wash your hair every day or every other day. I tried to go as long as I could without washes and it is always just a hot mess.

    1. Jean Marie I tried that too. Bad outcome. I’m back on washing more often. It’s helping.

    1. ellebangs Correct !!!!! My mom said my hair would fall out if I washed it everyday. No!!! I stopped and have thin hair now. Going back to stimulating my scalp.

    2. yes! and I have curly hair and washing my hair every day is not an option. I feel like she gave a lot of misinformation in this video

    3. ellebangs I rarely ever use heat on my hair and it still looks dry if I use the wrong shampoo or wash my hair everyday 🤔

    4. mhm and shompooing your hair every day doesnt wasch out all of these very precious oils? These are surely the main and only reason why they even appear, dont you think?

    5. and shampooing doesn’t dry out hair, it’s all the heat styling that comes along with shampooing your hair. And typically you have one of these problems, not both. And in case you have both then its up to you which is more important, hair loss or dryness.

  5. This video is very educational. I have thinning, balding going on and I do have a thyroid issue, but I slowed down the frequency of hair washing and maybe I should wash more often and use oil once in awhile for my scalp.
    Thank you!

    1. Chris Harrison Or Tea Tree shampoo. my boss grew long hair. it stimulates the scalp. I’m doing it now and washing more often.

    2. linxj6 I think I need to add clarifying shampoo, oil to the scalp and try the dawn soap & lemon treatment to get softer hair (from another video I watched)

    3. I find that switching shampoos and conditioners really helps. Washing every other day is what  works for me.I use the Moroccan products for a few weeks then use volume shampoo to make sure pores aren’t getting clogged.  Mane n Tail conditioner will coat the hair and make hair look thick but it takes away the shine. Also I keep ends trimmed and angle the front for a thicker look. My hair is about mid back length so keeping it wavy works good. I keep dryer on low heat and try not to use iron unless it’s a special occasion.I use plain old  big rollers to get the waves. None of these things is really making more hair but making it look better.

    4. Me too Chris. I find that it grows super fast but is getting thinner even with a proper tsh. Low estrogen also causes the thinning.

  6. Does hair extension make hair loss because of the weight? If so which ones do less damage?

    1. No cuz the molicule of the coconut oil is to big 🙂 The only thing medicaly recognized to help treat an androgenic alopecia is minoxidyl however it’s a long term commitment, but i’have to admit I try the monat product and I’m verry pleased with theme I could see a big Improvements 🙂 sorry for my english by the way i’m french i try my best haha! 🙂

    2. You might want to look into PRP with ACell. It’s not cheap, but looks to be a promising treatment for hair loss/thinning hair.

    3. Sarah M I’ve had patches that have grown back before but there’s one spot on the back bottom, I’ve tried everything but it just won’t grow back in that spot

    4. holly shepperson I didn’t know it was possible to grow you hair back from alopecia. Wouldn’t it just fall out again if it grew back? It runs in my family which is why I’m interested😊

  7. my hair is oily at the roots and the ends are super dry and no moisture and shine and my hair falls like crazy and it tangles. and i noticed that when the hair falls out the new root is white or gray hair and of course frizzy and thinning

    1. Haneen Alfarwan maybe you need to cut it a little? My hair always tangles when I haven’t had a fresh haircut in a while!

    2. Haneen Alfarwan i had the same issue. washing it less frequently is what helped me,because body starts producing less oil knowing it gets washed less so your scalp doesn’t get so oily. And the oil has enough time to travel down the lengths to keep the ends less dry 🙂

    3. Haneen Alfarwan same!!! It’s so frustrating 😩 have you tried anything to help your hair ?

  8. Hi I really love your videos and you are so helpful and do such an amazing job explaining and it’s so nice of you to share your expertise! I just have a question, I have bleached hair and I’ve been told not to wash my hair too often to keep it healthy and I know you said to wash your hair every day or every other day but is that true for colour treated hair too? Thanks!

  9. “apple cider vinegar is alkaline”-??? not true. makes me question the rest of her talk.

    1. Marta Motevassel well you’re straight rude. You could have educate her nicely even if she is wrong. You will never let her be near to your hair, well people will never be near to you for your rudeness.

    2. kittykittysoftpaws right?? And the whole myth that’s still going around that it’s alkaline in our bodies is just a double frustration for chemistry students/professionals.

    3. Manu Gmz I know, I been working in a lab for years and measuring pH was something I used to do pretty much every day. I have similar strips to measure the. pH of the water I drink as well as urine. I honestly stopped replying because I thought it was a lost cause to try to convince them that ACV is acidic. very nice you took the time to show this : ) and your results were expected to be actually in that range. for the ones that still don’t believe them just call Bragg’s and ask what is the pH of their ACV, they won’t give a exact number but probably a range…and I guarantee u will be around 2.5-3.5, I work in the food industry and do this all the time for our customers with the products we make. For me this is not about creating argument is about educating people with the correct info. knowledge is power! love to all.

  10. I bought these multi vitamins off of Amazon and they have seriously made such a difference in my hair. I highlighted my hair in the middle of December and my hair has grown out like an inch and a half in a month! I’m amazed lol so if anyone is looking for a good multi vitamin for hair growth, check out the “NLA her multivitamins ” on amazon. I’m really surprised with them

    1. Molly I’m happy to hear about your hair growth and I’m just wondering do you know if biotin works?

    2. Molly Mae
      molly!!!!!! where have you been girl?? been think about you lately, I hope all is well😘

    3. Are you one of those promoters on the product or did you buy them on your own? Do they really make your hair grow?

  11. I wash my hear once every week. Sometimes 3 times a month. I have short hair that I want to grow asap. I have fast hairgrowth tho but I try to help it by putting coconut oil into my hair the night before I’m going to wash my hair. Is that Good ?

    1. Fabiola Orsi coconut oil overnight treatment helps with dandruff,dry scalp and definitely hair growth

  12. I’m so glad you mentioned the hair washing.I have heard so many people say that washing your hair every day is bad, but for me, Not washing my hair every day caused bald stops and bumps on my scalp. I noticed the difference almost immediately once i started washing it everyday again!

    1. i think that’s meant for people who have a hair loss problem/want to really grow their hair

    2. Tiffany Michelle you don’t necessarily have to wash daily but make sure u wash it regularly and really shampoo ur scalp
      Make sure your blowdryer isn’t too hot, and use a good heat protectant- u should also try out different protective hairstyles and upsdo’s that are easy so that you can give your hair a break from heat and wear it naturally without feeling like you don’t look ‘good’

    3. Debora Tuxhorn but if I wash daily, I must blow dry it afterwards or else I have a curly mess 🙁

    1. Getz 1983 it can, sometimes it affects hormones and therefore the hair. also depends on your diet etc. (I am also guilty of drinking too little, so now I always have a big bottle of water with me so I don’t forget to drink)

  13. Thank you. I love this video, it’s very informative! What about the color though? if we have highlighted hair, wouldn’t it be bad to wash it every single day? I have a lot of hair, but definitely lose a lot everytime I wash it and style it, even if it’s dry. I usually wash it once a week, to not lose the color.

    thank you xx

    1. you have to decide what is more important, but like I said, if you have thick hair and you are not experiencing hairloss then continue to do what you have been doing.

  14. Wash my hair daily and have a thick head of hair. Thank you for validation! It is dry at ends though.

  15. Thank you so much! Could you do a video on hair that grows slowly and is prone to breakage? I need help!

    1. I would suggest sticking with one color and make sure you aren’t processing anything but the regrowth. Frequent color changes screwed up my hair before.

    2. Rubi xoxo My dermatologist told me to take Biotin Forte (instead of regular Biotin) for the hair, you can get it otc…I bet if you hold off on the color for a while that will help 🙂

    3. Rubi xoxo ive been where you are now. try and wash your hair every second day. use vitamins and biotin. my hair is much healthier now. I used to wash everyday but my hair dryed out but the first week after washing every second day I could see improvement. 👑

  16. I have always had some bald spots in the beginning of my hair, do you know some good products to make baby hair grow? Something there is available in Europe? I’m from denmark 🙂

  17. I’m having a super hard time with dandruff… do I brush my hair in the shower, before or after?

    1. H. Jams do overnight coconut oil treatment once or twice a week,it really helps 🙂

    1. Don’t worry, I was using it for the same reason. But it makes sense that it clogs the follicle if you let it build up over a few days. I’ll have to remember to keep it as a temporary fix and wash it out more frequently.

    2. Thanks Kathyrn but I guess I was using wrong…I was using it for the purpose of not having to wash my hair daily or every other day…I wanted to be able to skip a few days. Also I switched shampoos & started using Aveda Shampure (although it doesn’t smell good) I went from losing clumps of hair in the shower to just a few strands!!!

    3. I think you can still use dry shampoo as long as you wash it out the same day or the next. Otherwise it has too much time to clog the follicle.

    4. Me too! I used to wash my hair every day and it was so thick. After I started getting it colored I switched to about 2 times/week and my hair seems to be getting thinner. My hair is already heavy (pulling it up gives me a headache) so maybe the dry shampoo is adding to the problem. I think I’m going to try washing it every other day and see what happens.

    5. Jane doe yes, there’s unfortunately a lot of correlation with using dry shampoo and hair loss. google the two for recent articles by glamour mag, refinery29, and the atlantic, just to name a few.

  18. I seriously needed this video cause my hair is thinning and seems to be fallen out daily. More than normally !!!! Some great info to know !!! Your tweet best girl 😜 xo xo

    1. Also Use Organic Caster oil. It works,for hair and lashes. There are recipes on Pinterest etc with added ESSENTIAL oils. Good Stuff! Prenatal Vitamins anytime for hair, nails, skin etc

    2. If you want to regrow your hair super fast then visit this website here to learn how: HootHair. info

  19. with the apple cider vinegar do I wash my hair, wash then with the cider and then condition?

    1. I used this technique as well on my dog, people always told me how shiny his coat was. I felt it also kept the dog odour away for a longer time.

    2. Melissa Lengyel i’ve actually been using vinegar for about two years now and I love it. I don’t use it with every wash, but I will use that when I feel like my hair has been extra dry and frazzled.
      What I do is I take a large 32 oz. cup, fill it with half apple cider vinegar and half water. I take it with me in the shower, and I do my regular shampoo and conditioner regimen. The vinegar is the very LAST thing I use. I dumped the cup into my hair and then rinse it with cold water. I get out of the shower and dry it and it looks amazing.
      It basically seals in the the moisture from the conditioner that I’ve used. If you use apple cider vinegar before you use your conditioner, the conditioner will not be able to penetrate the hair shaft because you’ve closed it with the vinegar. So you want to shampoo/conditioner before the vinegar.

    3. Melissa Lengyel I looked it up because I was curious too. And after my aunt told me this was her secret to the thick, healthy hair she was blessed with, I was ready to give it a go! Anything to try to thicken up my baby hair.
      Anyway, looks like you mix 2-4 tbsp of ACV with about 2 cups of water and pour it over your scalp after shampooing. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. Some sites say u don’t need to condition, but I don’t think I’d skip that, at least on my ends.

  20. Thank you so much! This was so helpful. I am dealing with oily hair and dandruff, do you have any suggestions on shampoos or treatments?

    1. ellebangs What is your views on using coconut oil or castor oil on the scalp? I have long straight fine (but healthy) hair but I now have seborrheic dermatitis or possibly psoriasis on my scalp and in my ears that flares periodically. I’m losing hair from scratching in my sleep. I keep my head washed because the dermatologist said the oil makes it itchier but this dry scalp is kinda just as bad..I have both oils but not sure which is best to use..your thoughts Pretty Please??

    2. thanks for your feedback, I too was user for months becoming a seller and it too saved my hair!

    3. Cristina FdlH – I had dandruff that I couldn’t get rid of. I started using the Monat line and it was cleared up in a few washes. I am very cheap and was freaking out about the cost but was also experiencing thinning so I was desperate. I am seeing some more baby hairs and no dandruff. Hope this helps.

    4. Flower Oo I think i don’t since I have been tested twice and the results were negative but I am lactose intolerant (high high level) so maybe it’s also related to having dandruff, thank you ☺️

  21. I can totally relate to this, Ive just started regrowth and have tons of new little baby hairs regrowing (9 mo postpartum) Eating almonds, washing your hair using the inversion method, and using a sulfate free shampoo really helped out and my hair is rapidly growing back

    1. Eli where you flip your head upside down and give yourself a scalp massage while washing your hair for about 3min

  22. l stopped washing my hair every day. l used to wash it everyday but my scalp over time got sensitive and dry (l have always had fine hair). After 4 children is not what it was…thinned out patches at the front.
    l take viviscal, which has definitely helped. Hormones play a huge part and stress can also put your hair into resting phase for longer than it should be.
    My scalp is not as sensitive now.

    Thanks for the tips tho 😊 Great vids!

  23. your hair color is so pretty sylvia!!!you are so talented, thank you for the tips!!im currently trying to not use heat for a month, my hair is mid back but i want it to my butt!i take viviscal hair tablets and they work so good but they make my scalp a little greasy.

    1. try a dry shampoo, I love the drybar dry shampoo for blondes and the esalon dry shampoo for brunettes

    1. Great video!! Thank you for making it! -another question, what nailpolish are you wearing in this video 🙂

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