How To Prevent Hair Loss

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If you’ve been noticing more hairs on your pillow or hairbrush than normal, you may worry that you have hair loss. You could actually just be shedding more hairs than normal. Yes, there is a difference.

Hair shedding often stops on its own.
It’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day.
When the body sheds significantly more hairs every day, a person has excessive hair lost.

Most people notice the excessive hair lost a few months after the stressful experience in life like long hours at work or many other issues that might stresses you
Hair loss occurs when something stops the hair from growing.
The most common reason for excessive hair lost:

Hereditary hair loss
Immune system overreacts
Some drugs and treatments
Bad hair care products
Wrong Diet.
Sleep problem.

If you have hair loss, your hair will not grow until the cause stops. For example, people who undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments often lose a lot of hair. When the treatment stops, their hair tends to regrow.

If you are concerned by the amount of hair falling out, you don’t need to suffer in silence.
I was also in the same boat when I was 21, I noticed big chunk of hairs on my pillow when I woke up. I was so worry I went straight to my Kung Fu Master to seek advice.

He told me that worry and stress is the main factors of hair loss
The blood to the head had been reduced and the hair roots are not getting enough blood to thrive and be strong, if it has not enough blood it requires it will die. So he taught me this program

“How to prevent hair loss.
Since I practice the program my hair loss had gone and still have a full set of hair until today.

It’s not just the program that we need to do there are some tips which I will share with you all.

1. Do not wash your hair every day (2 times a week recommend)
2. Use a softer better quality shampoo.
3. Use conditioner after you wash.
4. Try not to use the hair dryer too often, let your hair dry itself naturally.
5. Stop thinking about it.

Follow this program. Twice a week.
Let me know how you get on.
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    1. I’m totally okay! Sorry if i made you worried.. I felt better after the exercize and it totally helped, thank you. 🙂

    1. Thats fine new hair will grow back while you are getting rid of your dead hair. Keep doing the exercise and let me know how you get on.

  1. Hi sir very amazing….last 3 months i had a more clots in my periods can u tell any remedy….. waiting for your reply……

  2. Hi Austin.thank you very much for sharing.I just discovered your channel today and I have watched a couple of videos and I will keep watching and let you know about the result.I have a request.Can you give give advice on how to get rid of grey hair.thanks in advance.

    1. Austin Goh

      Greetings from Mauritius. Thank you very much for the very helpful health hints. Could you please guide on how to reverse grey hairs and eyebrows. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi do you want me to help you with the program, please click the link and email me to book your free consultation with me.

    1. @TeslaDRay oooh I see.. Bruh my father is bald and I see signs of it starting on me.. Am 24 now.. I don’t have huge patches but if u look clearly u can see my hair line receding and the crown area.. Do u think onions might help me??

    2. @Adesh

      oh hell i haven’t done it every day. i actually hang upside down for a few minutes every day to decompress and get blood to the head. anyone with male pattern baldness who’s too far along will not grow hair back. if you take a supplement that blocks DHT and do something to get constant bloodflow, you can stop it early, but when you’re too far along…..hell i’m just happy i was able to keep some of what i have.

  3. Sir great work and good efforts may I know wr u frm I think everyone should take benefits frm this and I think we can help many people by this thanks

    1. wasim kazi Hi how are you? I am from Malaysia but live in a London for 45 years now.Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Mr.Goh for your excellent videos, I am watching a few videos everyday and following your instructions. They are very useful. This video is something that I wanted, because, I am suffering from hair loss. God bless you.

  5. Only twice a week for this exercise? This isn’t something you want to do every day or anything?

  6. Hi Mr. Goh. I have very thick hair still at the age of 70 considering how ill I have been for so many years, but thought I would like to keep it that way 🙂 plus perhaps it would enhance what you teach on your tinnitus video, which I love the benefits, by increasing blood flow to my brain and thus ear area. But since I became so weak from the tinnitus issue, my arm muscles atrophied and I thought they would fall off before you finished (laughing). Maybe it will help to strengthen those arm muscles again also.
    Thanks ever so much. Trying out many of your videos. I am a satisfied subscriber.

    1. hello smittie, can i ask how you kept your hair on your head ? what are some tips for younger people ?

    2. smittie smith yes it will also help to strengthen your arm muscles too
      Glad its helping you.

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