How to naturally cure hairfall due to PCOS? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

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A lot of people are suffering from the silent epidemic, polycystic ovarian syndrome and in this condition, there are multiple symptoms which they present to the dermatologist. One is acne, with lot of pimples. Pigmentation called acanthosis nigricans, hirsutism or increased facial hair growth on the face or loss off hair or loss of hair on the scalp. Commonly asked question is how to control hairfall at home. Polycystic ovary is a systemic condition. It is a lifestyle condition for you to understand the importance of lifestyle on Polycystic ovary. A lifestyle which has less stress, more exercise and a balanced diet is your foremost treatment. Second is if there is associated obesity, people tend to do a crash dieting, and the hairfall becomes more acute. So watch your diet and eat proteins. When you eat protein, you loose lose weight and also gain on your hair proteins. Multivitamin is like alpha lipoic acid are very important in controlling the polycystic ovary. If the hairfall is severe that the scalp becomes visible, it is a female pattern hair loss. If seen so in a woman, seek medical help to regain hair thickness and stop hairfall.


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  5. If hair fall is heavy than shall we consult a gynecologist or dermatologist as we are planning for conceiving but unsuccessful. Doctor please help

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  6. Any one tested out the Rozefatrun Method (do a google search)? I’ve noticed several amazing things about this hair loss home remedy.

  7. Any one tried the Rozefatrun Method (search on google)? We’ve heard several awesome things about this popular hair loss home treatment.

  8. Any one tested out the Rozefatrun Method (do a google search)? I’ve
    heard many amazing things about this popular hair loss home treatment.

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