Going Bald? This Could Be Why…

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The most common cause of balding in men is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss. It is essentially a genetic condition although there are many myths about its cause. This video is a deep dive into what causes men to go bald.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Male hair loss pattern
1:12 Getting the diagnosis right
1:46 What causes male balding?
3:16 Hair loss myths
3:56 How common is male pattern balding?
4:30 Psychological effects of hair loss

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Full transcript and references: https://www.docunlock.org/youtube/male-balding-hair-loss

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    1. @DocUnlock Why don’t you speak about just accepting not having hair?
      Does that not work for people?

    1. Yeah, it would help to spread awareness for people who are mentally affected and uncomfortable by it. Your first step for fighting male pattern baldness is finasteride. It’s proven to work long-term.

  1. I’ve been taking “Finasteride” for about 6 years by now. When I started taking it, hair loss continued for about 6 – 9 months, if I remember correctly. By then I almost gave up, but my dermatologist urged me to continue for at least a year to see results. That’s also when my hair loss came to a stop. My dad had a bald head around 25-27, I am now 30 years of age and still got only a tiny bald part, that luckily is not too well visible.

    To anyone who has genetic hairloss, I can recommend finasteride.. but please visit a dermatologist (in my country you also need a receipt of a dermatologist / doctor)

    1. @Jason Milly why is having sex so important ? Isnt having less libido better in some ways since that would free up ypur mind …

    2. @Plqw It did affect my self confidence years back when I still was younger. I struggled alot when having visible hairloss around 22 years of age. However nowadays it wouldn’t bother me anymore. Why I still want to keep it? Obviously I still prefer having hair on my head vs. being bald πŸ˜›

    3. @f0rky you made a decision based on realistic expectations which is good. But if your hair does not affect your self confidence why did you want to keep it?

    1. @Diabetic Virus honestly been there done that no drs give a hoot tbh and last year I moved I lost my medical from that state while moving to this I filed for medical in this state but I got to have proof my other medical is terminated but you cant get through to get it faxed so easier said then done

    2. @davless152000 not rlly , but if all of ur family have full head of hair and u don t , u gotta do some blood test dude

  2. Hello doctor Ankit my name is also Ankit I have hair problem day by day I losing my hairs I am gonna world I tried various treatment like PRP therapy extra home but this is not going to work so long please tell me the long-lasting method

    1. Yup I’m onto it. In the meantime, it might be worth getting some expert help from your local doctor

  3. Things you can do prevent πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦² balding:
    1. Minoxidil 2 or 5%
    2. Nanoxidil
    3. Propecia Tablets
    4. Avodart
    5. Finasteride
    6.FUE Hairtransplantation

    1. @DocUnlock please suggest science backed natural process against male pattern hair loss


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