Avoiding hair loss during Chemotherapy

Restolin is a hair loss supplement (sold online through Restolin Official Website) that supports hair growth using natural ingredients. By taking Restolin daily, you can support hair growth and hair quality using minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, hair loss was low on the list of concerns facing New Jersey resident Jessica Heline. But upon learning of the Paxman Scalp Cooling system from doctors at Monmouth Medical Center, Jessica decided to give the system a try as a means of minimizing hair loss and fostering faster regrowth of the hair she did lose during her treatment.


  1. That is SO awesome!!! What an informative video too!! I’ll be asking my oncologist if I can do it as well

  2. Guys im 3 mounths after chemotherapy. I lose all my hair ofc. Before
    I had very thicky, stiff hair. Now (after 3 mounths) I can see my hair is very fine like a baby’s. I have also little receding hairline. Do you guys recommend cuting hair often or rather wait. If yes how lomg? Did your hair get stiffer over time? Big thanks and a lot of health to all of you.

  3. What is sad is that this is not usually covered with insurance in America and can be very expensive out of pocket…anywhere between 1200.00 to 2200.00 dollars. These advancements are great but seem grossly unfair that it is not affordable or covered partially by insurance for most chemo patients.

  4. Struggling with my hair growth now. So so curly!! What to do. Your hair looks fantastic. Good luck to you, fellow warrior. Keep fighting. I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in January and am now in remission. Praise the Lord! He is so good. Stay strong…you have the fire in you.❤️

    1. @Summer Landon thank you! I will try that. Did you trim/cut the curls? It is tempting but I’m not sure if it would help with the bushiness. Thanks again!

    2. Christina use hair oil and then gel to help shape it and train it to lay flat or go in a certain direction. Gardiner Hair products has a morrocan oil Target or Walmart. I spike the top and lay the sides down ward. Super cute 😊

  5. I hope and pray everyone is doing well….I too have been diagnosed and will be starting chemo too

    1. Same here bro…my chemo is started on 19 of Nov my second chemo will be there.

      All the best to u…God bless u

  6. Hi I’m having a panic attack because my hair is falling out again and I just started chemo again after 4 months of being told it wasn’t going to come back 😉😌✌️

    1. @j a m ¡ l a • How is your treatment? If you looking a back-up medication based on herbal to increase your antibody to reduce the cancer problem, whatapp me : +601139492188 email: cv.chang@polar.com

    2. Same I go back for chemo in 3 days and I’ve already and I’m dreading it because of how much hair I don’t have anymore 🙁

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