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9 Factors that Affect Male Hair Loss | 6 Ways to Prevent Losing Hair or Balding | Stop Going Bald

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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. Hello Antonio, I normally like your videos but for this one I gotta tell, you might have gone way out of your expertise.

    I think this video is pretty superficial and I’m guessing the reason beeing the fact that you don’t really seem to suffer much from hair loss. What I’m trying to say is that I guy that is actually suffering form hair loss is gonna make a much deeper research on the issue not only in the web, than the one you just did based on one study that kind of got your interest.
    Although I’m 40 and have must of my hair, my hair line is way narrower than yours and I’m starting to see some scalp in the back of my head, wich made me did some deeper research on my own, cause is something that affects me. 

    It came at no suprise that in the comments section, people currenlty dealing with hair loss eventually started taking about DHT, and the products that can really provide some aid, like minoxidil, ketoconazole and finasteride. 

    DHT is as far as I know, the cuase of balding and therefore it is the enzime to attack. There are many studies that have discovered that you can awake the cells inside folicules once though were killed by DHT, to reactivate their function to grow new hair. This is the current road science is going to find a cure for baldness.

    So, basically your 6 “solutions” to hair loss are like saying that, carpooling, recycling your bottles and puting some energy saving lights bulbs in your home will solve the environmental problem. You may feel a little better but the bigger problem is still there.  
    It is worst if you realize that products like minoxidil and finasteride may come with really nasty side effects (many stop using these products when they expierence libido decrease for instance) and should only be used with prescription, not on the basis of a commentary section in youtube.

    I would kindly suggest you to keep your good job in your expertise which is style and good and porper image projection, but leave the medical stuff to doctors. For those suffering hair loss, go the DERMATOLOGIST, seek the proper help.

    1. @Armando Cárdenas appreciate the feedback – thank you

  3. I believe please don’t quote me, but as far as genetics I think the gene for baldness comes from your mother’s side x chromosome which is only active if it’s paired with a y (making you a man) so it’s (the x chromosome) is recessive if you our a woman (xx) so you should look at your uncles and grandfathers on your mother side.  Please let me know if I am wrong.

    1. +Dude but these are all just theories that have been tested for plenty of years. How do we really know this comes from genetics? But I honestly think it comes with bad dieting, no nutrients, not working out regularly, and drinking enough water. My father and my uncles didn’t show baldness until they reached their 40s, but they also had bad nutrition, didn’t take nutrients that promote hair growth and shine, didn’t work out, and didn’t DRINK ENOUGH WATER. All of those things contribute to the status of your hair and keeping your hair. As men get older they don’t stick to that same regimen as they did when they were younger, they become lazier. Genetics can be a myth.

  4. Off topic but do you have a video on how long a casual buttoned down shirt is supposed to be ? If it’s not tucked in of course.

  5. I have always heard it said that baldness comes from your mother’s side of the family.  I don’t know if that’s true or a wives tale but in my case it is true.  I still have a good bit of hair for my old age but I have lost a lot and the men in my mom’s side were mostly balding.  My dad died with a good solid head of hair at 87 and there did not seem to be any noticable baldness on his side.  I heard also that wearing a hat adds to baldness due to “friction”.  Never knew if it was true or not.  Here is something not mentioned.  Years ago, my mom told me that men should never have their hair long.  She claimed (and I don’t know where she got this from) that men’s hair roots are not as strong as a woman’s and therefore if a man kept his hair very long the hair tended to fall out quicker due to weak anchoring of the root.  I was in the military for 20 years and had my hair cut extremely short for all those years.  Now, at 63 I still have a good bit of hair.  Before I went into the military, my hair was longer and I noticed that it was receeding very quickly back then.  Now, at 63 that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Each person however is different but that is my case.

  6. Watching this video whilst drinking coffee. When it got to the diet part, I gave the mug to my sister. No more coffee for me !

    1. @Real Men Real Style While some reports say coffee may actually help stop hair loss because it has an estrogenic (hormone) effect, the flip side is that coffee uses up B vitamins and minerals needed to keep your healthy head of hair.
      Coffee can also interfere with iron absorption. Iron preserves hair.

      So taking these as supplements will negate the harmful effects of coffee….

    2. @Cailou Betancourt More caffeine was correlated with more hair loss in the front and top of the head.

  7. About the question on if you have balding on your mother’s side or father’s side and how it will effect you, the genetics are mostly based on if your mother’s father (your grandfather on your mother’s side) has gone bald. Thanks to 9th grade genetics for that bit of information.

  8. Male TEENAGERS!!!(Females too, sometimes). Listen up, it may not seem like it now but, look around at your next family gathering/reunion.  You can’t beat genetics. I wish I had know about these tips, before I lost my hair. Once its gone, IT’S GONE! (baring replacement surgery).  My Dad had a thinning hair and a bald spot. At 45 I have an reverse widows peak,… obvious receding hairline. 🙁 My Brother is 7 years older than me and he show no signs of losing ANY hair. :/ Lucky dog!

    1. @Paul Waller Unsurprisingly, genetics played the biggest factor in hair loss in front and on top

    2. @***** My one of my Mother’s Brothers is bald and his son was mostly bald before age 25. :/

  9. Or you could just man the fuck up, stop being such a wuss and stop crying from going bald….. What’s next? Cry about death coming when you grow older? smh….

  10. *If you suffer hair loss problem , you have to make sure your diet  and be careful to use proper hair care product. If you need any suggestion about hair care product,  I can suggest  you use argan life. You can get more information by searching on Google as an argan life and you can watch customer review on Youtube.*

    1. @Dera Poli argan life products works. That’s all that really needs to be said. It did take about 2 months to see results, but the regrowth is noticeable and I will continue to use argan life products.

    2. I would suggest you google this arganlife products !!! Good delivery, excellent product. After using it for one month, I actually see the new hair growth

    3. To examine and buy Arganlife products, all you need to do is write “arganlife” on google

    1. @Mark Raine I was amazed at the fact that a bald man suddenly got some stray hairs with doing nothing, or using nothing new. So does that mean dead hair follicles can regenerate ? I would love more research into this.

      How to regenerate hair follicles or inject new hair follicles from stem cells. This would be a breakthrough and we would not need those nasty chemicals or drugs. Just good ole stem cell therapy….

      Inject new hair follicles grown from your own stem cells into the scalp and wait for results 😉 heheh

    2. @Oogrol Adams Well there are different types of hairloss for men, what I’m talking about and whats talked about in this video is male pattern baldness(mbp). There’s nothing you can do that can ’cause’ mbp, it’s either in your genetics or not. There are things you can do which can accelerate it if you have the mbp genes such as taking steroids which increases your body’s DHT production by 10 times or smoking which can damage to the DNA of the hair follicles. With regards to finastride, people taking it for BPH are on a dose of 5 mg daily, for mbp it’s shown that 1 mg daily is best where improvement in hair condition is seen and chances of developing side effects are extremely unlikely.

    3. @Mark Raine oh and by the way too much finasteride can give you manboobs Lol and its used in reducing the size of the prostate in BPH 😉

    4. @Mark Raine but there are tons of factors that contribute to hair loss. There was a guy who lost his hair because it thinned and was too dry…. little did he know that by applying coconut oil on a regular basis, the vitality of his hair came back and it thickened and shone in a lustrous manner even tho it smelt like crap… Lol

  11. 1-4 to drinks a day will significant damage to your liver, stomach and brain, especially in the long run (over decades).
    In my opinion, you should consider baldness unimportant in contrast to what might eventually happen to you when drinking alcohol eventually.
    Antonio, I don’t think that you should promote this. While it might be true, I am sure there are other strategies to prevent hairloss that are being kept from the public as they do more bad than good!

    1. @player197SD appreciate the feedback – It could be that there are other factors that cause both the behaviors and the hair loss. However, if this information helps you quit smoking or cut down on excessive drinking, don’t let this stop you.
      Read more here:

  12. Great speaking and presentation skills. I just found your videos and i’m loving them all.

  13. would using a lot of hair product such as pomade for extended periods of time also cause hairl loss?

  14. One point you missed….bald is beautiful, wear the scalp with confidence :). Especially when you have no choice.

  15. To understand “correlation does not mean causation”, I’ll give an example. If a basketball player has a special “good luck charm” with them and they win when they have it with them, that’s correlation. Everyone knows that it doesn’t directly cause you to win (causation).

  16. Not that I needed an excuse to bring back the hat but now I have one! This was an excellent video as Mh scalp has started to show symptoms.
    The point about alcohol was surprising to me. I don’t drink as much as tax on alcohol is high where I come from but maybe I should invest a little in it 😀

  17. I don’t understand how not drinking alcohol may increase balding. Anyone knows?

    1. @Frank Einstein Those men who drank more than 4 alcoholic drinks in a week had more hair loss on the sides and top of the head.

  18. I would like to  see a video on testosterone management. Great vids man !

  19. Simple analogy to explain correlation and cause:

    Fit healthy people exercise often. They may walk their dog, play tennis or play catch outside; they buy lots of tennis balls. Less healthy people don’t do these activities and consequently don’t buy as many tennis balls.

    Even if there is a strong correlation between fitness and volume of tennis balls purchased – the solution to obesity is NOT buying more tennis balls.

  20. DHT (a hormone) has been proven to be the primary culprit. Testosterone is converted to DHT via an enzyme in oil glands of a hair follicle. DHT binding to hair follicles causes them to shrink, which makes the hair itself get thinner and lighter until it eventually withers away. Whether or not this shrinking and subsequent loss occurs comes down to genetics.

    I and many others have *reversed*, not just managed, hair loss through managing DHT and increasing the rate at which follicles go through growth phases. Nullify DHT both inside and out, and spur quicker hair turnover so the affected hair can thicken and grow faster, replacing what has been lost.

    Ketoconazole for DHT from the outside, propecia/finasteride from the inside, and minoxidil for the hair phase turnover quickening. Azelaic acid topical has also been used to further decrease DHT in the scalp, but it isn’t absolutely needed, through my own experience.

    This is a simplified explanation. If you’re more interested in specific enzymes, receptors, growth phases, hormones, etc., I encourage you to do your own research.

    1. +llama99906 have you ever tried saw palmetto? It is a berry from America which the Indians used to cure prostate enlargement. now what has that to do with hair loss? DHT causes penis enlargement AND hairloss. Saw palmetto blocks the DHT in your body. english isnt my native so you could search on internet for further info. I have used it for 1 year and my bald spots arent bald anymore. also try hot oil treatments to make the hair grow quicker, healthier and thicker.

  21. Correlation doesn’t equal causation is not scientific, it is statistics

  22. Best thing for lose is finastride 1mg daily, wash nizoral shampoo once every two weeks and use Minoxidil twice a day for six months then twice a week there after

  23. Reason #1 for baldness: Bad Genetics
    Prevention #1 against baldness: Good Genetics
    That about sums it up.
    No real reason to discuss the testosterone level debate.

  24. I’m afraid that a high testosterone level have an opposite effect.

    1. @André C Thanks, im not bald but it helps to know this when the time comes if it does for me. Then again arent all the overpowered characters bald lol!!

    2. @cam dor hello! 5 years later and I have lost quite a bit of hair. Although it didn’t got as worse as I thought it could get.
      I haven’t used any more anti hair loss treatments and still completely shaving my head frequently. Wet shaving feels so great and I encourage you to learn it.
      Never went back into trying to rock any haircut. It’s cool to look like a soldier all year long!

    3. @André C damn its been 5 yrs, u still have ur hair brah. Answer back when u can

    4. Real Men Real Style also do a video on hats is there a hat that goes with a suit? Can you just wearing a hat

  25. Interestingly enough, it sounds like most of this boils down to testosterone and genetics (and the latter probably affects the former). For instance, children do increase stress but men also see significant dips in testosterone during various phases of fathering as well. Stress specifically releases cortisol which, inhibits testosterone production.

    I’d even be willing to go out on a limb here and say that the oddity in drinking is testosterone related. Tons of drinking gives you an excess of nasty carbs (among other things) and leads to visceral abdominal fat (the legendary “beer gut”) which leads to an uptick in estrogen production and decreases testosterone production. With that said, a little bit of moderate drinking probably helps reduce stress which reduces cortisol production which would help keep you from destroying your own testosterone.

    There is a lot of anecdotes about caffeine having different effects on testosterone, and I haven’t found any particular conclusive studies either way. Generally speaking, “caffeine helps with T” comes from guys who use the stimulant prior to working out but people in the general “health and wellness” circles denounce it. Again, going out on a limb, excess caffeine leads to sleep issues. If you want more testosterone, you need to sleep adequately because that’s when peak production happens.

    Other benefits of higher testosterone: increased libido, muscle mass, weight loss, energy, confidence, etc. I see a couple comments indicating that increasing testosterone is a bad thing but… virtually everything a man can do that would lead to being healthy—strength training, eating adequate protein, abstaining from refined foods, lowering stress, getting enough sleep and reducing body fat to healthy levels—leads to an uptick in testosterone. Many studies indicating particularly negative effects of increased testosterone revolve around synthetic and artificial means of increasing it, generally via pharmaceuticals or long-term hormone therapies. That’s not the same as eating yolks with your eggs, lifting some weights, doing a bit of meditation and sleeping like a baby.

  26. My grandpa, my dad are bold. Im loosing my hair. Im 32. I brush it nicely, very often giving a massage with it. It does feel good and also helps to prevent hair loss.
    Ive heard the `hat` especially winter time. I dont like hats but it keeps your head warm during winter. I also heard about hair gel can increase the is problem. I use hair gel very often. I haven’t heard about the (step 6) testosterone..

    Useful video, thank you very much.

  27. Almost all of men in my family kept their hair until their 60s-70s but my dad who used to have very thick,”sharp” and strong hair like i do started goig bald when he was18-19 and lost all of it by he time he was 25 , Im afraid that might happen to me bacause I have same type of hair that no one else i now has . 
    P.S. im 15

    1. +grumpy communist your nutrition has a factor in hair loss, and most older men who aren’t athletes don’t have the same urge to keep their bodies healthy nutrition as they should be. The whole genetics thing, it can be broken. I haven’t eaten healthy in years, didn’t drink water like I’m supposed to in a while, and I haven’t worked out in who knows how long. The average person loses on average 150-200 hairs a day. That’s normal. Those are dead hairs and so that new ones grow and it keeps the hair healthy and think. Anything more than that consistently, you need to see a dermatologist. I started losing clumps of hair when I was 24. My body is very unhealthy, and I drink water every once in a blue moon. I thought it was no big deal until I saw it for myself now at 26. The people in my family didn’t do bald until their 40s. Now I’m on this Healthy nutrition plan, workout plan, and anti-DHT plan to grow my hair like its supposed to cuz it takes longer than it used to. It’s been proven, if you eat healthy, workout regularly, take your multivitamins, you can grow your hair back and keep your hair. Genetics is just a theory. When you think about all the ppl in your family, can you say that they have the same nutrition as they once had? Cuz there’s alot of older people in their 50s and 60s who have all their hair because they take care of their bodies and eat what they’re supposed to. Their hair may get a little thinner but they still have a full head of hair. Most men start slacking off when they get older, who either don’t eat healthy, don’t workout regularly, or take multivitamins like their supposed to, their bodies begin to fail on them and thats how they end up to maybe be borderline diabetic or develop some sort of cancer. Keep the junk food, carbs, sugars, soft drinks, cereal, and dairy products (that have high fat) to a very bare minimum, which all causes levels of DHT to spike up, causes there to being more DHT than Testosterone. Genetics is just a theory, its an ongoing scientific theory which scientists are trying to find a permanent cure solution. But for now, what you eat, how much you work out, and how much water you drink can all effect your hair. Hair is made up mostly of protein. Give the body and your scalp the protein that it needs and wash it on a regular basis and you’ll see the difference.

    2. @grumpy communist Genetics does have a huge impact on hair loss

    3. @Mai A yeah , my dad smokes a lot , drinks coffee , doesnt really drink to much alcohol  , and he was under a lot of stress during Bosnian war ( shot in the leg , was army driver in besiged Sarajevo,pinned down by sniper for 16 hours and eventually rescued ) but he started going bald before all that 

    4. @***** I used to smoke and drink at least 1 pot of coffee a day and had tons of stress. Also I only know 3 male relatives on my maternal side but all 3 started balding in their 20s and my brother did as well. I started noticing a small amount of recession on my on head and kicked into high gear. I quit smoking and coffee and started applying onion juice to the thinning parts for about 3 months. I also brushed the areas with olive oil. About 6 months later, the hair is not as thick as the other side but the recession appears to have stopped and even filled back in some. Since you’re at the early stage, I believe it’s reversible. I seemingly have done it despite genes, stress, coffee and cigarettes. This is just me looking out for a brother. Short hair can of course be nice but you probably wanna keep even the short hair right? Lol.

    5. @***** Did you visit dermatologist ? 
      My dad is constantly convincing me that my (and his) hair type or genetics have nothing to do with him being bald , he blames it on on military caps/hats and helmets he was wearing durin his army service . He served in Yugoslav Peoples Army , and although soliders had great medical care no one really cared about Conscript loosing hair (he was only issued some pomade) . I hope he is correct and i dont loose hair  

  28. increase testosterone? i dont think that is a good idea, because the men with the highest testo-levels had the less hair in comparison to those who had lower testosterone levels

  29. Correlation does not equal causation: just because there’s a pattern between two factors, does not mean those two factors are directly responsible.there could be an underlying factor

    An examples is the country to win the most nobel prizes also consumes the most chocolate. Even thought both are linked, a hidden factor could be the cause of this like good education system

    1. Stop Hair Loss So, masturbation is the cause for converting the testosterone to DHT. What about sex life?

    2. +Jake Sebok Yes, high levels of DHT does cause hair to fall. There are a few other supplements for men to take to increase the “good” testosterone and reduce, or offset, the levels of estrogen that are in many foods that we eat – unfortunately.

    3. I’ve got extremely high DHT synthesis in my scalp and I’ve found that Nettle Root extract both topically and via ingestion have mitigated the balding process a great deal. It doesn’t decrease syrum test levels but merely stops the conversion of Free test to DHT.

  30. I though that men who have children experience a decrease in testosterone as well, which causes men to lose hair.
    Also, the issue with eat more meat is that most of the meat that people eat is from female cows, which will actually introduce a fair amount of estrogen into the system, promoting hair loss because of a hormonal imbalance.

    1. Hair Loss Miracle Solution.

    2. @Aaron Robertson if there is increased estrogen regardless of the source, and you are saying t decreases from a balance perspective why would you think that causes hair loss, again it is testosterone that convert to dht and not estrogen, it will not convert if it is low, please re read your logic.

    3. excess testosterone can either convert to dht or it can aromatize into estrogen, therefore high estrogen can be caused by either imbalance from high aromatization or high amounts of test meaning you cannot infer levels of dht (which cause hairless if genes permit) simply from estrogen. The ratios and amounts of these hormones also depend on the person and their genetics. Hair loss would be seen from high test that convert to dht and the amount of estrogen present is irrelevant. If there is an imbalance which you speak of most likely it will be high e/low test which would have no impact on hair.

    4. @r2d2skate No, I mean estrogen correlates an imbalance in testosterone. Wouldn’t you agree that the ratio of E to T increases as T decreases?

    5. @Aaron Robertson completely wrong, hair loss is caused by a combination of genetics and DHT which is created from testosterone. Estrogen has nothing to do with hair loss

  31. Analogous to correlation is not causation is that every time every year when baseball season starts drowning deaths increase.  There is a pronounce correlation.  Baseball does not cause drowning but more people take to the water, drink, have a good time and the opportunities for drowning increase.  What a study correlates does not mean that is the cause.  Further testing of variables narrows the cause with each set of studies.

    1. @Cody Brown Agreed – correlation does not necessarily equal causation. Just because these factors were associated with more hair loss, that doesn’t mean there’s a direct causal link.

    2. Another correlation is that when Ice Cream sales increase there is a profoind increase in drowings also.This is not because people are pouring moten ice cream down their trachea it is because IC sales will increase when it is sunny but also the number of people inside pools will increase which will increase the chance of drowning.

  32. Nice video! I think this is the first time I see you with a cutaway collar, by the way.

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