8 Natural & effective ways to prevent hairfall during pregnancy – Dr. Rasya Dixit

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Pregnancy is the most natural thing and to have some conditions associated with pregnancy though people get so worried about it like pigmentation and hair loss, this is natural in pregnancy. Pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal changes and nowadays we see people with pre-existing medical conditions like polycystic ovary, thyroid problems. When they go in for pregnancy problems like polycystic ovary and thyroid becomes more worse or exaggerated. So they get massive hair loss immediately or just after pregnancy. During pregnancy there is usually no hair loss because of the protective effect of the progesterone hormone. Unless there was a previous ongoing hair loss that was not addressed before pregnancy started. The problems with pregnancy starts post the delivery upto 6 to 8 weeks later the acute telogen effluvium of pregnancy started. This acute telogen effluvium is not anything strange but just shedding of the hair. The progesterone which was growing in the hair and kept it in the long growth phase that effects has been lost and because of that the hair that has grown well in that phase it is going to be shed and the good news is that it is going to come back, but what are the natural ways of preventing this post pregnancy hair loss unfortunately we cannot prevent it completely, but we can try and reduce it by making sure that you take our good amount of protein supplements that continue after the pregnancy into the lactation period. A lot of mothers want to quickly get back to their shape, after their pregnancy, they starts cutting down on their protein in their diet because they want to lose their weight fast this is because the mother might be anxious to get back to work and not have time to care for herself as well as her new born child or peer pressure to get back into shape. So the nutrition becomes neglected in the lactation period. So make sure you are eating plenty of protein, plenty of foods containing calcium, as well as iron and if your gynaecologist has recommended you to continue iron and calcium in this period please continue to do so. Second thing is to use sulphate free shampoos, organic shampoos and make sure that you are not going to unnecessarily use chemical based shampoo. Avoid colouring the hair in this period because colouring the hair adds the chemical burden to the hair and that could also cause this hair to fall out. Fourth thing is do not neglect to wash your hair. Lot of people because they have these beliefs that they should not wash their hair very frequently when they are feeding the child , they start washing their hair only once in a week or once in 10 days and this causes dandruff build up which again triggers off more hair loss. So do wash your hair every alternate day or every 3rd day especially if you have very long hair, make sure you ash every 3rd or 4th day. Make sure you keep the diet, maintain for a period after lactation is topped because just during lactation also a lot of nutrients are also passing from the mother to the child and the hair nutrition is also compromised at that time. So even after finishing the lactation at that time make sure that the protein stays at the same level so he hair can get back its nutrition and the hair will grow back to its original volume.


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