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3 Ways to Prevent Hair Loss | #ScienceSaturday

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Restolin is a hair loss supplement (sold online through Restolin Official Website) that supports hair growth using natural ingredients. By taking Restolin daily, you can support hair growth and hair quality using minerals, vitamins, nutrients, herbal extracts, adaptogens, and antioxidants.

Just rub some Magnesium on your head and you won’t go bald… okay, it’s not that simple but we wish it were!

Thomas DeLauer​ breaks down the science behind hair loss and 3 surprising ways of preventing it on the latest #ScienceSaturday

Have questions for Thomas?


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Assalamu Alaikum and Welcome,
Join one of the best paying affiliate programs in the industry and make commission from every referral or sale.
>>> Join Dar-us-Salam affiliate program and you will never regret doing so. This is your chance to earn a lot of good deeds and cash!
"Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it." [Sahih Muslim].
Your commission - 5% of every Sale made through your affiliate link - If no sale then you still get 3 cents per referral (introductory offer).
Second tier commission - 2% of every sale (introductory offer).
You can get second tier commission by referring another affiliate to join the affiliate program. Such affiliates will become your sub-affiliates, and YOU will earn 2% commission of their sales while they themselves earn 5%.
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  2. ! the science is bullshit, onion juice is the one, every herbal remedy is from the far east , dht and your explanation is of no value , explain hereditary then

  3. You mention Magnesum Malate specifically for this… what’s the best way in taking this mineral? Magesum drops? pill form?

  4. How come the human body seems to have everything it needs for hair growth until we get to a certain age? lol
    Then we have to start paying for what was free before xD

    1. @JigsawHealthTV

      What is the difference between Magnesium Bisglycinate & Magnesium Glycinate, Which one is better for Insomnia.

    2. What’s more shocking is that there’s no cure for baldness in the 21st century!

    3. ​@Mrs. H Yes DHT. Thats why all boys prepuberty have full heads of hair. DHT starts puberty and then the clock is ticketing. Depending on how sensitive your follicles are to DHT will determine the rate of miniaturization .

    4. Our hormones get out of balance. Plus, he said there is a build up over time of DHT which eventually leads to hair loss.

    1. Hi, thanks for tuning in! There have been studies that you can find online showing that Magnesium Chloride is helpful with hairfall, and that it restores the number of healthy cells in the scalp.

  5. I’ve started taking these 3 supplements, but how many milligrams of each one?

    1. I think it’s slowed down the hair loss, haven’t noticed it increasing yet

    2. Hi Chris, thanks for tuning in! That depends on your deficiency really. We would recommend asking a health care professional, or consulting the Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook for more assistance. Have a great week, and happy holidays.

  6. What form of magnesium to rub on the scalp? Is there magnesium powder?

  7. What is the most affective type of magnessium supplement to take?

    1. Thanks for tuning in! We personally recommend Magnesium Malate. For more, the ‘Magnesium Advocacy Group’ on facebook is a great source for information!

  8. People with low DHT still can go bald and hair can thin,
    But some studies show that leaky gut can cause baldness and high estrogen

    1. Leaky gut can cause hair loss due to deficiencies in Iron, B12, Magnesium and Zinc. In addition with DHT it is not certain for fact if it truly causes hair loss and thinning of hair. Thank you for tuning in!

    1. Breezula will likely be approved by the FDA after the phase 3 trials are over. It seems to have a substantially better safety profile than current treatments. The substance was just approved as Winlevi for acne and will be available in the US from early 2021. Breezula for hair loss will likely be available from about 2023. Better and better treatments become available BECAUSE that is precisely the goal we try to achieve with “drugs” . . . .

    2. @Mohit kumar “Natural” remedies have sides . . . . The sides of Apricot kernels is death from cyanide poisoning. “Natural,” whatever you consider it to be, is not a guarantee that something is safe. Indeed, the reason why we alter “natural” substances is often to make them safer while maintaining the benefits. The odds that something is safe and effective are greater if you actually engineered it to be safe and effective. Technology has made the world a much safer and healthier place for humans, because unlike “nature,” it was created for exactly that purpose . . . .

    3. @Crockett no one’s ignoring the medications, but everyone is more concerned about the sides , no one wants to mess up with their body mechanisms. I think u r forgetting that there r a lot of ppl including me who have suffered from the sides of these medications, so the only option we have is try these unproven natural remedies.

    4. @Crockett hmmm interesting isn’t it that whenever someone thing has big money behind selling it, a tonne of studies come out saying how great it is whilst cheap herbal “anecdotal” medicines are shunned. I cured my irritable bowl syndrome, my skin rashes and chronic fatiuge all with a temporary candida keto diet with a concoction of suede science medicinal herbs that have been used for thousands of years because we see the effect and then with heavy doses of turmeric, bone brothers, probiotic and prebiotic, foods which have left me healthier than I have ever been and if I had only listened to the advice of my doctor who was exacerbating my issues with ant-acids which they automatically prescribe to you after your told your issue is incurable and completely non-explainable as suprise suprise the same people that pay for there education and research sell the drugs. Stop being a fool. Yes most anecdotal medicines are unproven, or unsufficiently researched but if they are old practices usually they’ve stayed around for a reason. Shunning them is irresponsible. Looking into them with caution is logical qnd effective.

  9. What strength of saw Palmetto, pygeum and magnesium do you recommend please?

    1. Thank you for tuning in! Here is some information and a link to better help you.
      For the magnesium, the Mag Advocacy Group recommends 5mg per every pound of body weight.
      With both the saw palmetto and pygeum, it depends on the brand you buy.
      All bottles should have a recommended dosage on them, this is usually the best amount to take.
      If you are concerned at all still, it would be a good idea to consult a health care professional.
      They will be able to better evaluate an appropriate dosage for each person specifically.
      Hope this helps and please let me know if I can further assist you.
      Have a great day!

  10. Just take his special creatine and protein powder. All natty

    1. @crockett not ragging on you or anything, but minoxidil actually speeds hair process, so if anyone young is reading this DO NOT TAKE MINOXIDIL. i’m not sure how that works for older folks though.

  11. In gulf countries why people lost their hairs and become bald and why we face dandruf problem in gulf countries so how to care our hair in gulf countries bcz weather is very dry here so please make one vedio on this

    1. Thanks for tuning in. We appreciate your feedback. I will get with the team and discuss possibly making a video about that. Thanks!

  12. DHT and baldness myth was debunked long ago, this myth was based on a single study only suggesting the link between DHT and male patern baldness without any concrete proof.

  13. BEWARE of Saw Palmetto and do your RESEARCH before you go down that road! There could be SERIOUS side effects like impotence, migrane and even fibromialgia and osteoporosis on worst case scenarios, really be cautious with that thing, I did not get into the extreme cases but I did have an experience where I was losing potence and experiencing heavy migranes.

    1. @Tautvydas Garmus yeah that is true. It increases it because of the lack of dht. Dht is an aromatase inhibitor means it reduces the amount of test converting into estrogen. But you can reduce dht safer with low body fat (8-14%) because the enzyme aromatase is in the belly fat. If you reduce the amount ob belly fat than you can reduce dht “safer”.

    2. JigsawHealthTV you don’t recommend these supplements when they could ruin lives. Do your research before making a video that’s full of harmful ways to hurt males

  14. How do you take saw and pyguem? What’s the best way? I already have magnesium

    1. @Crockett Yeah yeah yeah! You are right… FDA aproved blah blah blah… Talking pure shit. FDA is not some Institution made by God. All the chemical drugs is poison for our body. How many people demends on chemical drugs these days? Plants, herbs and goods from nature is best for us and our body, because its natural and not made in some labaratory by “medicine experts”… Herbs, plants etc. is known by our body, because our ancestors was using them daily in very old days. Big drug business companys is true mafia and killers. These Big pharmas corps doesnt care about ill people. All they care is $$$.
      Natural ALWAYS > Chemical.

    1. @JigsawHealthTV thanks a lot, can you suggest any lifestyle changes for overcoming this excess creation of testosterone.

    2. Great question! Oftentimes a lot of 5a-Reductase is created when there are high levels of testosterone in the body, which then causes more DHT to be converted from that. As a result, you have more hair loss. Thanks!

    1. Magnesium Threonate. I’ve been taking it for about five years. I’m 67 with NO hair loss and only a little gray on the sides. LifeExtension is a good source for Magnesium Threonate though there are plenty of others in the marketplace.

  15. Hey Tom!!! Love the videos my family and friends love them! But hey can could you do a video on androgen receptors, DHT in relation to facial hair and possibly what guys like myself can do to get fuller facial hair??(Diet, herbs, vitamins . Exercises..) My dad and my brother both grow a full beard … I’m a super late bloomer haha I’m 34 and still have thin facial hair 🙁 Been on keto for about 2 years and thank u for all the tips that have improved my overall well-being! Thank u Tom!

    1. Thank you for tuning in! We will definitely pass that request along to Thomas! -Jigsaw Health

    1. Hi John, thanks for tuning in! Epsom salts are the sulfate form of magnesium, meaning that it is best in small doses and best in a bath. Your skin will soak up the magnesium. It is good for you, but usually not enough of an intake, especially if you are extremely magnesium deficient. Epsom salt can be dangerous if you use too much.

  16. What tipe of magnesium you recomend for this problem, there too many

  17. Pyg…something is quite expensive, would magnesium alone be good enough?

    1. Yes, you can take all or just one of the mentioned vitamins/minerals to assist in the desired goal.

  18. Does finasteride spikes insulin or not…and will it break my fast?

    1. Hey Sushil Sontakke, thanks for watching! Seeing how finasteride is a Prescription medicine we suggest reaching out to your health care provider to get more information on that.

    1. Chris Bishop No my father an grandfather have a good amount of hair on their heads,and my father had a very small forehead and very thick hair in his 30’s, but I am 15 and losing hair. Even most of my uncles (who are 40-60 years old)have better hairlines than me.
      So I guess that it’s not just genetics.

    2. @maldives-joshua josephOR you can use CRISPR to edit the baby’s genes to prevent them getting those disseases. Also we just discovered only like 6 genes control every single eye colour….so what eye colour do you want your baby to have? xD

    3. Everybody will get the diseases that your genes are predisposed to. That does not mean that you can prevent these diseases. For example if your parents have Blood Pressure, you may get it. But if you eat healthy and lead a heathy life, you can COMPLETELY stop it happening. The same thing with Hair Fall.

  19. Why dht affect head top only.
    If it blocks hair recetors, it should blouck it allover the body.
    Why beard dosent fall?

    1. Rahul Thukaram So why don’t all of us lose the hair on the top of our head including women? Why as men do most of us keep our hair until we reach middle age or even older. If your theory held water, children would also be bald!

    2. DHT tends to accumulate mostly in the scalp and the prostate (the reason for that is unknown). And fyi balding men are found to have more DHT in their scalp than non-balding men.

    3. If you apply something topically it may not get to the rest of your body. Topical finasteride can be better than oral and have fewer side effects since less gets into your body, but in the case of finasteride, some will still get into your system. CB and RU58841 seem to have much less effect on the rest of your body than finasteride.

  20. Hi! Thanks for the informative video. I have a question. Does your calcium intake have a bad effect on your hairgrow?

    1. Hi, thanks for tuning in. There have been studies that it can help create new hair follicles. It’s always best to consult with a health care professional though!

    1. Actually it is mostly for men. Male pattern balding is related to DHT. Balding of this type is very rare in women.
      Your hair is probably thinning all over not in the male pattern and is not related to DHT.
      So you should focus on nutrition and blood circulation in your scalp not on blocking DHT.
      For instance use nettle leaves products for nutrition NOT nettle root which affects DHT.
      There are products like minoxidil which are for both men and women but they affect hair not by blocking DHT but by improving blood circulation in scalp.
      You may use all traditional herbs used for hair by our grandmothers so NOT saw palmetto or pumpkin oil or nettle root. These are for men and have been used for hair only quite recently.

    2. Hi Barbara! No it is not just for men! 🙂 Thanks for tuning in!

  21. See perfect hair health.
    Detumescence therapy. It’s pinching, stretching and pressing the scalp along with diet to break up calcification and fibrosis of the scalp. There is science behind it as well. It’s too hard to keep up with though. 20 minutes 2x a day for at least a year.

    1. mick Is there a good video or something that explains the process? Did it work for you?

    2. Hey Mick9, thank you for tuning in, and thank you for the insightful information!

    3. Mick9 dude, Rob is awesome. I love that he’s becoming more popular. Even Follica is using acute inflammation (what they call “skin disruption”) for their hair loss protocol. It’s an interesting time in that area of dermatology

  22. What magnesium is good for thinning hair and balding ? Im pretty athletic….

  23. Will adding these three supplements to our diets reverse hair loss or does it only slow down hair loss? Is the hair follicle dead if it has been previously starved? How much pygeum recommended daily?

    1. Hair follicles don’t die they go dormant. They only tell you that to buy into the baldness industry

    1. Most pharmacists I have talked to don’t even know what pygeum is. I am quite positive that my doctor would have no idea. She didn’t even know what saw palmetto is. Most of our doctors are not likely going to be able to give us any advice on this herb. Obviously, we have to try it and take a chance. Is there some sign of a overdose or that our dosage is too much? I suspect too much hair growth so that we start looking like monkeys perhaps? lol.

    2. Hi Randy, Daily doses have ranged from 25 milligrams to 200 milligrams, but it is best to speak to your physician before taking pygeum for hair loss or for any other condition. I hope this is helpful! -Jigsaw Health Customer Service

  24. I’ve lost a lot of hair recently after giving birth to my 5th child. I have high test for a woman, which has its advantages but this is not one of them lol. It has happened each time and always grows back, but it looks shocking in the meantime! I will definitely be giving this a go to speed things up a bit 🙂

    1. Great! We’re thrilled to hear you found this video helpful! 🙂

  25. what if you take all three will the work to better or cancel eachother out?

    1. I concur. Also it is said that using saw palmetto with nettle root creates more potent solution than sum of the two.

    2. Hi Adam, Yes you can definitely do all three. 🙂 Thanks for tuning in! -Jigsaw Health Customer Service

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