Oral health services during COVID-19: protecting patients and personnel during treatment (video 2)

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This short video explains World Health Organization recommendations for protecting both patients and oral health-care personnel from infection with the COVID-19 virus during oral health and dental treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The video is primarily intended for use in trainings for oral health teams on infection prevention and control. More generally, target audiences are public health authorities, in particular those responsible for oral health, and oral health-care personnel undertaking or assisting in the procedures described, working in both the public and private sectors. People considering making an appointment for oral health and dental care may also find it useful as a reference for the practices that they should expect to see in oral and dental health-care centres during the pandemic and beyond.


  1. Hi there! Is it allowed to download this video and post it in my Facebook page or Youtube channel?

  2. the air must be decontaminated before ventilation. Droplets spread in other rooms out of controll

  3. don’t lift the mask in treatment room as shown in Video after Intervention

  4. a source of contamination
    is a room of dental practice. Take samples and analyse.
    Practice airdecontamination
    with PAA 0,05%+30%Ethanol misted to avoid spreading indoors.
    droplets get bigger+heavy,
    settle down fast,
    ventilate,clean surfaces,
    wear double mask,

  5. We do the very best we can, with what we have! ….. “Cleanliness is next to God!” ….

    1. @Stopp COVIDIOTs To even 98%? percent, sanitize a dentist’s office …. working with multiple patients …. in a daily routine? is difficult at best! Managing hard, viruses, and “variants” …. is having too much, to worry about? ….

    1. Yes, music is loud but its minorly loud not very loud. secondly, in such videos, more concentration should be paid on whether information is replicated completely and properly or not. no offenses, but appreciation is more powerful.

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