How teeth should be cleaned at the Dentist / Hygienist

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For Patients:
Professional teeth cleaning with GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY makes you feel good. A cleaning session is like a wellness spa experience. The treatment is painless and does not damage the teeth. GBT is today’s game changer and has nothing in common with the old dental hygiene methods from the ‘60s still being used today. With the EMS AIRFLOW ® and PIEZON® PS No Pain devices, all you need is water, air and AIRFLOW® PLUS powder to fight bad biofilm with a winning smile.

Find out more on to discover how to protect your teeth from harmful biofilm for life. And how to share this unique feeling of clean teeth with the world around you. Keep smiling!

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  2. I swear it looks more worst then before. Purple cancer things flow into mouth. Rip

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  4. beyaz diş neden temizliyosunuzkı? siz tartarlı ve lekeli dişi temizleyin gorelim zaten bembeyaz diş neyini temizliyosunuz anlamadım

    1. @Shiba Nina Man I got cavity filled today. A New Chance in life. I would make the best out of it

    2. I have a cavity too i never brush my teeth and eat candy and it hurts way worse than yours

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  6. OMG! I will never do that even if am 10 years old this will make my poor teeth hurt..😭😭😭😭😰😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺

    1. Honestly it’s nothing like this i don’t know what the cheek retractor and the purple stuff is

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