Home Dental Care for Dogs – UC Davis

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While this video was created by the UC Davis Dentistry & Oral Surgery Service many years ago, the information in it is still current and useful for dog owners on how to properly care for their animal’s teeth. Learn more at: https://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/hospital/small-animal/dentistry-oral-surgery-service


  1. Nice job ladies. You two look like beautiful Movie Stars to me…just alot smarter and actually doing something for society at large. Cheers.

  2. Note: Fluoride is toxic when swallowed with Dogs…do NOT use human toothpaste. Ohh…it’s toxic when children swallow it too. How many of YOU out there…know this fact. How many of YOU out there know that in Europe…fluoride is illegal due to it’s toxic effects??!

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