Free dental care – no one is turned away

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Free dental care for the uninsured and under insured but no one is turned away.


  1. This is where new students practice on you, call USC or contact any Dental School where they can use as a live practice person. It’s not free these are students and they can provide a good service. This is not socialism, you are giving the chance students to hone their skills, and turn get a free limited dental care. Regular dental office can’t provide “free” dental care because the materials, time, rent, staffing, and monthly bill is not free.🙏

  2. Hello , where is this free Dental work place located ? I live in North Carolina. Are there any free Dental places to go to here in this state ? Please reply…….Thanks John Steelman from Star, North Carolina.

  3. When can I get an appt , lost my upper dentures, need to see a dentist as soon as possible.thank you my ph num is 505-385-2837

    1. Ben Taub Oral Surgery Department (Patients accepted thru Ben Taub ER)
      Who is eligible? Adults and Children (16 years +) eligible for the Harris Health Financial Assistance Plan (Gold Card).

      1504 Ben Taub Loop Houston, TX 713.873.3320

  4. Good day madam I hope , there’s in the Philippines , I am a pilipina I need denture free coz I’m so very poor

  5. Hey guys why you can find someplace like that in Miami you need to go Texas everywhere out the Miami you can find a place please somebody know something just please email me thank you very much everybody have a blessed day

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