Dental Care

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Dental Care · Owl City

Ocean Eyes

℗ 2009 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 2009-01-01

Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Adam Young
Studio Personnel, Mixer: John Goodmanson
Composer Lyricist: Owl City
Composer Lyricist: Adam Young

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  1. I listen to this song while carpooling to the dentist, everybody gets a kick out of that.

  2. What the fuck

    I know these lyrics were weird, but I don’t remember this level of shenanigans.

    1. @Tabitha carter ya it’s a good song. it’s called rugs from me to you by owl city.

  3. This song makes him seem like a normal person. Not a awesome singer, whom I admire very much and look up to!

    1. he is a normal person and you could be just like him if you just had recognition ya know depending on ur skill which im sure you have something

    1. Vocaloids. When they’re told to, of course.
      And by now, they have been told to do some pretty weird stuff, like: pissing off Miku with covers better than the originals she sang (props to the Kagamines and Una Otomachi, and many other Vocaloids covering songs originally written and arranged for Miku), acting all Tsundere, Yandere and literally all kinds of Dere you can imagine (all of them do that, it’s just part of them I guess), eating eyes (props to Miku and GHOST) being a lewd cat loli in love with her owner (Rin, you’re drunk again), tripping in the 80s (yes, I’m talking about you, “Shake It!”) and realizing they’re actually computer programs (Electric Angel by Yasuo-P, MIKU by Anamanaguchi). So some anime kiddos can sometimes sing about some REALLY weird stuff…

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