5 Ways To Improve Your Oral Health During Quarantine

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Due to the stay-at-home safety precautions, many dental offices are only seeing emergency patients right now, meaning your dental cleaning appointment may have been postponed. So until it is safe to reschedule your routine dental cleaning, you should start working extra hard at home right now! This video will give you the home care tips you need to maintain your oral health 🙂

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  1. been watching your show for over a year, and just found out your name is whitney. it is amazing how the public info always says brush at least twice a day instead of, every time you are done chewing anything, like duh, every meal maybe…ha ha, hello anyone home? evidently not, i just about freak when i hear a friend tell me they never floss, so, i don’t even say anything cause ya can’t fix stupid!!! love your show!!!

  2. I’d love to see a video on the different waterpik heads. Mine came with six or seven different options. The day I got it I put one on and I have never changed it. I feel like I’m wasting the others and I don’t really know which is best.

    1. i like the videos’ on yt on the pulse water flooser and would also love more vids on this!

  3. Okay I have a bit of a dumb question, should we be flossing after all 3 brushing?? P.S I love your videos and find them to be so helpful and educational, I haven’t always been the best at brushing my teeth, your videos have helped tremendously!!

    1. @Teeth Talk Girl i am a healthy ole hippy working fool and my dentist lady tells me my gumlines are receding and i have seen videos’ on how to reverse this. are these videos’ a waste of time? i am gonna be 65 this month. i also love unwaxed floss and i floss after every meal and never eat twixt meals and i have noticed even after flossing and rinsing with ACT mouthwash as my dentist said to that there is still a light scum i remove on all surfaces which i check with a dental tool every night and i wonder if a pulse water flosser is good or can they damage gums even more?

  4. I tried not rinsing my mouth after brushing, it made my lips really dry. Is there anything I can do to change that? As I can’t leave the toothpaste in my mouth now, as if I do I can barely talk my lips become that dry.

    1. @Teeth Talk Girl i started using flouride toothpaste and flouride mouth wash after abstaining for years cause my dentist told me to, but some folks tell me that flouride is a bad poison to use on ourselves, i give up!

    2. If leaving the toothpaste in your mouth isn’t working out for you – try using a fluoride mouthwash instead. Hope this helps!

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